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Nazaryants Stepanos

( Eminent Armenian revival within Russia)

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Biography Nazaryants Stepanos
(1812 - 1879). He studied at the Tiflis Theological Seminary, which became close to X. Abovyanom (the future novelist), and the Faculty of Philosophy University of Dorpat. In 1842, H. was appointed to the Kazan University, Associate Professor of Armenian Language. He received a doctorate for a thesis: "Review gaykanskoy stories written in modern times" (the first case of an Armenian degree). Consisted professor of Persian and Arabic literature at the Moscow Institute Lazarevskom. Printed a number of works in the Armenian language ( "Psychology, . based on experience ", . "Hristomatiya novoarmyanskogo language" and others), published in Moscow, . from 1858 to 1864, . "Northern Lights" - the first among Russian Armenians Journal of the European type and the progressive trend,
. Active assistants H. was Nalbandyan. Thanks to "Northern Lights", Moscow temporarily became the main cultural center of Russian Armenians. Educational program H. affects almost all aspects of life in Armenia. New Armenian language (ashharapar) was then in a pen and is divided into dialects, literature, science, church and school reigned ancient, classical Armenian language (grapar), has long become unintelligible mass. N. proved the viability of ashharapara, publishing the magazine on it and encouraging others to its development. Activity H. in this direction has caused sharp attacks reminiscent of the struggle shishkovistov with a circle Karamzin, both between the Armenians, the defenders of the old language were all supporters of the traditional and conservative. N. It is suggested that the Armenians should assimilate Western culture and then, fulfilling its historic purpose, to distribute its benefits among the peoples of the Middle East. He argued that the need to increase the number of Armenian schools, to convert the existing program, to eliminate scholasticism, to send young people abroad for further studies, to establish an Armenian higher education institution. He stood for the publication of cheap books for the people, for the base in the main centers of bookstores and libraries for the development of the national scene. In the area of church affairs H. require raising the level of the clergy in his thoughts arranged in Echmiadzin academy for training of educated priests. He preached tolerance, full respect to the Armenians, Roman Catholics and Armenians, Protestants. He urged the Armenians to develop in a spirit of initiative, not only rely on the support of the wealthy, based society with charitable and educational purposes (this call did not go without consequences). Warmly loving home, he turned a blind eye to the negative side of his countrymen, he exposed their weaknesses and vices, sometimes reaching up to merciless criticism, which created him many enemies among the Armenians. N. was the inspiration for other leaders, who performed much of what he wanted, its main ideas, and now continue to live in the Armenian journalism. Armenian Version is a special two-volume monograph on the N., written by Leo (a pseudonym), 1902. - Wed. sketch S. Veselovskogo 60-ies and the Armenian journal in Moscow "(in the second volume of his" Literary Essays ", Moscow, 1910). YU. Veselovsky.

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Nazaryants Stepanos, photo, biography
Nazaryants Stepanos, photo, biography Nazaryants Stepanos  Eminent Armenian revival within Russia, photo, biography
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