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Perovskii Alexei

( writer Pushkin era)

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Biography Perovskii Alexei
photo Perovskii Alexei
better known by his pen name Pogorelsky - writer Pushkin era (1787 - 1836), son of Count. Alexei Kirillovich Razumovsky and Maria Mikhailovna Sobolewski (later married name Denisiev). Received an excellent education at home, . In 1805 he entered Moscow University, in 1807, "made" in the doctor of philosophy and philology, . for what was supposed to read 3 trial lectures, . languages Russian, . German and French, . in 1808 published a separate book (1-I: "Wie sind Thiere und Gewachse von einander unterschieden und welches ist ihr Verhaltniss zu den Mineralien", . 2-I: "Sur le but et l'utilite du systeme des plautes de Linne" and 3rd: "On Plants, . that would be useful to reproduce in Russia "),
. Not long was in the civil service. During World War II entered the 3rd Ukrainian Cossack regiment staff captain, in 1813, participated in battles at Dresden and Kulm, then was appointed a senior aide at the Prince NG. Repnin, governor-general of the kingdom of Saxony, and about two years he lived in Dresden. Upon his return to Russia, P. clerk for special assignments at the Department of Religious Affairs of Foreign Faiths, but immediately after the death of his father (1822) had resigned and settled in the hamlet Pogorel'tsev. In 1825 he made in "News of Literature" with good fantasy tale of Russian morals: "Lafertovskaya makovnitsa" which quotes Pushkin in his "Undertaker". The story under the pseudonym: Anthony Pogorelsky. From 1825 to 1830. P. was a trustee of the Kharkov school district, but almost all the time he lived in St. Petersburg, state chairman of the committee to review textbooks. In 1828, under the same pseudonym he published a book: "The Double, or My night in the Ukraine" - a series of novels and short stories of author's conversation with his counterpart, and represent a clear, but a successful imitation of the "Serapion Brothers" Hoffman. In 1829, P. was elected to membership in the Russia Academy. In the same year he published a fairy tale for children: "Black Hen or Underground residents". Soon P. joined the circle of Baron Delvig and other friends of Pushkin and became a member of the Literary Gazette, which placed the beginning of his novel "Monastyrka". When the first part of this novel came out in book, . it provoked a long series of reviews, . most of the praise (even in the "Northern Bee" Buе┌haryn), "Literary Gazette" announced "Monastyrka" real and, . probably, . First we have the novel of manners ", . apparently contrasting it has withdrawn shortly before "Ivan Vyzhigin" Buе┌haryn, . which at that time engrossed in the mass public,
. In 1833 came the second (and last) part of the "Monastyrka, which produced far less effect than the first. In the last years of his life P. diligently to educate his nephew, the future poet, Count Alexei Tolstoy. Alex P. can be called typical, although not a major representative of Russian Romanticism, which differs from the German tendency to greater realism and greater restraint. His "Monastyrka", very popular in the 30's and 40-ies (and reprinted later: in 1884 - Society for the Promotion of useful books in Moscow in 1888 - in "Cheap Library A.S. Suvorin), the author shows in the exceptional powers of observation, imagination, humor and literary tact. Best decorated female characters, and the best of them - the heroine schoolgirl Anyuta Orlenko. In the historical literature on this novel is important as one of the earliest and best works just at the time nascent ethnographic school as preparing the public to "Evenings on a Farm" by Gogol. See. A story. Kirpichnikova in "Historical Journal of 1890 (reprinted in his" Essays on the History of Russian Literature, St. Petersburg, 1896). Works II. Smirdin issued in 1853. A. K.

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Perovskii Alexei, photo, biography
Perovskii Alexei, photo, biography Perovskii Alexei  writer Pushkin era, photo, biography
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