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Morozov Nikolai Aleksandrovich

( Political activist and scholar)

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Biography Morozov Nikolai Aleksandrovich
Born in 1854 in sufficient landlord family. Of the 6 th grade school in Moscow dismissed for political propaganda. 1875 - 78 years spent in prison, sued to process 193-x (1877 - 78) for propaganda among the peasantry; preliminary conclusion was imputed to him as punishment. In prison he wrote poems, many of them are placed in the book "From behind bars," Lopatin published in Paris in 1878. The poetic work of his continued and released from prison. Poems M. belong to the most outstanding poetic works of revolutionary populism. After leaving prison, M. went into hiding and was one of the major figures of the party "Land and Freedom" and co-editor of its organ, in the summer of 1879 participated in the Lipetsk Congress, . which advocated terror, became a member of the "People's Will" and the editor of the first? magazine of the same name,
. In November 1879 took part in the device tunnel under the railway near Moscow. 1880 - 81, it held in Geneva, where he studied natural science. Print the brochure: "The terrorist struggle" (Geneva, 1880), which required strengthening terror. In early 1881 M. returned to Russia, but the border was arrested, pleaded the case of 20 the People in 1882 and sentenced to penal servitude for life; Schlusselburg imprisoned in a fortress, from which emerged only in November 1905. Despite the extremely difficult conditions, M. in Shlisselburgskaya fortress heavily involved in science and has prepared a number of works both in science and in biblical criticism, which finished and published after his release. In 1906 - 08 years of reading in the Free High School Lesgafta chemistry, the Petrograd School of Aviation - a special course on the scientific significance of aviation. He made several flights in balloons and airplanes. For some of the poems, printed in the book "Star Song, M. was sentenced in 1912 to the year of the fortress and from July 1912 to February 1913 was sitting in the Dvina fortress released under a general amnesty. In total, M. spent 28 years in prison. His "Revelation in the storm and thunder. History of the Apocalypse "(published. 3rd, M., 1910) explains the apocalypse as astrological essay, written by the author, in the IV century John Chrysostom. The book, due to the courage of the method and conclusions, impressed and established followers (Svyatskiy, applied the method M. to other biblical books), but at the same time caused an extremely negative criticism, see, eg, H. Nicholas "The argument of historical criticism to astronomy. Regarding the book Morozov (Moscow, 1908). Second product of M. in the same direction were "prophets" (Moscow, 1914), where it is proved that the prophetic books were written several centuries after the P. Ap. and are also astrological writings. Other works published separately M.: "Periodic system structure of matter. Theory of modern chemical elements "(M., . 1907); "Mendeleev and the significance of the periodic table for chemistry of the future" (M., . 1907), "Fundamentals of the qualitative physico-mathematical analysis and new physical factors, . detected them in various phenomena of nature "(M., . 1908), "Laws of the resistance of the elastic medium moving bodies" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1908), "Beginning vectorial algebra in their genesis from pure mathematics" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1909); "Function,
. The visual presentation of differential and integral calculus and some of its applications to science and geometry "(Kiev, 1913)," In the beginning of life. As I came out of a revolutionary rather than a scientist "(Moscow, 1907)," From the walls of captivity. Shlisselburgsky and Other Poems "(St. Petersburg, 1906)," Star Song. Poems "(Moscow, 1910). From magazine articles deserve special attention of his memories of the various eras of his life, scattered in the "Russian Wealth", "News of Europe", "Voice of the past" and other. - See. V. Figner "H. A. M. "(in" Gallery Shlisselburgsky prisoners ", St. Petersburg, 1907); L.YA. Krukovskaya "H. A. M. Sketch of the life and work "(Moscow, 1912). V. In-in.

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Morozov Nikolai Aleksandrovich, photo, biography
Morozov Nikolai Aleksandrovich, photo, biography Morozov Nikolai Aleksandrovich  Political activist and scholar, photo, biography
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