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Pekarsky Petr Petrovich

( The well-known scholar of Russian literature and history.)

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Biography Pekarsky Petr Petrovich
(1828 - 1872)
Higher education received at the Law Faculty of Kazan University, he served in the Office of the Ministry of Finance, then in the state archives. In 1863, P. was elected assistant professor in the department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences, and in 1864 - Academician. His first literary work: "Russian memoirs XVIII century" ( "Contemporary", . 1855, . ? 4, . 5 and 8), . "Mystery and the old theater in Russia" ( "Contemporary", . 1857), . "Representatives of scholars from Kiev in the XVII century" (Fatherland Notes, . 1862, . ? 2), . "Kondratovich" ( "Contemporary", . 1858, . ? 6), . "Materials for the history of Russian literature" ( "Bibliographical Notes", . 1858),
. On the basis of the State Archives P. compiled the book "The Marquis de la Shetardi" (1862) who reveals interesting details about the last years of the reign of Anna Ioannovna, about the reign of Anna Leopoldovna and the accession of Elizabeth. On materials of the same file compiled significant "Supplement to the history of Freemasonry in Russia (St. Petersburg, 1868, Ott. of the "Compendium Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences", t. VII). With access to the rich academic archive, P. wrote a number of interesting articles on the history of Russian literature of XVIII century: "Materials for the history of the literary magazine of Catherine II" ( "Notes of the Academy of Sciences", t. III, 1863), "The editor, employees and censorship in the Russian journal in 1755 - 64 years" ( "Notes of the Academy of Sciences", XII, 1868), "The Life and literary correspondence P. Ryzhova "(" Collection Branch of the Russian language ", II). Historical papers collected KI. Arseniev, are listed in order of PA, with a biography of Arseniev ( "Collection Branch of the Russian language", t. IX); they also published "New news about Tatishcheva" ( "Notes of the Academy of Sciences", t. IV, 1868) and "Paper Empress Catherine II" ( "Collection of the Imperial Historical Society", t. VII). The principal works of P. - "Science and Literature under Peter the Great" (1862) and "History of the Academy of Sciences" (t. I and II, 1870 - 1873). In the first work describes in detail the first steps of Russia in the publication and translation of scientific works, the opening of schools, libraries, administration scientists expeditions and t. n.; whole volume is devoted to bibliographic description of books published under Peter the Great. Book P., on the right recall Nikitenko, finds "a whole library of information about the beginnings of our intellectual movement that emerged from the reforms of Peter the Great". In another work P. time to consider only the first period of the history of the Academy (until 1767), except for an overall review of management and operations of the academy, he gives and biographies of its members. Much of the 2-second volume is devoted to biographies of Lomonosov and Trediakovsky. The disadvantage of this and other works of P. - Lack of internal lighting set out the facts, so for example, they set out, on the basis of documents, the external facts of life University almost every day, but gives very little explanation of the nature and deeds University. Trudy P. are much more of a collection of precious materials, as research. Biographical information on P. cm. in the Report of the Academy of Sciences in 1872 and in "Memoirs YA.K. Grotto "(J. Dep. Russian Language ", 1873, t. X); a list of his works - in "Russian Antiquities", 1872,? 12. A. L-NCB.

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Pekarsky Petr Petrovich, photo, biography
Pekarsky Petr Petrovich, photo, biography Pekarsky Petr Petrovich  The well-known scholar of Russian literature and history., photo, biography
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