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Mushketov Ivan

( Geologist, Mining Engineer)

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Biography Mushketov Ivan
(1850 - 1902). Upon completing the Mining Institute was sent to the Urals, . which opened in kachkarskoy system group arsenic minerals - farmakosiderita, . arseniosiderita and mispikelya, . importance of which the gold content it has indicated in article, . placed in the "Mining Journal" (1873, . h,
. I). In editions of the Ural Society of Naturalists M. printed on the mineralogical classification of the Don ". Served at the Turkestan governor-general, M. investigated the northern Tien Shan to Kuldja inclusive and published "Summary of the geological trip to Turkestan in 1875 (" Notes of the Mineralogical Society, t. XII), . where the first listed the geological foundation orographic systems of Tien Shan, . described a lot of mineral deposits, . including, . coal deposits Kuldja, . given the first list of Turkestan minerals, . and prove the failure of assumptions about the presence of the Humboldt volcanoes in the Tien Shan,
. Having Zlatoust Mining District, M. published "Materials for the study of geological structure and ore resources of Zlatoust mining district in the southern Urals" ( "Notes of the Mineralogical Society, t. XIII). In 1877 he made a great trip to Alai and Pamir. In 1878 traveled to the station and Alai Chatir-Kul ( "Mountain Magazine", 1878, t. I) and published: "Les richesses minerales du Turkestan russe", "Geological notes on eastern Mongolia" ( "Mountain Magazine", t. II) and Article. "On the Gulja" ( "Voice"). In 1879, M. produced research in Bukhara, at Hissar, the Amu Darya and the Kizil-Kum desert, and in 1880 made an expedition to the glacier Zeravshansky, ascertain the nature of this field and proved a general retreat of glaciers ( "Proceedings of the Geographical Society, T. XVII). In 1881, M. studied the glaciers of Kazbek and Elbrus, mineral springs of Pyatigorsk, manganese and coal deposits of the Caucasus ( "geological tour of the Caucasus", in "Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society", t. XVIII). In 1882 he published, jointly with Mr.. Beck, a study: "Jade and his field" ( "Mountain Magazine", t. II). In 1883, explored the Lipetsk mineral water, . which resulted in an increase in glandular water sources, . are almost ebbed ( "Geological sketch of the Lipetsk district in connection with the mineral springs of the city of Lipetsk", . in "Proceedings of the Geological Committee", . t,
. I,? 4). In 1884, the study produced the Kalmyk steppes of Astrakhan province and the Caucasian Mineral Waters (cm. "Proceedings of the Geological Committee, t. XIV,? 1, "Geological Notes on the Caucasian Mineral Waters" in the "Memoirs of the Mineralogical Society, t. XXII). In 1885 he studied Lake Saki in the Crimea and ended review of the Kalmyk steppe. In 1886 he published Volume I of the extensive work "Turkestan" and, together with Professor Romanovsky, "Geological map of Turkestan". In 1887, M. investigated the earthquake in the mountains. Verne ( "Verny earthquake of May 28, 1887" in "Proceedings of the Geological Committee, t. X,? 1). By this time include the appearance of Volume I of the extensive labor: "Physical Geology", completed in 1891. In 1889, M. began to organize seismic observations in Russia, for which they compiled a booklet: "Earthquakes, their character and ways of seeing" ( "Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society", t. XXV). Finally, in 1892 M. finish, supplemented and edited a posthumous work of Orlova - the first "catalog of earthquakes Russia Empire" ( "Notes of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society", t. XXVII). His other works: "A brief sketch of the geological Transcaspian with the first geological map of the neighborhood" ( "Notes of the Imperial Mineralogical Society, t. XXVIII); "A note on the origin of the Crimean salt lakes" ( "Mountain Magazine", # 6, 1895), "Report on research in the Kirghiz steppes" ( "Proceedings of the Geological Committee, t. XIV); "Short Course Petrography" (1895), "The program for observations of glaciers" ( "Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, 1893). In 1893 he visited the glaciers in the headwaters of rivers and Teberda Chkhalta in the Caucasus, where he was sent to determine the optimum direction of the rail tunnel through the Caucasus Mountains. Trip report published in "Proceedings of the Geological Committee, t. XIV. M. lectured at the Mining Institute and was a senior geologist of the Geological Committee.

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Mushketov Ivan, photo, biography
Mushketov Ivan, photo, biography Mushketov Ivan  Geologist, Mining Engineer, photo, biography
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