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Petrov Pavel Yakovlevich

( Famous Orientalist)

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Biography Petrov Pavel Yakovlevich
(1814 - 1875).
He graduated from the course at Moscow University on the verbal department in 1832. In 1834 he was included among the inmates of the Professors of the Institute, but in the absence of Department of Oriental Languages at Dorpat, was left in St. Petersburg for the hearing of lectures at the university and at the east institute. Here he is four years he studied Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages under Senkovsky, Sharmua, Demanzha, Mirza Dzhafera and academician Freni. At the same time, P. studied Chinese language and Sanskrit (first taught, then under the leadership of associate academy Lenz). By 1836 is the first printed work of AP: "Additions to the catalog of Sanskrit manuscripts in the Asian Museum in St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1836, h. XII,? 11). In 1837, P. presented to the academy Russian translation, with parsing and notes, an episode from the poem Adhyatmara-mayana: "The Abduction of Sita. In 1838, for handled serially tested in the "Muslim" languages, was sent abroad for improvement in Sanskrit, there is mainly engaged in epic and dramatic literature of India (see his reports. in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", 1839 and 1840 years). In 1841 he was appointed to the chair of Sanskrit at Kazan University, where he remained until 1852. Besides language, P. read here courses in Sanskrit literature, Indian antiquities and history of the Kashmir kingdom. "The program for the teaching of Sanskrit language and literature" (Studies of the Imperial Kazan University ", 1842, Prince. 2) demonstrates the breadth of the extent to which P. acquainting his audience with the subject. For the purpose of teaching them was published and the first we have "an anthology of Sanskrit" (Dep. I, Kazan, 1846, a year before had left a well-known "Sanskrit-Chrestomathie" famous academician Betlinga, which can not, however, assume the product of Russian scientific literature). This work was conceived P. long and prepared them during his trip abroad. In 1852, P. was transferred to Moscow for the Department of Sanskrit, which soon received the name of the department of Oriental languages (Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Jewish). P. was a learned Orientalist of the old school: a foreign language for it was often not the means of penetration into the contents of its literature and material for comparison with other languages, but only one line to study. Ideal was complete practical mastery of language, as if transformed in the present Indian, Arab, Persian and t. d. Of interest in this regard, biographical information about the AP, reported NV. Berg ( "Russian Antiquities", 1876, t. XVII): P. drank quite a bit of time on the study of subtle ways to the writings of one or another of the people ", and used the gun and the native letters," in Persian, he not only spoke, but also wrote and sang, and prayed ... swaying in both directions and turning a blind eye ". P. know many others - Kalmyk, Tatar and t. d. The library has it, by his own account, there were books more than 100 languages. In general, for erudition and deep knowledge of the subject P. was much higher, for example, Kossovich. In private life it was a recluse, a man not of this world. His lectures were not compulsory for students, but nevertheless, students have always been, especially for Sanskrit, which he listened, and some professors (eg, rm. Leontiev). P. belongs to a number of articles in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education "," Moskvityanin "," Izvestia, Moscow University "and other publications, as well as the" List of some oriental word, similar to Russian "in the" Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences ". He issued "Ghata-karparam, Sanskrit poem with parsing". See. "Biographical Dictionary of professors and teachers of the Imperial Moscow University (Moscow, 1855, h. II); P.S. Saveliev "Eastern literature and Russian Orientalists" ( "Russian Messenger", 1856, No 6, 8, 9, t. II. "Contemporary Chronicles"). Obituary: "The Voice", 1875,? 265; In. M-and in the Moscow Gazette, 1875,? 242, "Report and speech at the Imperial Moscow University on Jan. 12, 1876 (Moscow, 1876). S. B-h.

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Petrov Pavel Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Petrov Pavel Yakovlevich, photo, biography Petrov Pavel Yakovlevich  Famous Orientalist, photo, biography
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