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Petr Ivanovich Panin

( outstanding military leader.)

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Biography Petr Ivanovich Panin
(1721 - 1789)
Entering the service in 1736, Mr.. soldier in the Guards Regiment Izmailovskiy, he is in the same year was made an officer and sent to the army operating against the Crimean Tatars. With it, he participated in the capture Perekopa and Bakhchisaray, then served under the command of Field Marshal Lassie (XXII, 367), acting against the Swedes, and the beginning of the Seven Years' War was already a major-general. Particularly distinguished himself in battles with the Grosse-Egerndorfe (IX, 771) and Zorndorf, and in 1759 was chiefly responsible for the victory at Kunersdorf (XVII, 26), for which he was awarded the rank of lieutenant-general. In 1760 he took part in the occupation of Berlin, ruled East Prussia to the rank of Koenigsberg governor-general, and commanded Russian land and naval forces in Pomerania and Holstein. On accession to the throne of Catherine II (1762) P. complained to the commander in chief and appointed a senator and member of the board, in 1767 was elevated to the dignity of the Count's. In 1769 he was entrusted with command over the 2-th army operating against the Turks. After defeating the enemy near Bender, he stationed his troops in winter quarters between the Bug and the Sea of Azov, what prevented the Crimean Tatars to make raids on the southern borders of Russia. In 1770 they were conquered by Bender. During the siege of this fortress, he managed the negotiations to persuade the Tatars Budjak, Belgorod and Yedisan rule over them Russia, then helped accelerate the delivery of the fortress Ackerman. For these feats P. was awarded the Order of St.. George I degree, but at the same time news of the victory was made empress rather coldly, as she was dissatisfied with heavy losses and destruction Bender. Feeling aggrieved, and also because of increased illness, Earl P. the same year he retired. Settling in Moscow, P. began sharply to express their displeasure, that came to the attention of the Empress, who, considering it "the first enemy," a personal offender "and" arrogant windbag ", ordered him to establish an oversight. Revolt Pugachev again called P. the military field: thanks to the efforts of Potemkin and Nikita Ivanovich P. The Empress after the death Bibikova, in 1774, requested the P. command of all forces against Pugachev and provinces of Kazan, Orenburg and Novgorod. Shortly after the appointment of P. Pugachev was captured and the rebellion terminated. P. drew special attention to the device impoverished provinces, to reduce hunger and emerged, in general, to the upheaval in management - the failure and inaction of the administration, extortion and pr. In 1775, P. received dismissal. P. exposed by contemporaries as a man vain and power-hungry. He was first introduced into our army rangers called sharpshooters and artillery, light horse, and he wrote the "colonel's instructions, and at the siege of Bender for the first time successfully used the amplified horn. Wed. Geisman and Dubovsky "Graf PI. Panin (1897).

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Petr Ivanovich Panin, photo, biography
Petr Ivanovich Panin, photo, biography Petr Ivanovich Panin  outstanding military leader., photo, biography
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