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Poel Alexander

( Chemist)

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Biography Poel Alexander
Born in 1850, secondary education in St. Petersburg Reformed College and then entered the Imperial Medico-Surgical Academy, where in 1872 passed the exam for pharmacists. In 1873 he received a master's degree Pharmacy, with a thesis "Systematic analysis of the progress of wheat and rye grain and flour". Then P. studied chemistry abroad in Gisenyi in 1876, he received a doctorate of philosophy, presenting the thesis "Anwendung optischer Hilfsmittel bei der gerichtlich-chemischen Ermittelung von Pflanzengiften". In 1880, P. exam at the Master of Chemistry in Yuryev University and defended his thesis "Farmakognosticheskoe and chemical investigation of leaves Pilocarpus officinalis". In 1882 he was awarded the title of doctor of chemistry, with a thesis "On the determination and the formation of Penton outside the digestive apparatus and the reverse transformation of Penton in protein". Consisting from 1878 to 1892. advisory member of the Medical Council, P. performing forensic-chemical studies. In 1877, P. was promoted to private-docent of the Imperial Military Medical Academy of Pharmacy, and in 1886 awarded the title of honorary professor of medical chemistry at the Imperial Institute of Clinical. The scientific work of P. affect mainly: 1) a pharmacy, 2) analytical chemistry, and 3) medical chemistry. The first unit includes its work on atropine (1877), daturine (1877), on the alkaloids kalabarskogo bean (1878), studies eykaliptusov (1877), Pilocarpus (Pilocarpus officinalis, 1880) and other. New techniques relevant to modern medicine, have been proposed P. in his works: "Rational methods of preparation of herbal medicines" (1889) and "aseptic and antiseptic in the preparation of medical products" (1887). These studies were published in "Pharmaceutical Journal, in" Doctors "and" practical medicine ". Five-volume "Guide to the pharmaceutical and medical-chemical practices" Gager, published by P. in Russian translation, together with Professor VK. Anrep and Dr. NP. Ivanov, nearly half increased by articles and notes II. By analytical chemistry include studies in forensic chemistry: "Application of optical methods of investigation for forensic chemical determination of plant poisons" (1876), . On ptomaine and their significance in forensic chemistry "(1884), . "Chemical studies on the decay of rye flour and about the effects of ergot ergotism to explain the phenomena" (1883), . "Chemical and bacteriological tests on water and water filtration" (1884 - 87),
. It also includes a long series of tests of mineral, river and other waters of the European and Asian Russia (cm. "Minutes of the St. Petersburg Medical Society," "Doctor", "Journal of Forensic Medicine and Public Hygiene, etc.). To belong to the medical chemistry, . primarily, . work on urosemiotike: "Analysis of urine and its significance for detection of disease", . lectures, . delivered by physicians in 1895 - 96 years at the Imperial Institute of Clinical, . "On the property of urine syphilitics" (1887), . "On the cholesterol in the urine" (1877) and T,
. d. Further work is called: "Finding and Education Penton outside the digestive apparatus ..." (1882), . "Ueber einige biologisch-chemische Eigenschaften der Mikroorganismen im Allgemeinen und uber die Bildung der Ptomaine durch die Cholerabacillen im Specieiien" (1886),
. P. published over fifty research on issues Organo; here are, above all, the work of spermine, first produced by the author in a pure form. Report in the Imperial Academy of Sciences "Chemical explanation of the physiological effect of spermine (1892), three posts in the Paris Academie des Sciences:" Action physiologique de la Spermine. Interpretation de ses effels sur l'organisme "(1892)," Du role de la Spermine dans les oxydations intra-organiques "(1892)," Influence de l'alcalinite du sang sur les rocessus d'oxydation intraorganique, provoques par la Spermine "(1892). Next article: "Die Einwirkung des Spermins auf d. Stoffumsatz bei Autointoxicationen im Allgemeinen ... "(1894)," Zur physiologischen Chemie der Gewebssafttherapie im Allgemeinen u. der Spermin-therapie im Speciellen "(1895). P. and issues involved in the theory of immunity and immunization with bio-chemical point of view (1894). Work on medicinal chemistry published in the "Doctors", . "Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift", . "Deutsche medicinische Wochenschrift", . "Zeitschrift fur Klinische Medicin", . "Tribune Medicale" and, . mainly, . in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutics ", . publish and editing P,
. since 1892.

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Poel Alexander, photo, biography
Poel Alexander, photo, biography Poel Alexander  Chemist, photo, biography
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