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Leo Alan

( Outstanding English astrologer and Theosophist.)

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Biography Leo Alan
(Leo) (pseudonym; present. name and Pham. - William F. Allen (Allen))
(7.08.1860, 5:12 GT, Westminster, London - 11/1/1917) --
As a nickname picked up his rising sign. He brought his mother in difficult conditions and post-primary schools have not been able to obtain formal education. L. replaced a number of professions that did not meet him until he became a traveling salesman for the company vending. He remained in that job until 1898.

Astrology L. interested in the age of 25, to educate ourselves, and in 1888. acquainted with the astrologer William F. Lacey. Thanks to Lacey, he met William Horn And she (known as Sefarial), who introduced the L. in terms of Theosophists (cm. Theosophy). In 1890, Mr.. L. joined the Theosophical Society and, together with Lacey began to publish the magazine "Astrologer's Magazine" ( "Journal of Astrology"). The magazine gained popularity, but in 1894. Lacey appeared with other interests and L. became the sole owner of the journal. In 1895, Mr.. L. renamed it "Modern Astrology" ( "Modern Astrology"). The success of the magazine and his marriage to a divorced rich teller gave L. opportunity to fully devote astrology. His "Modern Astrology Publishing Company" has steadily expanded and has become a big earner in the astrological spheres.

In the early 1900-ies. L. wrote a series of seven books "Astrological Text Books" ( "Astrological books"): "Astrology for All" ( "Astrology for All"); "Casting the Horoscope" ( "Drawing horoscope", . 1904); "How to Judge a Nativity" ( "How to interpret the horoscope", . 1903); "The Art of Synthesis" ( "The Art of Synthesis", . 1912); "The Progressed Horoscope" ( "Progressive horoscope", . 1905); "The Key to Your Own Nativity" ( "The key to your personal horoscope", . 1910); "Esoteric Astrology" ( "Esoteric Astrology"),
. L. also wrote a series of short works on astrology. His books have received so much recognition from the public that they do not stop reprinted to this day. In 1915, Mr.. L. founded astrological lodge of the Theosophical Society. Soon the lodge has grown and become a permanent part of the Company. It exists at the present time, being one of the most authoritative organizations of astrological Britain (cm. Astrological Lodge of London).

Popularity dispensed L. expensive. He was tried twice on charges of fraud, sorcery, fortunetelling and lzheproritsatelstve. In the first case, in May 1914. He was acquitted due to technicalities, but the second time in July 1917, L. was sentenced to heavy fine. The judge was not persuaded by the arguments defense that A. profoundly believes in doing what, and that among its clients many famous personalities. These judicial history in essence little different from religious persecution. Some of my friends L. associated with these persecutions of his death from a brain hemorrhage that followed on Nov. 1, 1917, Mr..

L. astrology led him to modern scientific level, attracted attention in Europe and the U.S.. His books, which have become classics, brought an avalanche of subsequent publications around the world. L. called the "father of astrology the XX century.". Projections L. regarding the development of life in the transition era of Aquarius is surprisingly accurately carried out in our time. He predicted the integration of European states, the formation of associations as a first step on the road to world government. In XIX. between unbridled glorification of the power of science and technology, he said there was a problem of environmental pollution. L. also predicted the formation of the United Nations.

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Leo Alan, photo, biography
Leo Alan, photo, biography Leo Alan  Outstanding English astrologer and Theosophist., photo, biography
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