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Albert the Great

( The German philosopher, theologian and naturalist)

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Biography Albert the Great
Count von Bolshtedt
(Albertus Magnus, Albert von Bollstцгdt)
(ca. 1193 Lauingen, Schwab - 15.11.1280, Cologne)
representative of orthodox scholasticism, alchemist, enthusiastically involved in astrology and, apparently, possessed the gift of clairvoyance.
Approximately 1212 g. AV. enrolled in the University of Padua, where he studied for at least 10 years, focused on studying the works of Aristotle. Having discovered at an early age a love for science, AV, however, considered it a means of serving God and the Church. Approximately 1223 g. AV. joined the Dominican mendicant "the Order of Preachers,". The next few years, AV, continuing to live in Padua, studying chiefly the Fathers, as well as the heretical teachings. Then AV. lectures and sermons in various cities of Germany and France. His fame as a scholar and teacher by this time has spread far beyond its direct influence, and began to flock to him students. Among others, in 1245, Mr.. came to see him sent to the Order of St. Thomas Aquinas, which became his favorite disciple and not long parted from him, accompanying AV. his wanderings. In 1254, Mr.. AV. appointed provincial of his order in Germany. His duty is in constant travels to cities and monasteries, and sermons to attract new members to the Order. In 1260, Mr.. Pope Alexander IV appointed AV. Bishop of Regensburg, but this activity was not by nature a modest thinker, and two years later, he obtained permission to withdraw from his Episcopal ordination. In 1263-64 he.
AV. preaching in various cities of Germany crusade. Prior to 1268, Mr.. He lived in Wurzburg, after which he returned to Cologne, where he lived until his death. In 1931, Mr.. AV. canonized by the Catholic Church.
Exalted faith, encyclopedic knowledge (it was called "doctor universalis" - "a comprehensive doctor"), tireless work and fascinating eloquence, as well as the solitary life of a researcher AV. so strongly impressed the minds of his contemporaries, that his whole life is accompanied by the legendary story. It was said that the plan, which was built by the famous Cologne Cathedral, was drafted AV. with the help of the saints, who predvodimye Mother of God, brought him the tools for drawing. Classes physics and chemistry have created AV. reputation as a sorcerer, his mysterious power of preserved many stories. Even senile dementia, which struck a scientist for two years before his death, is decorated with the legend of predicting it in the days of his youth, that memory loss will serve as a sign that God calls him to her.
AV. - The initiator of perestroika and encyclopedic systematization of Catholic theology on the basis of Aristotelian completed by Thomas Aquinas. His writings are developing physics, astrology, meteorology, geography, mineralogy, botany, zoology, physiology, anatomy, psychology, logic and ethics, metaphysics and theology. AV. based on the assumption that science (including astrology) as a natural divine revelation can not stand in contradiction to the revelation of the supernatural, is talking about religion: the first is only the lower stage of the second.
In cosmology, AV. Neo-Platonic doctrine of the world is intertwined with the Aristotelian cosmology and the Arab astrology: immobile empyrean heaven - the highest in the hierarchy of heaven and embraces only the sky of the Trinity, God, identity. Sky empyrean - similar stationary engine having the nature of light, it is - the reason a lot of light that make up the sphere of stars by their influences determine the movement of elements and thus the whole world. AV. accept the existence of composite intangible beings (angels and active mind, constitute the immortal part of every human soul).
In the book "Speculum Astronomiae" AV. divides the science of the stars on the theoretical - astronomy, and practical - astrology. AV. suggested that the intrauterine development of the child managed to turn all the world. Each planet within one month form the play its system of internal organs of the embryo. Hence AV. concluded that the pathological and the birth of monstrosities arise from the weakness of the planets in the horoscope.

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Albert the Great, photo, biography
Albert the Great, photo, biography Albert the Great  The German philosopher, theologian and naturalist, photo, biography
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