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Minaev, Ivan Pavlovich

( The well-known scholar of Buddhism)

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Biography Minaev, Ivan Pavlovich
(1840 - 1890). He graduated from the course on the eastern department of St. Petersburg University, the Sino-Manchu Office. Lectures VP. Vasilyeva his attention to Buddhism classes for which the mine began to study Sanskrit, in the British Museum and the Paris library worked Pali manuscripts, which amounted directory (not published). In 1869, Mr.. received a master's degree for the Study Pratimokshasutra. Buddhist missal, published. and transfer "(St. Petersburg, 1869; application? 1, to XVI T. "Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences"). In the same year published "Die Pali-Metrik Vuttodava" ( "Mek. Asiat. ", VI, 195), in 1870. published "New evidence on the relationship of ancient India to the West" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1870,? 8). Consisted professor of comparative linguistics at St. Petersburg University. Devoted a number of articles to Buddhist legends (Jataka tales): "A few stories about the reincarnation of Buddha" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1871, . ? 11); "A few words about the Buddhist Jataka" (ib., . 1872, . ? 6); "Indian Tales" (ib., . 1874, . ? 11, 1876, . ? 2, . 4, . 5),
. He received a doctorate in "Essay on phonetics and morphology of the Pali language" (St. Petersburg, 1872), translated into French and English. His two year trip to India and Ceylon, described in his book "Sketches of Ceylon and India" (St. Petersburg, 1878). In this same trip he also visited Naples and recorded in Kamaone a number of interesting tales and legends (Studies of the History and Philology, 1876, t. II, h. I). Description Minaeva second trip to India (1879) preserved in his papers, but not issued. In 1880, Mr.. he published "Essay on the most important monuments of Sanskrit Literature" ( "General History of Literature, ed. V. Korsch, No.. I). Since 1883. Minayev was instructed to read the Sanskrit language and literature at the Faculty of Oriental Studies. In 1885, Mr.. Minaev traveled to India for the third time, with two Russian officers, invited to the maneuvers in Delhi. India, he visited only in passing and traveled to Burma ( "The British in Burma," Vestnik Evropy, 1887, "11). Upon his return, he continued to publish various Buddhist, mainly Pali texts (in the "Jour. of the Pali-Text society ", 1885, 1886, 1887 and 1889 years, and in" Memoirs of the Eastern Division of the Imperial Archaeological Society ", t. I and IV). At the same time came the chief of his scholarly work: "Buddhism. Research and Materials "(T. I, No.. 1 and 2, St. Petersburg, 1887, in "Notes of History and Philology, t. XVI). In the Journal of the Ministry of National Education "(1876 - 83) published a number of his articles on India. The primary importance of scientific activity Minaeva - in the works on the history of Buddhism and the publication of its monuments. Linguist in the real sense of the word he was not and did not leave a single linguistic labor, . except Pali grammar, . main value is - not in the method, . in a completely new message for that time of the material, . extracted them from the manuscript sources,
. As a professor, Minaev was correct to the best traditions of the university. - Wed. S. Oldenburg memory п?.п?. Minaeva "(" Living Antiquity ", 1890, Prince. I), and C. Bulich, biography п?.п?. Minaev, in the biographical dictionary of Petersburg university professors "(t. II), which shows and a complete bibliography of scientific works Minaeva. S. Bulich.

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Minaev, Ivan Pavlovich, photo, biography
Minaev, Ivan Pavlovich, photo, biography Minaev, Ivan Pavlovich  The well-known scholar of Buddhism, photo, biography
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