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Morozov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

( Artist)

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Biography Morozov, Aleksandr Ivanovich
photo Morozov, Aleksandr Ivanovich
(15.03.1902-27.04.1997 buried - m.Balino)

Born AI. Morozov Votola in the village of Ivanovo region, his career began in Ivanovo. After the Ivanovo-Voznesensky Drawing School was working in the textile enterprises of the city, raising their professional skills at the State Art and Industry Workshop at KI. Korygina. Years of study in Ivanovo, Alexander always remembered with great warmth, . Noting, . that teachers with their individual approach brought up in him a love for art and taught the foundation skills, . understanding of color, . instilled perseverance to work.,

. In the collection of the artist's works have survived the first years of his study (1914-1922 gg.)
. This educational productions, portraits, landscapes, sketches streets Ivanova, Town Vorobyov, where he lived. In front of me - a few drawings, identical to the plot - look at the Church of Elijah. Sasha Morozov painted in Vorobyev in his garden. Sketches are made in various techniques - gouache, watercolor, pencil. I drew a late evening, on a sunny day in summertime. This method of Alexander and later used his work. In the 50-60-ies., While living in Moscow, Scissors, he wrote a lot in his garden. At different times of year and day. Here were created his best work. Leaving in 1922. to study, he has lived here for over 70 years. Moscow struck Morozova scope of its squares, streets. He entered the worker's school of arts. Studied hard. He had no adequate training in general subjects. Many came to school after high school, art schools. But Alexander, a child who dreamed of becoming an artist, with enviable persistence experienced everything - ridicule, humiliation, criticism. He was persistent and worked hard.

In 1930, Mr.. Alexander received a diploma VHUTEINa and the title of artist easel painting. All years of study in Ivanovo, and then in Moscow Morozov worked scenery. Russian nature won the hearts of the artist, and nothing else touched his soul. Unfortunately, the institute of landscape class was not, and, as Alexander recalled it all to himself, he studied under the great masters. He studied not only in the classroom VKhUTEMAS-VHUTEINa, but in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, admiring the paintings and. Levitan, IN. Serov, and. Shishkin S. Vasilyev N. Gay, A. Savrasov, A. Vasnetsov. He not only admire their creativity, but also studied the methods of craftsmanship, building tracks, the sound of color. Those days were for boys holiday.

The period from 1930 to 1935. important in the work of the artist as a time of formation. He learned not only from the masters of Russian landscape painting, he was close and the art of French painters: barbizontsev Corot, Millet, Dobbin, Troyona, Dupre, Rousseau, Budena. Their simple motifs and plots were close to Morozov, struck sincerity. Landscapes Morozova those years are much like their painting. In 1935. Scissors in the town of artists organized the first exhibition of Alexander Ivanovich. For many of his works was the discovery. This was the artist with his outlook on life, strong identity. He had a sense of a strict form, perfectly mastered drawing. In 1936-37 he. It creates a series of works 'Podmoskovnie landscapes'. Part of this work was presented at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937. and was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Jury. Over the years his work Morozov creates an enormous amount of work, combined in the series: "Volga", dedicated Kineshma (1937-39 gg.), Industrial landscapes - "Moscow Canal", "Northern and Southern ports," ' "Railroad" ( 1950-60 gg.).

. During the Great Patriotic War, he devoted a number of military operations weekdays
. Was created work "defeat the enemy aerodrome. She exhibited in 1943. in the House of the Red Army. For many years, Alexander believed that work lost. Now it is found and stored in the collections of the Ivanovo Regional Museum of Art. In the postwar period Morozov my work dedicated Moscow, which was changing before our eyes. Have you seen the new buildings, plazas, streets widened. Changed the perception of the artist. He is looking for new lighting and spatial solutions, other artistic media and techniques.

AI. Morozov was active exhibition activities. From his work it was possible to meet all planned in spring and autumn exhibitions MOSKh. He was a member of the jubilee, republican and federal thematic exhibitions, organized by several of his solo exhibitions. Since 1986, the Ivanovo Regional Museum of Art was organized by four major personal exhibition, and in this anniversary year - 95-th birthday of the artist - in 1997. The exhibit featured materials that will be included in the museum one AI. Morozova - it photographs, documents, personal belongings.

Morozov was not only a wonderful talented artist, but also surprisingly human identity. A magnificent storyteller with a great sense of humor, inventor, masterfully played the balalaika and guitar (self-taught on the tutorial), for many years engaged in a serious ballet, was a remarkably plastic,. Surprisingly-sufficient. Next to him were always interesting people: his teachers - VA. Nefedov, KN. Korygin, KN. Istomin, I.I. Mashkov, SV. Gerasimov, VI. Tsvetaeva, where he had in the 20 years, began studying ballet, IL. Andronnikov, with whom 30-40-ies skit performed at the House of Artists, swt. Konenkov, his close friends the last years of life - sculptors GP. Levitskaya, MA. Business and artist A.S. Petushkov, Ivanovo museum workers, filmmaker VV. Orekhov, a documentary film about AI. Morozov, "I came into this world to ...".

He came into our world to dazzle us with their creativity and leave us a legacy of great wealth - his paintings, which forever will keep our art museum, our city. His works were arguing, he was criticized, admired, envied him ... very late to come to Morozov recognition. In 1969. he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, in 1979. for a series of landscapes, Native motives ", he became a laureate of State Prize. I.E. Repin, and in 1992, the year of its 90 th anniversary, he was awarded the title People's Artist of Russia.

And yet the real glory of the artist in front, in the next century. And we owe it to Morozov today - open a museum of his work, which he wanted to see in their home in Ivanovo. In order and bequeathed his collection to our city.

Head. Museum AI. Morozova L. Solovyov
(Material prepared specifically for "Direct Speech")

Art Gallery of Alexander Ivanovich Morozov

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Morozov, Aleksandr Ivanovich, photo, biography
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