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Burenkov Igor

( General producer holding 'Rosbalt-Media')

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Biography Burenkov Igor
photo Burenkov Igor
Born July 31, 1965 in Moscow.
Married, daughter of 19 years.

In 1992 he graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University (teleotdelenie).

Began work in 1986. After several years of cooperation with various commercial entities ( 'US-Soviet Kinoinitsiativa', holding 'Baltschug'), in 1992. became co-owner of the company 'Domino', which is developing and conducting promotional campaigns, creative solutions, print design and coordination of design.

In 1996. created a company - 'Intelligence Service', the main activities of which: consulting and branding services, advertising and electoral campaigns, creative.

Organized large-scale regional, all-Russia and international projects:

federal and regional presidential and parliamentary election campaigns - Boris Yeltsin, Yuri Luzhkov, I. Hakamada, 'Unity'

. advertising campaign to promote Russia's market exclusive Western brands - 'Loewe', 'Banq & Olufsen', 'Ligne Roset',

. creation and promotion of new Russian brands - Holdings 'Baltschug'
. 'Lefko', 'chocolate products' Korkunov', etc.

. program of social advertising - 'to call my parents!', 'Give children lots of love', 'By helping others you help yourself', 'Save a living planet for our children', etc.,

. advertising and PR campaign film 'The Thief' (nominated for 'Oscar') and 'orphan Kazan', organizing and conducting in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the world premiere pictures 'Onegin' (United Kingdom)

. training and promotion of Open Rossiyskogo and International Film Festival 'Kinotavr', Russian Film Festival in Nice.

. Since 2000
. by 2007. head of Public Relations JSC 'Channel'

. Supervised image and information management activities of foreign 'First Channel', . PR and advertising promotion of various television product - information, . analytical, . journalistic and entertainment, . serials of television films and documentaries, . as well as movies, . and in the theater box office, . in particular.,

. Coordination between the directorates 'First Channel' and third-party manufacturers, in connection with the large-scale outdoor advertising programs.

. Among the most significant projects:

. movies '72 meter ',' Night Watch ',' Turkish Gambit ',' Night Watch ',

. TV movies have multiple "Granitsa.Taezhny novel," Empire under attack, "" Fall of the Empire, "" Lethal force ", 'Land', 'Enchanted Lands',' Yesenin ',' Quiet Flows the Don", "Leningrad", etc.

. entertainment projects 'Survivor', 'Star Academy', 'Great Race', etc.

. documentaries 'Brotherhood of the bomb', 'Battle of the cosmos' (a joint project of Russia, Germany, UK, USA), 'Wildlife' (Bi-Bi-Cu)

. representation of Russia at the prestigious international music competitions - 'Eurovision', 'Evrobest',

. participation in major international markets and the TV forum - MIDEM, MIPCOM TV festival, and leading the world - Italy, Prize, Prize of Europe, Japan Prize, the New York Festival, and others, in the assemblies of the European Broadcasting Union and the Council of Europe.

. Since 1998
. Knight badge of honor "Public recognition" as the author of the first social advertising in Russia "to call my parents!".

He is currently produced by the holding 'Rosbalt-Media'.

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  • Boonii for Burenkov Igor
  • Hi Igor! was very glad when I saw you on TV. I wish you with all my heart even greater success in your career is not easy, and most importantly health. I am very happy for you. bothers you Budyka Vladimir, your former kom.vzvoda for the Army. remember the raven, Sakharov, as went to the cottage to your friends. much time has passed. again heartily glad for you. call if you want, is going br>0
  • 11111 for Burenkov Igor
  • Igor, hello! Merry Christmas! I am very happy for you that you achieved what I wanted! Your school friend, Elena Mishina.
  • School for Burenkov Igor
  • Igor, hello! Merry Christmas! I am very happy for you that you achieved what I wanted! Your school friend, Elena Mishina.
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    Burenkov Igor, photo, biography
    Burenkov Igor, photo, biography Burenkov Igor  General producer holding 'Rosbalt-Media', photo, biography
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