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Pavlov Sarah Childress

( gifted writer)

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Biography Pavlov Sarah Childress
(1805 - 1864). Son freedman, a native of Moscow, P. studied first at the Moscow theater school and more than two years after it was in the theater, with the title of Artist of the Moscow Imperial Theaters. Then he entered the Moscow University, where he graduated from the course in 1825, a candidate human. He served in the Moscow court and outbuildings in the office of the Moscow governor-general. In 1851 - 1855 g. remained in exile in Vyatka to found his "freethinking Paper. His first literary experience - a few poems - have appeared in the Moscow Telegraph Field in 1825, the same year was released as a separate edition of his poetry translated from French tragedy Lemercier "Mary Stuart". Then his little poems have appeared in the Moscow Telegraph "and in various anthologies, among other things, in the anthology" Rainbow "for 1830 was published an excerpt from the comedy-vaudeville" Old and young ". In 1835 were published in book form, three stories (Nameday, Auction and Yatagan), and for P. consolidated the best writer's fame. Almost all the magazines commented on them with great praise. VG. Belinsky treated P. restrained, nevertheless assigns the author of the few among our excellent prose ". A.S. Pushkin called them "the first remarkable Russian novel, for which you can forget about dinner and sleep". Some passages from the novels were even in a textbook Galakhova ( "Complete Russian Readings", 1843, h. II, p. 138 et seq.). Talk and noise about the novels P. in society was so much that the minister of education, Count Uvarov, felt obliged to introduce them to the Emperor. Last, . read the book with a pencil in hand and found in "Yataг¬an" a lot of unseemly places ", . made a severe reprimand and censor Snegirev, . and Chairman of the censorship board Golokhvastov, . banned reprinting stories, and ordered to destroy vignette, . which was decorated epigraph "domestic affairs" and which represented a monster, . struck by a dagger from the hand of the invisible,
. These rigidities due to the fact that in the "Name" is represented by the fate of the fortress, passionate and talented musician who was a gentleman with the whole country has lost, in the story "Yatagan" - the hero of the ensign, demoted to a duel to the soldiers. Degraded proves successful rival in the love of his commander, which brings the soldier to the nagging gross violation of discipline and for subjecting him to corporal punishment. Degraded does not stand up, rushes to the commander with a knife and kills him. Commander buried with military honors, and a soldier run the gauntlet. In 1838, new story: "Masquerade", . "Demon" and "Million", . but this did not succeed and little talked about the remarkable accurate and clear his translation of Shakespeare's five-act drama "The Merchant of Venice", , . ? 9),
. The next piece, made people talk about P. all formed by Russia, was his famous "Four letters to the NV. Gogol, published originally in The Moscow News "(for 1847? 28, 38 and 46) and reprinted in The Contemporary of the same year (? 5 and 6) and the" Russian Archive "(1890, No. 2). "Letters" written by those living under the impression of sudden change occurring in the spiritual life of Gogol and made a great impression. After the "letters" the greatest success has fallen to critical articles: "The biographer Orientalist" and especially on "Analysis of room. gr. Sollogub "official" (published in The Russian Messenger, 1857), who brought their author fame brilliant critic. As to the "selection" IS. Turgenev said that "he does not remember a long time to become more clever and efficient, more evil and truthful". Then, too, have done not a little noise, and in society, and in print, his articles in The Russian Messenger ":" The question of the Jews "(1858," 16), "Votyaks and Mr. Dumas' (1858," 21), "From Moscow notes "and" Italian question "(1859,? 22). From 1860 to 62 year P. published under his editorship of "Our Time", which, however, despite a series of caustic articles of the editor ( "A.P. Ermolov, "" More about the anniversary of Prince P.A. Viazemsky and fashionable people, "Mr. Chernyshevsky and his time", etc.) and his best employees, had no success. In 1863, "Our Time" was renamed the "Russian Gazette". Second volume collection "Russlands Novellendichter", von W. Wolfsohn (Leipzig, 1848) transferred four of his novels and reported a short biographical sketch and description. - See. of AP: Kachenovsky "Field and Paul" ( "Russian Antiquities", 1875,? 3), M. Sukhomlinov "Research and Article on the history of Russian literature and education" (t. II, St. Petersburg, 1889); D. P. "N.F. Pavlov "(" Russian Review ", 1895," 3, g. D. P., despite all the writing about the AP, a year after his death says 1865, not 1864) and "small stories MM. Popov "(in the" Russian Antiquities ", 1896,? 3).

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Pavlov Sarah Childress, photo, biography
Pavlov Sarah Childress, photo, biography Pavlov Sarah Childress  gifted writer, photo, biography
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