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Pakhtusov Pyotr Kuzmich

( The famous explorer.)

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Biography Pakhtusov Pyotr Kuzmich
(1800 - 1835)
His early education was at the Kronstadt navigational school, participated in the expedition under the command of F.P. Litke, to whom was entrusted the first detailed study of our northern coasts, producing an inventory of the mouths of river. Pechora and the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Upon completion of this work P. continued to engage in hydrographic work in the White Sea, under the command of the famous hydrograph Reineke, until 1829, when he was drafted a plan for further inventory coast of Novaya Zemlya. Implementation of this plan began in 1831, thanks to the joint commerce. Brandt and forstmeystera Klokova. They outfitted an expedition of two ships, one of whom commanded P. In August 1832 he went to the southern tip of Novaya Zemlya, where, wintered, and began in the spring inventory coast to the north to the river Savvinov. In 1833, August 13, he entered the eastern mouth of the mother liquor Shara, investigated and took off for the first time Bank of New Earth for about 200 nautical miles. Without the reserves for the winter and the secondary did not meet their mate with another ship (Lieutenant Krotov was killed in action), P. decided to return to Arkhangelsk. After Matochkin ball, he went to the island Kolguyev, where was to go to the mouth of the Pechora and here, nearly suffered a collapse, he reached the village of Kui, where he spent the winter. Within 14 months of work, except for inventory shores, they determined the astronomical position 3 points, and quite a few - only the breadth. In 1834, the AP, by order of the Navy Department, was again sent to New Earth for the inventory of the eastern shore of the island to the north of Matochkin Shara. In July Pakhtusov, the assistant Tsivolkoy, came from Archangel in the schooner "Krotov, and by September came in Matochkin ball, pass it further to the east prevented the ice, forcing zazimovat at the mouth of the river dear heart. Early spring P. described the southern coast Matochkin Shara. With opening of the strait, P., built on his boat and went along the west coast to the north, but near the island Berhe karbas crushed ice, could only save a small boat, some provisions, tools and maps. Seized vessel industrialists who came up from Arkhangelsk, P. returned to Matochkin Strait in August, the new karbase went to describe the eastern shore of Novaya Zemlya to the north of Matochkin ball and went to the island Pakhtusov (74 б¦ 24'18''to. N.) removing the shore for about 140 miles. Then go impeded ice, causing some high promontory (Far), and hills in 40 miles to the North, P. returned to the cabin in Matochkin Shar, where he returned to Arkhangelsk. Of the 17 people died, two of his expedition, he AP is not spared their forces, fell ill a fever and died. With AP, we have maps of the eastern coast of Novaya Zemlya from the southern tip of the island Pakhtusov, hereinafter the same and still coast to the inventory Ice Harbor does not exist. In 1886 Pakhtusov monument

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Pakhtusov Pyotr Kuzmich, photo, biography
Pakhtusov Pyotr Kuzmich, photo, biography Pakhtusov Pyotr Kuzmich  The famous explorer., photo, biography
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