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Levi ben Gerson

( Prominent Jewish astronomer, astrologer, physician, mathematician, philosopher, commentator of the Bible and Talmud.)

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Biography Levi ben Gerson
(Levi ben Gerson; Gersonid; Levi ben Gerson), Leo de Balneol (fr. Leon de Bagnols, Latin. Magister Leo Hebraeus, Leo Judaeus, Leo de Bagnols)
(1288, Bagnolet, Gard, France - 20.04.1344) --
Lived and worked in Orange and Avignon (France). Author of numerous philosophical works in the Jewish language (main job - "Milchamot Adonai", "War Lord"). He was the only of all Jewish philosophers, entirely accepted Peripatetic system (cm. Aristotle). L.ZH. considered, for example., the doctrine of the primal to be agreed with the Old Testament doctrine of Creation. Aristotelian ideas L.ZH. conducted and the commentary to the Bible. In 1320, Mr.. He made the sun and moon tables for the meridian of Orange. According to Simon de Phares, L.ZH. has tested the values of the fixed stars and made a number of astrological prognostication with answers to specific questions. Despite the fact that L.ZH. adhered to the Jewish faith, he was in good relations with the papal court. In 1339, Mr.. L.ZH. made a prediction for Pope Benedict XII. According to him, the heavenly signs pointed to the conflicts in southern. In the same year, followed by the conflict in Spain between north and south. L.ZH. died in 1344, Mr.. While working on a treatise devoted to astrological significance ternary compound of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in 1345. This treatise without any patches was transferred to lat.yaz. Order of Augustinian monk Peter of Alexandria under the name "Prognosticon de conjunctione Saturni et Jovis (et Martis) aD. 1345 ".
In honor of L.ZH. lunar crater named Rabbi Levi.

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  • YAROSLAV for Levi ben Gerson
  • Hello. There is no need today to talk about, . how important it is for us the biblical chronology, . There are many opinions and statements of prominent scientists and, . conducting research in this direction, . as well as the methods they are trying to pick up the key and read the writings of our ancestors,
    . Of course, opening the importance of biblical calendar dates, we will remove the veil of mystery from the most mysterious artifacts that have survived to our days. The whole question of choosing a method of a hike to this problem. From this and started research. Agree, . that even if they gather a thousand philosophers can not convince a single mathematics in, . that twice two is five, . not just the same as having the status of the holy book begins with a chronological, . Tables, . means, . there is a special meaning,
    . And in the books themselves, we always meet the set dates, not always clear to us what kind of time in question, but urges calculate the times and dates. Did you pay any attention when the digital grid, which, as it were strung the entire text of the Bible? Hardly, it is so seamlessly blends that do not arise even thought that it was done with a purpose. But what if we turn to using numbers that are completely exclude a general or philosophical interpretation, . like the multiplication tables? From this and started a small research, . opened up a stark picture of the transformation of thousands of years of historical chronology in the astronomical calendar,
    . Different interpretation of the text is acceptable and Scripture does not condemn, and emerging from this picture provided diversity, creating an overall harmony of the world. In July 1999, the private library of one of the suburbs of St. Petersburg was found in an old book. Bible. Much of her assigned tables and methodology for the periods, and their unification into a single chronological chain from the beginning to the end of the last period, ie. if all of them arranged in a single massive scale, it will get exactly 3600 years, or days. Table 'Bible Chronology of Judaism' is given in the abridged version, but for the work you need to complete its sweep of 3797let. In all known prior to this research work chronological tables considered individually, this was a major mistake. Further work with this mathematical scan event space and time has led to the construction of solar-lunar calendar, the astronomical, . in which all the known dates of Scripture have their place and take very specific meaning,
    . This model of the Biblical calendar, . which is based on the principle of rotation of the moon and sun around the earth, . where the earth and the universe stopped, . allowed to make some interesting and surprising discoveries, . and above all of them: What proves, . that everything that happens to us is subject to strict mathematical logic, . as the surrounding arose not out of chaos, . and create the greatest's plan,
    . Construction chislennika unusual, so a few words about how he looks. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a circle, it will land around the earth in one orbit of the moon will move to the second sun, and the third ring, divided into twelve equal parts, are signs of the zodiac. Every year at midnight on the day of the vernal equinox festival 'Easter'. If you are at this time will stand on Mount Sinai his face to the Egyptian pyramids, . then become the witness 'Exodus', . but known, . Jews have never been in bondage, . and the horizon beyond the armies of Egypt, Israel, . stars and constellations, . every man under his own name and with its pitched,
    . At the zero time of launch several chronologies: 1.Topograficheskaya, 2. Ways of the sun and moon, 3. Zodiac Circle, 4. Holidays, 5. Calendars net. Such a hard peg several tables can orient themselves in space, time and location without any special tools for astronomical observations, and a simple score, such as 210-day year is always a friday, 13th October. But to proceed, on a single massive scale of 6 th day of creation to the 2184-year are efimiridy 'Adam Joseph' or 'Alpha Omega' they are in order of birth, date of birth. The next period from 2222-th to 2651-th day it will be 'Egypt', but with the 2651-th to 3600-th day is given more than 70 tables, which are accompanied by parallel a scale from 1 st to 950 th day. To synchronize all the tables and chronologies, it should be from the 2651-th day 'to go' toward the 'Genesis' parallel to a scale 950,949,948, etc.. Get on the scheme: 950-1 950-1 950-1 950 = 3797 years, only in the opposite direction, this method allows to show the addition of inducing sky in this interval. So efimiridy already having their name 'Adam Joseph' given calendar date of his birth on the sign of the zodiac, ie. 'Number of the Beast', for example, Adam is born under the number 686, ie. in the sixth year, the eighth month, the sixth day, or 6 th of October, or the 203rd day of the vernal equinox. Creation of the world falls on the 198-day, here it should be noted that the atomic weight of gold equal to the number 197, may be a simple coincidence, but very interesting. Obtained in this way expanded rollout period in 3797 years, multi-layer folds, forming a space around the earth. It suddenly occurs to us an arm and a modern map of the stars, familiar to all astronomical figures of the constellations and their symbols, and events lined up in its constant sequence, ie. systematized. That's why binding is very strict arrangement of all the chronologies on a single scale. From the first lines we are offered is not a model of the universe, and easy-to-human model of solar-lunar calendar, astronomical and it is necessary to stress, none of the books of the Bible does not deny the earth's rotation around the sun and the moon around the earth. Not understanding this has meant that as a result of age-old disputes 'campfire' attitude to these books has changed for the worse. A flag model, because at midnight the day of the vernal equinox is calculated for each year, each 'Saturday' and all the tables. Calendars net is organized as follows: 7 days week, month, 30 days, the year of 360 days / 5-6 days, 'whale tail' and is used at your discretion /. For example, the 14 th of the month should be 'Easter', and 9 th day of the seventh month / 176 th day of V.R. / Should be Saturday. Holidays and other events not associated with the appearance of the sky of a star, all subordinated to a simple account of the vernal equinox, with the exception of holidays on the lunar calendar. Such adherence can predict everything that is connected with agriculture, livestock, natural phenomena and anomalies. Today many talk about that in the sacred books contain a cipher or code. Neither addition, . or the other they are not, . Why write a Will, . is to no one will understand, . who would attack, . if the signal pipe nobody understands? Careful reading of the text, . try to correctly fill out a proposed calendar grid events dates, . and the mystery will disappear by itself,
    . If we build the future from the experience and knowledge, then it's not so much from us and hidden, and generally is not a revelation. Model calendar, is a field divided in half, in the center is the military chief. To his right field is the "Earth", here is calendar grid, supporting scale from 1 st to 475 th of the twelve signs of the zodiac, efimiridy 'Alpha Omega' and topographic map. On his left field is the "Sea", the path of the sun and the moon around the earth. It's called "floating" as the orbit of the stars during the year are on different trajectories. Here is a scale with the number 476go on 950e. In the biblical text in a distant Byzantium was a map of the starry sky, where our left side is white, and red on the right side, later on this map was constructed Gottorbsky Globe. Records of ancient civilizations, found in different versions: an infinite line, step pyramids, circles, spirals, etc.. But it does not fully meet the requirements, as many data is missing. Universal tool has a number which when translated into any language of the world remains unchanged and can show the location of the planets. That is why the proposed calendar of such an unusual structure where events are given in the form of chronological tables of mathematical model of human DNA and recommendations for the conduct of work in agriculture before the collapse and formation of. Period of all 70 tables or 'Saturday' has 430 years, ie. through this period of time all the events are repeated in the same sequence, but the period of 430 years 'Egypt', constantly shifting. To calculate this shift are efimiridy. Here then appears crucial role of the Bible chronology of Judaism, . it allows in this endless chain of landmarks to find today and to define the event, . which includes its characteristic, . duration, . timing and geographic coordinates,
    . Judaism is a science at the crossroads of mathematics, astronomy, history, geography and other disciplines of applied values, forecasts of events drawn from the tables of this calendar accurate, infallible and always come true. This science is needed to manage small holdings and farms across the State to know times and dates all living things around us. You will not find in the Bible the name of today's religions. 'Judaism' is derived from the word 'Judas', named in the Bible constellation 'Virgo'. In other religions it is the names of 'Pharaoh', 'Artemis', 'Shiva', 'Buddha', etc., so the Jewish religion can not be any one national or state. Not difficult to guess what this calendar combines the world's religions are radically changing the worldview philosophy of man. In the books of Scripture that science provides a few definitions, for example: 'Babel', 'Field', 'measuring line', 'Jacob's ladder', 'rod of Moses',' Sword of David ', etc., later it became known' Phoenician table of Joel '. Feature of this constellation is its mathematical model, consisting of tables, and periods of the two fields located on the calendar. The fact is that in the Bible the example of Israel and existing at the time the kingdoms of the Mediterranean basin, the events and incidents that occurred in the past and the future with all the world. It borrowed names and topography, extrapolated to the map of the starry sky, this is the first chosen by God of the Jewish people. For example, open the Bible maps, a pencil and consistently connect topographic name from the chapter 'Acts'. This will be the path of the sun, moon and eleven stars for signs of the zodiac, you get a pattern reminiscent of 'Sailboat', exactly the same Arabic script is written the name 'Allah', a straight line connecting Jerusalem, Athens, Rome will be the inclination of the sky. Or pay attention to the four plates, which were attached at the crucifixion of Christ II, they were filled in three languages, but it was placed first in the text in the language of the country where the event occurred. The stars are the milestones by which we see the space and its depth, the mysterious infinity and hypnotic attraction, but once you remove the star and we all find ourselves out of time. No number such properties or 'river of Kishon' or 'Big Dipper' do not possess, their movement is subject to the properties of space and its rhythms that make up our environment and our lives. Neither the past nor the future to change the more one can not, can not rearrange the stars. So, for the past several thousand years, in various versions, from the tables of stone at Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids to have been translated into all existing languages in the world holy books offer us an astronomical calendar. So what is a digital grid, . book, . Head, . line referred to in the beginning? Old Testament Synodal edition is from 1 st to 925 th page, . an external chronology, . a description of tables and periods, . are figuratively speaking within the text and end with the same number of 925, . hardly a coincidence,
    . Eventually changed the interpretation of biblical texts, because of not understanding it envelops them 'terminological rubbish', thus diverting the reader from the true meaning of the will, but the digital grid has remained. Thanks to what we have built the biblical calendar, which provides not only the positive aspects of our lives, but also that much is changing our understanding of the universe. Several centuries ago, a public institution entrusted with religion 'gold standard' solar-lunar calendar, so that they enjoy and in oral stories and legends passed on to future generations. Creator, seeing his son in the road gave him a hand book, which describes not only the rules of the hostel, but the dangers that await him in his chosen path. Today, this book many of us and because it was originally given to her status as she reached the integrity, bringing in a much deeper meaning than that which is familiar to us. But their secrets He reveals to us not all of our drunken or drug follies, not all of bigotry. But a light breath, . subtle touch, . nudges one to see the relationship, . Meanwhile, a familiar and commonplace, and so, . sporadic not obyasnimom phenomenon, . which gives us a complex, . controversial, . because it does not fit into the traditionally established science and religion, . society and the traditions of the rules and laws,
    . Each of us is a small link in an unbroken chain of life, . but abandonment, . a constant which is under the watchful eye of the Creator, . who, through bizarre symbols of infinite geometric patterns icon, . retained on the fields of harvest, . tells us a safe journey,
    . Remember when all the women of Israel 'by taking loans from Egyptian jewels' each with its own mill began the exodus from Egypt? So, all icons are divided into groups: 'Ear', 'Rings', 'Chains', 'bracelets', 'wrists', etc.. are formed as a result of motion of the planets in their orbits, and every ornament appears strictly in time. Of course, everything has been said is confirmed in all the Holy Books. Anyone, without difficulty, using the reconstructed chronology can hold its own expertise and make sure that the Bible is the astronomical calendar. Each of us, . given the opportunity to open the door to a new dimension, . touch the true religion which will not be able to refute any one of the world's science, . because she is a synthesis, . conglomerate of fundamental knowledge of the person giving the account of the events, . space and time,
    . To do this should be just carefully study the Torah and the Koran, the Bible and the Tanakh, a new approach to the study of these books, which each individually is part of a. E-mail: raava@inbox.ru. Sincerely, author of Oleg.
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    Levi ben Gerson, photo, biography
    Levi ben Gerson, photo, biography Levi ben Gerson  Prominent Jewish astronomer, astrologer, physician, mathematician, philosopher, commentator of the Bible and Talmud., photo, biography
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