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Rudolf Nureyev

( Great dancer)

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Biography Rudolf Nureyev
Rudolf Nureyev was born in Siberia, Irkutsk, away from the capital. To dance, he began early on: first, was a member of children's folklore ensemble, and in 1955 enrolled at the Leningrad Choreographic School. After his graduation in 1958, Nureyev became a soloist of one of the major ballet companies of the country - Ballet Theater C. Kirov (now returned to his former name - the Mariinsky Theater).

P. Nureyev left the USSR in June 1961 when, together with the troupe of the Kirov Theater was on tour in Paris.
Over fifteen years, Nureyev was the star of the London Royal Ballet and is a partner of the great English ballerina Margot Fonteyn. When they met, Fonteyn was 43, and Nuriyev - 24, but the duo was perhaps one of the most brilliant of all the past decades

Through his role of male partner was important, sharing the role of the ballerina. His dance was not only expressive, but also surprisingly powerful. It was vividly expressed the individuality of the dancer.
Nureyev versatility of talent manifested not only in ballet. He has acted in films and on television. In 1972 he released a dance film with his participation, "I - a dancer, and in 1977, Nureyev starred as a famous Hollywood actor Valentino in the eponymous film directed by K. Russell. Despite the fact that the biography of a largely different, in some parts it was the same: they were both fanatical dance. That is why many thought that in this picture Nureyev played himself. As if to confirm the affinity of two outstanding artists, many world TV channels, reporting on the death of Nureyev, broadcast in news shots from the film, which depicts a dancer who died of Valentino.
. Nureyev also proved to be no less talented director, putting several classical ballets for various companies
. In 1964, he immediately put two ballets - "Raymond" and "Swan Lake", in 1966 there were "Don Quixote" and "Sleeping Beauty" for the next year - the ballet "The Nutcracker", and in another ten years - the ballet "Romeo and Juliet "and" Storm ".
. In 1982 the artist received the Austrian citizenship, . and his last years Nureyev lived in France, . because from 1983 to 1989 he served as director of the ballet troupe of the Paris Grand opera.Odnako all his creative and life plans crossed a terrible disease - AIDS,
. The dancer left the stage, but not locked into his solitude: he gave demonstration lessons, talked to people, have traveled extensively.
. In 1990, he came home and visited the theater, where he started his professional career - the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg
. However, most of the time he spent on its own island in the Mediterranean Sea, where he had a luxurious villa.

In May 1992, P. Nureyev made his debut two in Kazan - as a conductor of a symphony orchestra as a conductor of the orchestra and opera.
"My tour here - is entirely the merit of Mr. Mukhametzyanova - Director of Opera. He cut me off a proposal to speak at your stage at any convenient time for me and in any Position. I felt that this man can trust. I'm still here because this city was born, my mother.
I am pleased to welcome the theater and its audience. "Rudolf Nureyev.

Meanwhile, the news that he was suffering from the plague of the XX century ", Nureyev took calmly, apparently hoping to recover with the help of their money. Since then he has to devote to their treatment to two million dollars a year.
Summer of 1991 the disease began to progress. In the spring of next year, began its last stage. In those days, Nureyev was concerned about only one thing: he wanted in whatever was to carry out production of Romeo and Juliet ". And fate gave him a chance. At some time Nuriyev became easier, and he staged. Then he left France on vacation.

Great dancer buried at the Russian cemetery of Saint Genevieve de Bois near Paris. Priest placed in the cemetery of the Orthodox Church says that relatives and friends of Rudolf Nureyev staged a memorial service, and at Muslim, and Orthodox rite, since shortly before his death he allegedly converted to Orthodoxy. But even if it is not so, Rudolf Nureyev belongs to the whole world ...

Since January 1993, P. Nureyev did not become. In memory of him is held in Kazan festival (Nureyev during his life graciously agreed to it), which next year received the official name of the International behalf Nureyev.
. Since the mid 90-ies festival in Kazan received worldwide fame.
. Festival of Classic Ballet named P
. Nureyev is held annually in the month of May. During the festival at the theater deliver the best representatives of the ballet in Russia and abroad.

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Rudolf Nureyev, photo, biography
Rudolf Nureyev, photo, biography Rudolf Nureyev  Great dancer, photo, biography
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