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Nevolin Konstantin

( The well-known lawyer)

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Biography Nevolin Konstantin
(1806 - 1855), son of a priest. He studied at the Moscow Theological Academy, before the end of the course was chosen, among other university students and religious academies, to prepare for the department jurisprudence. All the academics placed on the state apartments at St. Petersburg University, have been since the spring of 1828, Mr.. begin their studies in Part II Immediate Her Imperial Majesty's Office, under the supervision and guidance of the Secretary of State Balugyanskogo, according to a plan worked out Speransky. They listened to lectures dismissed for disloyalty of the Petersburg university professors Kunitsyn (civil law), . Corduroy (Finance) and Arseniev (history), . and, . besides, . university, . Roman law at the Schneider, . Greek and Roman literature have Grefe; also studied modern languages,
. In May and June 1829. they were made the test, , . where for three years, . under the leadership of chief Savigny, . engaged in an encyclopedia and the philosophy of law, . history and theory of public law, . Roman rights, . Germanic, . Prussian and European international,
. On his return from abroad Nevolin was assigned to Part II to examine the body of law and bring an end to a set of privileges and laws Ostsee provinces. Early 1834. He took the exam directly on the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and in the collections of the Faculty of Law, in the presence of Balugyanskogo, Kunitsyn and corduroy. After defending his PhD thesis on: "The philosophy of law from the ancient" Nevolin encyclopedia was appointed professor of law and institutions in Russia Empire, University of St. Vladimir, where three times been elected rector. In this rank Nevolin was a close associate of the trustee, often performing his duties, and through to the university instituted Committee, directing all sredneuchebnymi institutions district. The committee, chaired Nevolina were developed teaching programs and testing in all subjects for high schools and county schools. Thanks to his efforts has been expanded teaching at the Faculty. Some troubles with the new trustee, Prince Davydov, and particularly the appointment M.V. Yuzefovich to the newly created position of assistant curator Nevolina forced to submit his resignation or transfer to another university. In 1843, Mr.. He was appointed to the chair of Russian civil law at St. Petersburg University, where he was elected in 1847, Mr.. Vice-Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Law. Since 1845. taught history of Russia's law students the Faculty of Philosophy, and from 1848. - The same subject and encyclopedia of jurisprudence in the College of Law. In 1852, Mr.. He was seconded to the War Department to participate in the correction of military criminal law, in 1854, Mr.. appointed member of the consultations with the Ministry of Justice. The first work, created Nevolin learned the name was "The Encyclopedia of jurisprudence" (1839 - 40). After manuals Leo Tsvetaeva ( "Font Style theory of law", . 1810 and 1817) and Degaya ( "Benefits and the right to study Russian Laws, . 1831 et seq.), . courses are entirely natural law, . Encyclopedia Nevolina first began conducting historical school, . though still hesitating,
. A total of, . Determining the subject of jurisprudence, . Nevolin is still on the ground of natural law and the teachings of Hegel, . arguing, . that the law is essentially a general truth, . as being the latest discovery is in the moral world of being a divine being in itself,
. In the section on the origin and formation of legislation Nevolin distinguishes "in any legislation two parts: Part, . which can be known directly to the mind and of itself is binding, . irrespective of the social order - the natural laws; part, . who know no other, . both from the legislation itself, . operating in the State, . only because binding, . that it is installed state - the laws of a purely positive,
. The former is universal and necessary way of legislation, the second - a random and limited ". On the question of the origin and gradual formation of the laws within the state should Nevolin historical school, recognizing the forms of the laws or customs, or laws in the narrow sense, or drill zakonovedtsev ". In the section on the division of the laws on their main genera Nevolin faithfully system of our body and looks at the jurisprudence mainly from a practical point of view. As in the general part encyclopedia eclectic, Nevolin in the special part of (history of philosophy, law, history of positive laws) appears more a compiler than an independent researcher. Despite this, the Encyclopedia Nevolina for its time was a major phenomenon. The author in his preface rightly pointed out that even the foreign literature does not represent anything like his works in its entirety. More noticeable and more important was the value of this work in Russia, where it long remained one of a kind. In our time it is completely outdated. More scientific importance are Nevolina historical works, especially the capital "History of Russian civil law" (1851). Nevolin first took advantage of extensive, just-announced time sources on Russian history - the complete collection of laws, the complete collection of chronicles (t. I - IV) and acts of Archaeological Commission - and gave a wonderful example of how to use such publications should. For completeness and wealth of material on the painstaking selection of certain facts, to caution the findings of "History of Russian civil law" is still considered a model of scientific work. But the author of the chosen system of presentation was a failure: his essay written on the system of the Laws, being as it were a historical commentary on the T. X, h. 1. In such a setting, Nevolin studied not so much a history of institutions in their mutual communication as a chronological change of statutes for each issue a formal scheme. The presentation to a large extent the external, not united to any idea or hypothesis, and in some places and fragmentary. It currently is not satisfied even with factual material, . collected Nevolin, . because after the publication of his work promulgated many new sources, but in each new study on the history of civil rights must come from labor Nevolina,
. The more important of the other historical works Nevolina: "Education Management in Russia from Ivan III to Peter the Great" (1844), . "On the space of the ecclesiastical court in Russia before Peter the Great" (1847), . "On the succession to the throne of Kiev Grand Prince" (1851) and "On the Pyatina did come to Novgorod in the XV century." (1853, . in "Notes of Russian Geographical Society, . kn,
. VIII). All works Nevolina except doctoral dissertation and on fifths and the churchyard, published I.E. St. Andrew's in 1857 - 59 years. - See. Usov, "Essay on academic and career Nevolina (1855), preface to the publication of Andrew; In. Grigoriev, "St. Petersburg University (1870)," Biographical Dictionary of professors and teachers of the University of St. Vladimir (1884); Vladimir-Budanov "History of the University of St. Vladimir"

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Nevolin Konstantin, photo, biography
Nevolin Konstantin, photo, biography Nevolin Konstantin  The well-known lawyer, photo, biography
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