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Kokorekina Olga

( Leading issue 'News' on ORT.)

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Biography Kokorekina Olga
photo Kokorekina Olga
Born in Moscow, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism. As a child, experiencing the will, jumping with the boys from garages. Since 1993, worked on VGTRK editor, then a correspondent program 'News'. Since 1997, carried news stories 'lead' on TV 'Culture', then - daily news releases on RTR. Since 2002, provides news on the First Channel. Married. Husband, Ilya Kopelevich, head of the Moscow correspondent of the First Channel.

. Hobbies: loves to go to the bath and ride horses.


. - In a pretty and charming ladies television is always not only recognition, but also automatically attached to her popularity
. Which is usually fraught with not only a mass of fans in all sectors of the population, but often a crowd of lunatics, karaulyaschih its kumirshu and at the entrance of her house, and a television station ...

- Before the door, thank God, until the case reached. Just before work. I would divide these, as you say, 'fans' in two categories. First, who in his letters, and some, clearly recognized in the love and make proposals hands and hearts. The second category - a group of petitioners and petitioners for their own problems. Apparently, I inspire them some confidence and hope in connection with which they strongly believe that I am able to solve them some sort of problem. I am very sorry for the people, but I am with all my desire can not deal with housing issues, raise pensions, etc.. Often these people are persistent and even aggressive. Here's one Citizen a few months writing letters and demanded that I intervened in the decision of his apartment question. In a final letter openly shamed me: 'How dare you at the end of its program to desire' all good ', . if you do not want to help me get an apartment? How do you pronounce the language generally turns the word 'good', . If you're so insincere? " But it costs the journalistic profession, . you know,
. People because of the old Soviet habit of thinking that the intervention of a journalist suddenly solve all the problems. I am sure that with a similar appeal to all my colleagues, but we somehow never made any of these strange people together to discuss, or request them. Sympathy, of course, at heart, but to help, alas, can not.

- Your husband Ilya Kopelevich works chief editor in your department news ...

- Ilya now heads the department of the Moscow correspondent of Channel. At one time he really was the chief-editor in the team, where I worked. But it was on Rossiyskom television, in the 'lead'.

. - I am now one can not understand how you can cook all the way to a mess - both at work and at home, where all talk, no matter how hard you try, still swirling around the overall work, and how it does not ostochertet each other?

. - Watching the marriage of her friends, I came to the conclusion that often the men enter a woman in their circle, which clearly define its role, position, rights and responsibilities
. All those women well regulated. My lucky break is that I have from my husband never in my life heard the words "you should!". This is a 'must' have been excluded them from the lexicon originally. Not because I myself somehow willfully conducted, but because he does not tend to impose their will through rigid dictates. He told me in my life has left some of my own 'territory'. We indeed live together permanently, but there is a certain line, which he does not pass. Thereby allowing me to live quite freely. Likewise, I try not to violate his rights with himself. I, however, is worse than it turns out, because women are more likely than men to predator and possessive. Women are in fact constantly have to fill the territory of their men: otherwise they think that a man gets out of their control cat. For bond strength, as it seems to me to try to ensure that family life was interesting and varied. How? Well, for example, take vacation or compensatory time off and go on a journey. And with the company. I always prefer to rest for two holiday company. As for my vacation - it is also the energy output of society. After all, I kind of - estravert. Ilya just more introverted. And if we go somewhere together, I am all the way will be his prey, filling all its space is. What is unlikely to enjoy it in such quantities. If we are talking about the autumn holiday, the best of Paris, I think, and not think. If a summer, we like very much to travel to Turkey by sea and again with the company.

. - You are a girl slim, tall, athletic, it seems, to the marrow - won even with a parachute jump ...

. - Parachute jumping for the first time in his birthday, but I have it - 8 March
. At this feat girlfriend seduced me. On the occasion of the Women's Day at a suburban airfield staged a Babskii Troopers led by Ella Pamfilova. Well, I waited with a camera and operator: Organizers are hoping that it would be a TV story about this action. But at the last moment with the camera operator was sent to the more important object. I'm calling: I can not, they say, come, as the camera at the last moment not give. And they say the hell with it, with the camera itself, come jump. So then jumped without any 'ground' training arm in arm with two instructors and a bottle of champagne, which we have directly in the air and talked for three - and for the Women's Day, and for my own. Fairy tale: after such an exotic birthday I've never been and is unlikely to still be! As for sports, at school, probably like many others, something worked, even in the sections: a little artistic gymnastics, volleyball. But these were superficial enthusiasm, a maximum of one year. With regard to large sporting feats, then any I have. Since I am quite well and just went to school, I was automatically sent not only to various Olympiads in different subjects, but also in sports. Probably because I was the girl who is very responsible: about me, you could be absolutely sure that I certainly do not measure promankiruyu. In this regard, I was sent to a sports district, where it was necessary to run the cross - to make four circles around the stadium. At first I was running with all in the same row, but then I had dyhalki not enough, and I began to lag behind. And behind the whole range. And when I was finishing the third round, the bulk of me getting ready to finish. Here with me is Flashing red flag and there were loud applause - because I am behind, managed to lead the convoy traveling. Apparently, I was running so strongly that the judges, having lost the account, and gave me victory. Thus, I managed to become a winner and get a gold cross icon TRP. Why, then, no one contested the results of the race, for me still a mystery. Maybe my brothers on the run from the account themselves astray? Well, about today's sports. My husband tried to persuade a long walk with him in any sports club, so that one, as they say, was not hurt. I am very long on this matter customizable, but here we have a number on Academician Korolev, a new club opened. Beauty: that the work of five minutes, which - from home. In the "output" a week I go there every day, in the working - if possible. No, iron myself specifically pumped up, but do some exercises for the muscles of small weight. All the same gym - it is more suitable for men. But I try to go step-aerobics, aqua-aerobics. Body-Ballet I really like: it is something like the foundations of dance. Since my husband and I rarely go together we get: graphics do not match. More with friends or go alone.

- In the directory "Who's Who in Russia TV 'written all about you two or three proposals. But what you - a fan of bath relaxation, there is.

- Well, that does not bath fun. Bathhouse just adore! In the sports club has a sauna, Russian bath but I still prefer. At the parent giving baths, which the pope laid the foundation three years ago, has not completed. Therefore, to the bathhouse in the city walk. Partnering with friends, number's for a few hours. So, not only to Napara enough and in the pool nakupatsya, but just sit, drink beer, talk.

- With bath and sports clubs is clear. And as leisure to love?

- The ideal type of holiday for me - it is to sleep until eleven o'clock of the day. Then take the book fascinating, nataschit in bed a little more food and baldet. And not just a book to bite the apple, but something more substantial. Meat of some tasty, I do in life - carnivore. Well and cheese there, plenty of sweets. Last time I really began to eat less - a lot of sense to load up, so that later it from a sports club in the hard drive out? I've been through everything, if only I was curious. And the classics, and something new buzz and popular. Maybe I'll do some terrible and unfavorable recognition, but then Harry Potter, I read from morning till night with great pleasure. Let someone with contempt will say that this - a book for young children, but I have at the moment had some desperately bad mood, and with Harry Potter appeared happy state, and the feeling that I am back to my childhood.

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    Kokorekina Olga, photo, biography
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