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Alex Pimanov

( Leading the program `Man and the Law ', Director General of the Ostankino TV` `.)

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Biography Alex Pimanov
photo Alex Pimanov
In 1989 he graduated from the Moscow Academy of respect.
In 1992 he graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. Lomonosov.
On television since 1986: to 1989 he worked videoinzhenerom in TTC, the operator. In 1989 he moved to the Editor socio-political programs CT.
In 1989-90 i.i. - Leading the program "Steps".
In 1990 - 91 i.i. - Special Correspondent TC "View."
In 1992 -94 i.i. - Author, presenter and producer of "behind the Kremlin wall."
In 1993-94 i.i. - Director of the studio "Resonance," TRK "Ostankino".
In 1995-97 i.i. - Producer program "Seven Days Sport ',' Football
. Review "," Sports News "and" Man and Law ".
. Since 1996 - CEO of TC "Ostankino" and host of "Man and Law".
. In 1997, the proposed ORT to revive the program "Health".
. Producer cycle "Documentary detective" and the program "Army store.

. Candidate Master of Sports Cup.
His hobbies calls political science, history and sports. Playing tennis.

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  • Shishkin, VD for Alex Pimanov
  • Dear Sirs, Please consider the notes for an article, . which could be called 'Justice for Piterskie, . divorce on the concepts in St. Petersburg, . power against the people or the court against the law. Any publication, . help me achieve justice and equity, . officials, . in t.ch,
    . and judges are afraid to publicize its infamous cases. The essence. The administration filed a lawsuit in court to evict me and young daughters. We have large family (I am a retired BC) lived in one room (32 sqm) in six of communal. After 10 years in the society at large and due to illness twins, we were given an apartment (45 sq.m.) and demanded the release of a room, forced to sign a commitment. In NV. we are divorced, the former wife of another man. For me, spelled little daughter. When this power (administration district) has violated federal laws in the following: 1. Commitment-contract is not registered as required by Civil Code st.st.131, 164,168,609, 160.434. The suit is built on a commitment. Consequently, it is negligible. 2. Head of the Administration violated the contract by issuing a warrant for 5 people. He was drafted by 6 people. That falls under the st.st.310 and 450 of the Civil Code. Consequently, negligible. 3. From the point of resolution Heads adm-tion on the issuance of warrants for 5 people. and the statement of administration officials, did not sign an undertaking not get an apartment, it is clear that the contract is subject to Article. 179 CC RF. Deception, violence (coercion), threat (not received), conspiracy, bonded. Consequently, the contract is void. 4. The meaning of the obligation does not coincide with the meaning of the claim in court to evict. The judge denied my interpretation of the contract (st.431 Civil Code) and expertise (st.st.79-84 GIC RF). Consequently, the contract is invalid. 5. Flats gave the rate of 9 sq.m. even 5 people. Federal law LCD RSFSR established a norm of living space of 12 sq. per person (Article 38, 40, st.679 Civil Code). According to Art.72 of the Constitution of the RF laws: the RF subjects may not contradict federal laws. The same interpretation and the Supreme Court Plenum Sun dated 31 10 1995. ? 8 -: if a law or another legislative act contrary to federal law, the basis of Article. 76 of the Constitution, a court must decide, in accordance with federal law. In addition, under Presidential Decree of 28.04.97g. ? 425 and the RF Government Resolution 26.05.97g? 621 we d.b. get a flat area of at least 90kv.m Consequently, the administration claims are illegal. Well, and above all, 'Referees'. The solution (from 25.12.03 g), issued by the judge. Each link on the article of the Decision manipulated and distorted by the judge, references and conclusions of Judge Svirskaya OD such as ': the birth of children by itself could not change the living conditions of families' at all complete nonsense. The decision could be read as an anecdote, to speak with him as alt or Zadornov, if it did not spoil their career and life. Complete lawlessness and disregard for the laws of Russia, insolent and unscrupulous, and above all no fear of breaking the law and by the prosecutor. Municipal Court (24.02.04 r) approved the decision, even without hearing protection. How much equality before the law, where he was the law. The text of the obligation and a copy of the decision is attached, read, do not be lazy, in any case, it will entertain you, and may be interested. If so, please contact me. My position in Moscow (in NV. I am here) Phone. 416-80-00, 416-83-54, 8-903-170-02-87, . st,
    . Shpalernaya, 34, kv.55 phone. 279-67-19 Statement Please provide a 3-room apartment of 45 sq.m. 6 people, dedicated to our family. warrant request to formalize: Shishkin TN. In order to include: VD Shishkin. (husband) Shishkin, MV (daughter) Shishkin EV. (daughter) Shishkin AV (daughter) Pedchenko MP (mother) lives with me, my mother, . elderly, . lonely with severe asthma attacks,
    . The accident caused the poisoning of the blood, severe anemia, requiring constant supervision of doctors, which is possible with permanent residence. I undertake to release the room at: Saint-Petersburg, St.. Shpalernaya, 34, kv.55 mother and to register at: Prospect. Gagarin, . d.36, . kv.61. 5.04.99 TN Shishkin Shishkin, VD Pedchenko MP,
    . Print Administration of St. Petersburg Division of managing the affairs of signatures assure Senior Inspector Pavlova,
    . 05.04.99 g. (The court did not let me make a copy of the statement - liabilities)
  • # Kolun # for Alex Pimanov
  • Question prima communication may, if so how is the infa may produce interesting about the area in Kamchatka (the person trying to communicate with you not once have always heard the refusal and you can see just before you are not dostuchatsya if you are interested in the issue where the population is exposed to very genatsidu nastoyaschimu veiled destruction),
  • Larissa for Alex Pimanov
  • Dear Alex, zdravstvuyte.Napischite pozhalysta by email of what you can write. It should posovetovatsya.Pishu one hand, so please otvetit.Budu not know nothing wrote.
  • Olga for Alex Pimanov
  • Dear Alex, we got into a situation from which it can not yet find vyhod.Rabotniki economical crimes were asked a bribe of $ 2000 dollar, . after our refusal began to act as we see it against zakona.My filed an application in rokuraturu, . but was told that we will achieve nothing because the employee's Economic Crimes has been on trial for bribery and released that Pego all shvacheno.Podskazhite please where to turn for real help,
  • Katharina for Alex Pimanov
  • Uwaschaemij Alexej, hotschu predloschit Wam temu dlja peredatschi. Situazija na Pogranitschnich Perehodach w Kaliningrade. Ja russkaja schiwu w Germanii. Moi roditeli schiwut w Kaliningrade, poetomu prihoditsja minimum 2 rasa w god biwat tam. Takogo besobrasija net nigde na pogranitschnich postach w ewrope kak w Rossii. Mafija wsjala na otkup Granizu. Wi ne powerite, kakie dengi oni tam delajut.Tolko sa to tschtobi proechat na propusknoj punkt bes otscheredi nado saplatit 50?. Te kto ne platit stojat sutkami. I eto na glasah u milizii, GIBDD i prodaschnich pogranitschnikow.Sa derschawu obidno. S druscheskim privetom K. Loschizki
  • Sergey for Alex Pimanov
  • Come to Chrysostom, is not a big raider pozhaleete.Idet capture slag heaps. 3 October 70 staff members held hostage.
  • Igor for Alex Pimanov
  • In the floodplain of the Krasnodar Territory is the destruction of populations of roach. I myself kind of an amateur fisherman and would be a shame if after 5-7 years, we and our children. Table Tennis will not see beautiful fish! Sincerely GBVFYJD!
  • J for Alex Pimanov
  • Revolution. Primorye on the eve of the revolution. 14.12.08g. in the city of Vladivostok was held to protest against the increase of the RF government import duties are normal for our region home - Japanese cars. In protest, people blocked the traffic on the overpass Nekrasov - central avtoarteriya Vladivostok. However, this action took place without attention and coverage for the remaining residents of Russia on the central TV channels. 19 - 21 is scheduled to re-action which will have an even greater scale. Neostavaytes indifferent. People believe in you.
  • Paul for Alex Pimanov
  • I am 46 years old, I'm fond of and build fireplaces Barbikyu carved pergolas, wood carving, parquet and Russian stove Ages 18-19. experience-30 years, has built more than 400 fireplaces, I cut the brick, ornament, design, compose himself and to the discretion of the owner. Muscovites are very like my fireplaces and say one word "exclusive". Bricklaying is on an old technology in the solution is added to flour of higher grade, egg yolk, each row of reinforcing mesh. Build a fireplace and a half or two months, a guarantee of 10 years and served. I live in the Penza region p Sosnovoborsk Pine 70. Phone-88416821073. Mobile-89374148419.
  • Elia for Alex Pimanov
  • My friend's name Salomatov Vitaly Sergeevich 1974 g.r.Seychas he is serving his prison sentence, which he considers unfair with a capital. It is situated - the republic of Tatarstan, Almetjevsk, UE-148 / 8, 2 unit. Vitaly announces golodovku.K prison administration, he claims, has. It is you, please understand and help in this matter. Thank you. We believe your transfer fair and truthful, that's decided to write to you.
  • Natalia for Alex Pimanov
  • Dear Alex, we have only one method of struggle - informatsionnyy.Delo is that my father was a Cossack chieftain obschestva.Eto society was his brainchild, . He does not force nezhalel no time no money (their money), . designed the company legally as all the provisions zakonu.I at one point, "some people who" decided it all prisvoit.Nachali with the fact that attempted to crush the morale of his poured mud on the gathering of citizens at all town, . failed the people talked and stayed at his father's opinion, the Cossacks were left with nim.Posle this on forged documents made in Restro another chieftain that contrary to the Charter, and judging from the misrepresenting lists father (having the Cossack identity) Cossack does not mean a no claims have not may, . Then the Cossacks are being sued for false Ataman, . but the court opinion, 46 people are not interested, . in the meantime, the land of the Cossack community selected and leased to the money you understand not used to revive kazachestva.Esli you interested in our business I can assure you we have enough dokumnetov and additional information on this case, . even a test result economical crimes. dig was nothing in the criminal case on his father refused. Thank you for your honesty OBEPu.Ya already tried to reach you by phone, . try again, . as they say hope umeraet posledney.Ochen on you nadeemsya.Dosvidaniya.,
  • Anonymous for Alex Pimanov
  • Alexander for Alex Pimanov
  • Twice in the Armed Forces had requested clarification of Resolution? 4 of 10 June 1080: is it related to compensation for the apportionment of the owners of residential houses, but, in my opinion, apply to the privatized apartment. In response to receiving advice to sue, and then appeal his decision. I request clarification ruling Sun. Sun on n. 5 of the Constitutional Law on the Sun must give an explanation, but I do not get it twice. How do I get clear answer to the question: is applicable or no decision? 4 to the apartment? Sun obligated to give it to me or not?
  • Tatiana Baturin for Alex Pimanov
  • The justice Mamonski (Voronezh region). The judge is an expert in a civil case, and the court makes a decision only based on the findings of his friend's expert. The findings contradict the law contrary Rossiyskomu Rossiyskomu legislation.
  • Tatiana for Alex Pimanov
  • My son was in the civil courts to contracts of sale is found guilty but he did not sign contracts to use them crook, . which disappeared from dengami.Ee not looking, . and actions are brought synu.V criminal case on his claim of fraud against him otkazali.Nikto not want razbiratsya.Sud him guilty.,
  • Anonymous for Alex Pimanov
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    Alex Pimanov, photo, biography
    Alex Pimanov, photo, biography Alex Pimanov  Leading the program `Man and the Law ', Director General of the Ostankino TV` `., photo, biography
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