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Panin Viktor Nikitich

( Statesman.)

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Biography Panin Viktor Nikitich
(1801 - 1874) - politician. Having received a classical education at home, passed the exam at the Moscow University and joined the board of Foreign Affairs in 1819. In 1824 he was appointed secretary to the embassy in Madrid. In the Turkish war of 1828 - 29 years served in a field office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the war was sent to Greece, Charge d'Affaires. In 1831 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State of the State Council, in 1832 - Deputy Minister of Justice in 1839 - manager of the Ministry of Justice in 1841 appointed minister, served as Minister until 1862, . when he was dismissed from the abandonment of a member of the Council of State,
. Since 1864, he was chief steward II Office Immediate Office of His Imperial Majesty. During their long tenure as Minister of Justice, Earl P. remained a zealous protector of the pre-reform order, which was collapsing in the publication of legal statutes November 20, 1864. It did not understand the living reality of practical life, . he applies to everything from a formal point of view, in his office writing prevailed, . is the main evil of the then legal proceedings and even the introduction of personal reports, it seemed a big step forward,
. He was a determined opponent of the reforms in his department and resigned shortly after the approval of the basic principles of the new procedure and the judicial system. P. was a staunch opponent of the abolition of corporal punishment, adoption of the State Council on the law on the destruction of corporal punishment was the immediate reason for his resignation. P. argued that the measure was premature and inconsistent with the degree of development and education of the people. In the liberation of the peasants P. played the role of the great reform of the brake. Even in the reign of Nicholas I, P. expressed their attitude to this issue. When the suggestion arose to allow peasants to acquire immovable property, which ended publication in 1847 law permitting such acquisition, P. spoke in favor of granting the serfs of the law, but to dispose of their property they should be, in his opinion, only with the consent of the landowners. Before the peasants to buy real estate in the name of their landlords, which was a source of abuse; landlords often dispose of such property as its own. It happened in the gr. Samoilova with his peasants, in which P. spoke in favor of landowner. As a member of a secret, and since 1858 - the Main Committee on Peasant Affairs, P. vigorously trying to retard the liberation of the peasants, the special commission, . consider projects of the provincial committees, . member of which was P., . was the idea to put all of Russia on a war footing with the introduction of reform, . but it was not accepted,
. After the death of YA.I. Rostovtsev, P. was appointed in 1860 chairman of the editorial committees. This news has made a painful impression on the members of committees; could count on P. only as an artist unquestioning faith Sovereign. Indeed, P. received from the Emperor the appointment with the request to pursue the case in the spirit in which it was conducted prior to the time. Fulfilling orders, P. to observe strict neutrality between the parties and refrain from carrying out his views. The main content of his views was a desire to protect the interests of the landlords, to keep them full ownership of the allotment of land, the patrimonial rights of the police and authority over the peasant elected government. Due to clashes between P. and other members, he was not present at the last meeting. In the Main Committee II. insisted on lowering the maximum allotment. P. published in the "reading" of the Moscow Society for the History and Antiquities, 1867, A Brief History of Elizabeth Alekseyevna Tarakanova and separately (M., . 1867) "On the impostor, . pretending to be a daughter of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna ", . several documents from her family archives in the Russian Archives "(1871), . in the compilation of Russian Historical Society, (T,
. V and VI). Wed. Kolmakov "Nat. Panin, in "Russian Antiquities" (1887,? 11 - 12) and NP. Semenova, in "Russian Archive" (1887,? 11). On the relation g. P. to the peasant question in the reign of Nicholas I - cm. Semevskii "peasant question in Russia in the XVIII century and the first half of the XIX century"; Dzhanshiev "From the era of reform". A. G. K.

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  • Zdravstvuyte.Menya zavut Panina Alisa, my grandfather zavut Panin Viktor he does not remember his roditeley.Zhil in Sibire.Vyros in my grandfather's house where she took some very vospitanie.Hotela pomeschschiki to find out who ya.Pomogite me.
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