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Aili Pierre d'

( French theologian, philosopher (a prominent representative of nominalism), astrologer, geographer, and cosmology.)

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Biography Aili Pierre d'
Aili (Ali, Aya; d'Ailly), Pierre d '; romanized. Petrus de Alliaco
(1350, Compiegne, France - 9.08.1420, Avignon) --
He was educated at the University of Paris, in 1380, Mr.. doctorate in theology in 1384, Mr.. became head of the College of Navarre, University of Paris, and in 1389, Mr.. - The head of the university and the confessor of King Charles VI. He also was in charge of distribution of alms in the royal court. Teaching And. University of Paris brought him fame, he found a significant dialectical talent. In 1395, Mr.. A. became bishop (initially at Le Pyuy, and two years later - in Kambre). In 1411, Mr.. John XXIII appointed him a cardinal, bishop of Orange, and in 1413, Mr.. - Papal legate in Germany. Then A. became legate of Pope Martin V (1417 - 1431) in Avignon. At this time, A. was one of the real candidates for the dignity Pope.

A. - The author of numerous works, including the philosophical: "Tractatus de anima" ( "Treatise on the soul"), "Compendium contemplationis" ( "Compendium of contemplation"), etc.. A. thought possible knowledge of God through reason, but it revealed a kind of skepticism: in his view, this knowledge is not certain, but probably only. In many respects, a curious psychological treatise A., in particular because it found the ideas developed later school of phrenology. In the teaching of morality A. spent mystical ideas. The purpose of human life he saw in the purification of the vices and virtues in the plantation.

He was also a leading theoretician of geography (treatise "Imago Mundi", 1410), outstanding cosmography ( "Compendium cosmographiae", 1413). In these sciences, he followed in the main tradition of Ptolemy K..

A. plays an important role in the history of relations between Christianity and astrology. He put much effort in order to reconcile the Christian concept of history with the astrological cycles. In 1410, Mr.. A. published a treatise "De legibus et sectis contra superstitiosos astronomos", and in 1414, Mr.. - Just three tracts, . on astrological matters: "Vigintiloquium de concordantia astronomice veritatis cum theologia", . "De concordatia astronomie cum historica narratione" and "Elucidarium astronomice concordie cum theologica et historica veritate",
. In 1418, Mr.. A. published another treatise, "De persecutionibus Ecclesiae", in which he attempts to interpret the prophecies of St. John and to determine the date of the coming of the Antichrist, using the astrological calculations (see. Apocalypse). A. also reached horoscope birth of Jesus Christ.

A. identified periods of Saturn and Jupiter, are of great importance for modeling the development of communities and states. It found that 10 complete revolutions of Saturn return the physical and moral influence of this planet to its former level, although the details of the situation is not repeated. Emphasis A. paid the Jupiter and Saturn. After Abu Ma `ball, A. divides the history into periods of 960 years. The beginning of each of these periods A. considers so-called. "great connection" of Jupiter and Saturn in Aries. In his opinion, the first such connection has occurred over 320 years after the creation of the world. Thus, from the moment of creation to the days of A. occurred 7 "great connections". The last one was 735 g. BC, declaring himself expansion of Islam. Further, A. synchronizes these astrological events with the events of Christian history, receiving the following scheme. The first era of peace lasted from the time of Adam to Noah and ended with a 3-m "a great connection" of Jupiter and Saturn. The second epoch, from Noah to Abraham, finished 4-m compound, which opened the third period - from Abraham to David. However, according to Alexander, the fourth epoch lasted not from David to the Babylonian captivity, as in traditional Christian history, but right before the coming of Christ, Nativity opens fifth era. Sixth epoch will be linked with the emergence of the Antichrist. A. pointed out that the coming of the Antichrist will happen in 1789. (year of the French Revolution!), when 8-e "a great connection" 1695 g. manifest itself in full force. A. also defended the calendar reform, which was embodied in the lives of nearly two hundred years.

In honor of A. named lunar crater Aliacensis.

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Aili Pierre d', photo, biography
Aili Pierre d', photo, biography Aili Pierre d'  French theologian, philosopher (a prominent representative of nominalism), astrologer, geographer, and cosmology., photo, biography
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