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BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich

( Development of business environment)

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Biography BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich
photo BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich
Born March 23, 1966. in the city of Chelyabinsk.
Milestones biography:
1981 - graduation from high school;
1985 - end of the Chelyabinsk engineering college;
1985-1987gg. - Service in the Armed Forces.
. After serving in the army in Chelyabinsk Pedagogical Institute.
. In 1998, Sergei Buhdruker completing the Academy of National Economy under the RF Government Department of Management and Financial Management "by specialty - Master
. State and municipal management.
. Now get the 3rd higher education in the specialty SUSU 'Crisis Management' (2002).
. Experience:
. Chelyabinsk plant of road-building machines im.Kolyuschenko:
. 03.1995g.-1st Deputy
. Director General
. 09.1995g.-Chairman
. 07.1997g.-CEO
. It is at this factory is created and developed road-building equipment: motor graders, loaders, bulldozers, firmly taken the leading position on the Russia market.
. Sergei Buhdruker came to the factory in 1995 after the so-called four-month downtime enterprise
. Until 1997 the factory was producing for 20-30 graders in a month, this time plant management and organized marketing and preparing to increase production. Sergei Buhdrukeer establish an effective management team that successfully, together with his
leader, led team on a solution of modern problems of domestic engineering. As a result, the program was implemented Sergei Buhdrukera "30-60" --
. increase production graders in 2 times each year the plant began producing the new 9.11
. modifications.
. At the same time, Sergei Buhdrukerom place effective enterprise reform - restructuring on the basis of: its own shop - separate predpriyatie.Takzhe team, . headed by Sergei Buhdrukerom, . was carried out a successful restructuring muschestvennogo complex bankrupt enterprise JSC "Uralremtrak",
. The entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses, which bought the area of the former bankrupt plant successfully develop their business, to pay taxes, the number of employees increased from 140 to 300 people.
. In 1999, Sergei Buhdruker elected president of "Association" Leader ", which to date includes more than 30 industrial, commercial enterprises and social institutions
. NP 'Association for the Development of the business environment' leader 'today successfully solves the financial-economic, managerial tasks for the benefit of the partnership.
. New stage - a unique enterprise of the Southern Urals "laser technology" created by Sergei Buhdrukerom based on unique equipment for processing of any materials using laser technology
. Today the company develops, increasing its capacity.
. Works created in 1998 social movement "for social partnership", whose main purpose - to coordinate the efforts of entrepreneurs, NGOs and government structures to address social problems in society.
. Working in a social movement, the anniversary A.S
. Pushkin Buhdruker
organizes, finances and participates actively in the Pushkin evenings. Also helped fund a culture to publish the first volume of Pushkin's 'Trefoil'.
Recently joined the PCA, although espeesovtsem schilal a davno.V 2002. published a book about Sergei Moiseevich Buhdrukere 'Child of calculation and courage'. Posted by its historian and writer AA. Bukharin. This is an attempt to provide the reader Sergei Buhdrukera - businessman and public figure, a man.
. Sergei Moiseyevich Hobbies: playing sports, running 10 kilometers, is awash in the hole.
. Professional knowledge: Economics (technology, . Operations Scheduling, . analysis and systematization), . Accounting, . Budgeting, . Manufacturing Engineering, . organizational management structure of industrial components, . internal workflow, . regulations, . restructuring, . elimination.,
. Personal characteristics: Sergei Buhdruker is the head
. new type - a bold, modern-minded, non-standard, it is interesting
. It has analytical skills, disciplined, result-oriented, able to work under tight schedule and exhibits exceptional performance.
Lives in the city of Chelyabinsk. Married. His wife, Tatyana, - a businessman and a housewife, raising two girls and a son. The family is waiting Buhdrukerov fourth child (2002).


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  • Sergei Buhdruker Moiseevich

Photos of BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich
BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich

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    BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich, photo, biography
    BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich, photo, biography BUHDRUKER Sergei Moiseevich  Development of business environment, photo, biography
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