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Ogonowski Omelyan

( Writer)

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Biography Ogonowski Omelyan
(1833 - 1894). He was a professor at Lvov University. The first literary efforts Ogonowski, . example, . verse novel "The Cross" (in "Zore Galician, 1860), . written on the heavy and "Russian MODE", . but then the language Ogonowski more and more closer to the Ukrainian language, . been agreed with his overall populist ukrainofilskim direction,
. Ogonowski valued the popular word and took care of public instruction; actively participated in the educational society "Enlightenment" and the publication of books for schools and for popular consumption. Within Galicia Ogonowski enjoyed considerable fame as a dramatic writer (two historical dramas: "Fedko Ostrozkiy" - not printed - and "Galshka Ostroе╬skц║" - in "Zore" 1887 g. separately). As a professor of "Russian Language Society", . Ogonowski helped educate a lot of Galician-Russian intelligentsia with old and new works of Ukrainian literature, he developed a tendency in students to the scientific study of the Ukrainian language by the sound and lexical,
. In the edition of the Krakow Academy of Sciences: "Rozprawy widz. filol. "1877. Ogonowski published an article "O przyimkach w jezykach staroslovenskim, ruskim i polskim", in "Archiv fur zlav. Philol. ", 1880. - "Einige Bemerkungen uber die Sprache der altpolnischen Sophienbibel". In the essay: "Studien auf dem Gebiete der ruthenischen Sprache" (1880), he carries the idea of independence of the Ukrainian language and speak dialects Ukrainian (Galich 3 podnarechiyami, . 4 podnarechiyami southern Russian and Belarusian), followed by a study of phonetics and word formation, . where the author uses the data written and oral folk monuments,
. Potebnya recognized this book very useful; Franco considers it one of the best acquisitions of Ukrainian philological literature. In X volume "Rozpraw" (1888) Ogonowski printed, in addition to the "Studien", article "O wazniejszych wlasciwosciach jezyka ruskiego", which talks about a favorite Ukrainians vowel "i" and traces of nasal sounds. His textbook of Ukrainian language ( "grammar", Lviv, 1889) replaced the outdated textbook Mikhail Osadtsy. Even earlier (1881) he published "Readings Old Russian", with grammatical commentary and a dictionary. Among the useful philological works Ogonowski still belongs commented edition "Lay" (1875), the nature of scientific conjectures adjacent to the views of A. Potebni. The most extensive work Ogonowski - "History of Russian Literature" - published in installments in the "Zore" in 1886, then went out separately and for the death of the author left unfinished. Ogonowski said about the old Russian-Ukrainian literature (up Kotlyarevskogo), details the background and content of the works of the new Ukrainian and Galician-Russian writers, in 4 th, the unfinished part initiated a series of articles about the Little-Russian ethnographer. In scientific terms, this essay has significant drawbacks: the old literature is described too briefly, . with many gaps and shortcomings, . new - sometimes too much detail, . with narration and such works, . who do not deserve the attention, but, . as a collection of articles about the new Ukrainian writers, . Ogonowski seems to work very useful and gives a lot of bibliographic guidance,
. For an introduction to proper Galician-Russian literature "History" Ogonowski - an indispensable resource. Through all the works carried out brightly ukrainofilskaya view. In "News of Europe" 1890. (September) AN. Pypin, in the article: "The special history of Russian literature", subjected to strict parsing that "History", mainly with the principled, ideological parties. Answer Ogonowski: "My kritikovi" was published in Lviv in 1890, another answer, Umantsa, printed in 21? "Zori" 1890. In 1893, Mr.. Ogonowski issued in Lvov full "Kobzar", with an introductory article about the life of T. Shevchenko and the comments to his poems. Dragomanov personally hostile Ogonowski, acknowledged this edition of the "great Postup". In Pravda, 1872, 1873 and 1879 years Ogonowski published a number of critical-aesthetic articles about Shevchenko's poems, not included in his commented edition of "Kobzar". - Wed. Kyivska Antiquity "(1894, XII, 475 - 479) and V Volume of Memoirs of the Association named T. Shevchenko (1895, 1 - 34). N. Sumtsov.

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Ogonowski Omelyan, photo, biography
Ogonowski Omelyan, photo, biography Ogonowski Omelyan  Writer, photo, biography
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