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Heyndel Max

( German and American occultist and astrologer, one of the pioneers of modern astrology in the United States.)

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Biography Heyndel Max
photo Heyndel Max
(pseudonym; present. name and Pham. - Charles Louis von Grashof (von Grasshof))
(23.07.1865, 4:42, Copenhagen - 1919) --
The eldest son of an aristocratic German family, X. came to Scotland to study marine engineering at the age of 16. Over time he became chief engineer on an ocean liner. In 1895, Mr.. He moved to New York City, worked as an engineer and consultant, married. 8 years later, X. moved to Los Angeles. There he began the study of occult sciences, joined the Theosophical Society of America, led by Catherine Tingley. In 1904 - 1905 he. H. was vice-president of the Los Angeles branch of the society. During this period he became interested in astrology and began to lecture on the subject in various cities of the West Coast.

According to H., in 1907. in Germany, the spiritual essence (later equated with the older brother of the Order of the Rosicrucians) appeared in the room X. and told him that he had successfully passed the test. Then he traveled to the Temple of the Rosy Cross, located near the border with Germany, Bohemia, where he remained for a month. There X. received information subsequently presented by him in his book "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" (publ. in Russian. я¦пT. entitled "cosmogonic conception Rosicrucians"). Then X. returned to the U.S. in 1908. established the first Rosicrucian Fellowship Center in Columbus, Ohio. Then opened 4 more centers in other cities in the United States - Los Angeles, North Yakima (Washington), Portland (Oregon) and Seattle.

Teaching H. largely disjoint from theosophy, differs from the concepts of the Theosophical Society because it has more importance is attached to astrology, Christianity, Christian symbolism and the heritage of the Rosicrucians. Part of his ideas are a reflection of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

Heart disease was the cause of hospitalization X. March 1910. While there, X. survived the experience out of his physical body, during which crystallized a plan for its future work. In August 1910. H. married Augusta Voss (p. 27/01/1865, 17:20, Mansfield, pc. Ohio) - a woman he knew before the death of his first wife in 1905. Part of his vision in the hospital has received clearance in 1911, when the headquarters of the Rosicrucians was installed on the mountain near the ecclesiological Oushensayda in California. There were built sanctuary, the various offices, a women's dormitory, cottages, vegetarian cafe.

The last years of life X. been very productive: he wrote several books and conducted regular section in the monthly Brotherhood of Rosicrucians "Rays from the Rosy Cross". Brotherhood was a major force in the dissemination and popularization of astrology in the U.S.. In Oushensayde publish annual ephemeris and tables of houses, which were widely disseminated among astrologers. After the death of X. in 1919. leadership Brotherhood claimed his wife.

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Heyndel Max, photo, biography
Heyndel Max, photo, biography Heyndel Max  German and American occultist and astrologer, one of the pioneers of modern astrology in the United States., photo, biography
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