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Villanova Arnold

( Spanish astrologer, physician, alchemist.)

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Biography Villanova Arnold
(Arnaldo) (Spanish. Arnaldo de Villa Nova, fr. Arnauld de Villeneuve, Latin. Arnoldus de Villanova, Arnoldus Barchinonis)
(1235, Aragon, Spain - 6.09.1311, in the sea between Naples and Genoa) --
He studied at the universities of Montpellier and Naples. Becoming famous healer, he was invited to the service of princes and popes. Thus, in 1281, Mr.. He became a doctor, Pedro III of Aragon, and then - his son Alfonso III. In 1291, Mr.. V. settled in Montpellier, opening a private practice. From time to time he was called back to Spain for professional advice. Ok. 1299 g. V. published a collection of his mystical writings of the prophets, among which the most famous was the treatise "De adventu antichristi" (begun in 1288). It spoke of the coming end of the world and the coming of the Antichrist in 1378, Mr.. When in 1299 Mr.. James II sent in. on a diplomatic mission to the French King Philip IV, he was greeted by a hostile Parisian theologians, his views were condemned, and in. was imprisoned. However, about 1303 g. He was acquitted and then worked in Avignon, the Pope Clement V (1305 - 1314), his former old friend. V. drowned in a shipwreck on the way from Palermo to Avignon, where he was going to call dad. It is especially sharply expressed contradiction in the views of the pope and the higher clergy; Clement sent to all bishops a letter in which mourned the death in. and praised his vast erudition and penetrating mind, whereas one of the archbishop gave his curse. When the papal throne John XXII (1316 - 1334), then in 1318, Mr.. In the works. are prosecuted, and 13 of them as heretical, were sentenced to be burned. The Inquisition, apparently, so thoroughly cut off these works, and that subsequently it was impossible to find, so they do not exist in a large edition of the collected works in. (Basel, 1585). V. - The author of many works on alchemy, medicine, magic, astrology, theology. However, the authorship of the most famous of them - poems, known as the Salerno Health Code, "which paid attention to issues astromeditsiny - modern scholars dispute.

In. played a prominent role in the history of magic and medicine, systematized views of the Greeks and the Arabs in these areas. V. draws parallels between the medical and astronomical phenomena, and actively engaged in medical astrology. He was acquainted with Arabic astrology and its main features outlined in his book "De judiciis astronomiae" ( "Introductorium in iudicia astrologie"), adding to the Arab discoveries and their own. He is actively developing a theory of astrological houses and its application to medicine. In particular,. noted:

"A good doctor should know how important for the patient has a rising sign and lord of the last. Middle of the sky (tenth house), here the sign and its lord, means the patient's physician, the seventh house and its master - the disease, and the fourth house with his master - aids. Thus, if it turns out that something adverse in the ascending sign and its lord himself has harmful properties, then the patient will be worse and, conversely, it is better if all is well. Same thing with the tenth house: if he has a good master, the doctor helps the patient, but if there is something negative, it can only hurt. If on the seventh house of good fortune prevails, then the patient will soon recover, otherwise he will fall from one disease to another. Finally, if the fourth house all right, then starred drugs help the patient, otherwise - no. "
In his treatise "Nova exposito visionum quae fiunt in somnis" ( "A New Interpretation of Dreams") in. provides the rationale for the influence of planets on human. Among other works V.: "On individual plates, and about members of the body, . their subordinates', . "On the power of the moon and of its relation to members of the human body", . "On the Press" (here referred to the 12 seals, . Signs of the Zodiac, . There is also a precise indication, . how to represent them and what power they have).,

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Villanova Arnold, photo, biography
Villanova Arnold, photo, biography Villanova Arnold  Spanish astrologer, physician, alchemist., photo, biography
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