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Nazimov Vladimir Ivanovich

( Statesman)

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Biography Nazimov Vladimir Ivanovich
(1802 - 1874). Began service in the Transfiguration Regiment and participated in the Turkish campaign of 1828 - 29 years. In 1836 he was appointed was composed with an heir to the throne in an instructor for the military and earned the affection of his pupil. In 1841, H. was appointed Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry in Vilna to investigate the secret revolutionary society, supposedly emerged after the execution Konarski. N. came to the conclusion that this secret society existed only in the imagination of some timid people. The then Governor-General Mirkovic, for slander of those around him, asked to withdraw N. conduct of the case and appoint another. N. was left only a member of the commission and its chairman was appointed AA. Cavelin, which completely confirmed the conclusion H. This decision case attracted to H. and Kavelin warm sympathy of the local community. In November 1849 H. was appointed trustee of the Moscow school district. He liked to sometimes break subordinates appointed by the grammar of the military, in the public schools would start military orders, but cared about the welfare of pupils in secondary boarding. At the end of 1855 H. was appointed military governor of Vilna and Grodno, Minsk and Kovensk Governor-General. In May 1857, passing through Brest-Litovsk, Emperor Alexander II, who met him told the NA, as a close friend, his grief over the conservatism of the nobility of Great on the issue of emancipation of the peasants. N. invited the Emperor to start this business from the north-western provinces and receiving approval, has ensured that it has received from the noblemen's petition for permission to raise the question of the peasants. The motion H. presented in St. Petersburg, and in response to it was followed by the name N. rescript of November 20, 1857, which laid the actual beginning of the peasant reform. Activity H. during the rebellion in 1863 caused a twofold assessment of his contemporaries. Ants in his memoirs says that N., "narrow-minded people and weak, for all its good faith did not understand the provisions of the edge and could not find any reasonable measures to suppress the rebellion". Metropolitan Joseph Semashko also gives unflattering assessment of AN, calling it "hypocritical, false and schemer". The latter estimate is explained by the fact that the Metropolitan Joseph suspicion (unfounded) N. Herzen in a message printed in The Bell Joseph's letter to Metropolitan Filaret. It is otherwise applicable to H. address presented to him already on his dismissal from the post of Governor-General, December 20, 1863. Here H. called the "messenger of peace and royal favor, and his activity directed towards a rapprochement and reconciliation of hostile nations, is estimated as follows:" they say, it was a mistake, error. Yes, it was misleading, but misleading generous that you shared with the government itself and all the noble-minded Russian people ". - See. A. S. P (avlov), VI. Nazimov. Sketch of the latest record north-western Russia ( "Russian Antiquities", 1885, t. XLV - XLVI); obituary with the accession of the Vilna address - ibid (1874, April); letter to H. Emperor Alexander Nikolayevich, when he was the heir - ibid (1883, t. 39); P.D. Shestakov, "Memories In. I. N. "(" Historical Journal ", 1891, March).

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Nazimov Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography
Nazimov Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography Nazimov Vladimir Ivanovich  Statesman, photo, biography
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