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Andrew CHIZHIK Aleksanrovich

( Professor. Academician SPbIA. Academician of the New York Academy of Sciences)

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Biography Andrew CHIZHIK Aleksanrovich
Genus. 15.III. 1937. Leningrad. A resident of the blockade of Leningrad. He graduated with honors from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (1961). D. t. n. (1977). Professor (1986). Academician SPbIA. Academician of the New York Academy of Sciences. After graduation he worked at the Central Institute of boiler and turbine. I. I. Polzunova: Engineer, Senior Engineer, Senior Researcher, Head of Laboratory, Head of the industry department, a member of the Board of Directors. Specialists in the field of fundamental and applied problems of power engineering, metallurgy, manufacturing technology and methods of testing materials in a wide temperature range. Developed the theory of deformation and fracture of materials under conditions of accumulation mikropovrezhdaemosti during creep; basis of nonlinear fracture mechanics in a complex stress state of elements of machines and structures, . including the highly loaded elements of power engineering; synergistic continuum model of crack rheonomous media and technological basis of crack,
. On the basis of fundamental research developed and implemented a method for predicting the individual resources of the main parts and components of powerful steam turbines. Exercised extension of up to 220-270 tys.chasov more than 100 steam turbines with a total capacity of over 16 million kW. Conducted work on the extension of the resource of power in Russia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Finland, etc.. countries. Studies rheonomous properties of materials. Organizer and leader sverhdlitelnyh (more than 25 years) creep test, long-term strength and deformability of steels and alloys for power, have no analogues in world practice. Using the methods of nonequilibrium thermodynamics, . substantiate the technical requirements for the composition and heat treatment, . commissioning and performance products for the steel blade, . rotors and drive steam turbines, . fasteners paroprovodnyh pipes and tubes of heating surfaces; developed State Standards and other regulatory documentation for industrial products in this area,
. Conducted work on creating new and modernization of the materials used for power. Optimize the composition and with the introduction of titanium alloys for the last stages of steam turbines with a length of 1200 mm Perova and more on thermal and nuclear power plants of the country. Integrate the materials used in the manufacture of blades, improved manufacturing technology, developed technical requirements. First mastered the large forgings from stainless steel 12 per cent chromium steels, including the rotors of gas turbine technology, as well as disks of gas turbines. Participated in the optimization of the new 10-chromium steels for steam turbines with higher temperatures a sharp pair of 600-610 deg C, as well as the rotors of 1CrMoV-steel cylinders for rotors of high and medium pressure of powerful steam turbines. First proposed and implemented hromnikelmolibdenovanadievyh introduction of higher-strength steel for the manufacture of unique discs of gas turbines of 150 MW and fasteners main connector reactors VVER-1000 nuclear power plants of the country,
. Optimize the composition and with the introduction of steel type HN35VT for large forgings unique power TFR-100 with steam parameters 650 deg C, 300 atm. He headed the department, . developing new steel, . alloys, . coating and heat treatment technology for all sites in the modern power equipment, . including titanium alloys, . stainless steel heat-resistant 9-12% chromium, . superalloys and ceramics, . and study of products with the crystallographic orientation, . in t,
. h. crystals. President of the National Association of State Standard of Russia on the test methods, calculations on the strength and life of the machine design. A Son. I. Chizhika.Gosudarstvennaya Prize, (1990). Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1983).

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Andrew CHIZHIK Aleksanrovich, photo, biography
Andrew CHIZHIK Aleksanrovich, photo, biography Andrew CHIZHIK Aleksanrovich  Professor. Academician SPbIA. Academician of the New York Academy of Sciences, photo, biography
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