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Plavilshchikov Peter A.

( Famous actor and writer)

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Biography Plavilshchikov Peter A.
photo Plavilshchikov Peter A.
(1760 - 1812), was born in Moscow in a merchant family, studied at the school at Moscow University in 1776. "made in the students'. Upon completion of the course, together with PI. Insurance (see), Plavilshchikov hosted at the University Theater, which for the first time played "by Dmitry the Pretender" Sumarokova. In the year of completion of the course at the university (1779) Plavilshchikov has been recruited to the directorate of the Imperial Theaters' first role and character ". Plavilshchikov served for 32 years, until 1793, Mr.. in St. Petersburg, then, before his death in Moscow. Plavilshchikov also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts and the first cadet corps Russian literature "according to his own mark", . in mountain building - the rhetoric of "his own composition", . Moscow taught recitation in boarding school at Moscow University, . charge of the private theaters of the then lords: rm,
. Volkonskii and AN. Durasova (in his estate Lublin). Above all Plavilschikov checkered kings of the tragedy and, in general, a person of dignity and moral grandeur, and to what suited his tall figure, a noble expressive face and beautiful voice tools. Plavilshchikov devoted his leisure literature. In 1816, Mr.. published in St. Petersburg edition Plavilschikov ". Elected to membership in the newly established (1811) Society of Amateurs of Russia's literature, Plavilshchikov one of the first responded to the proposals of the topic: "Why is the tragedy of the ancient Greeks is not based on passion and better if they are French". In his articles Plavilshchikov advocates the Russian population, while not denying the value and importance to our Western education, he convinces not only lay the basis for Russian foreign education beginning. Russian life, according to Plavilschikov - an inexhaustible source for works of art, he promotes original art, folk music and, in general, self-development in Russia. Plavilshchikov looks at the theater as a "fun, moralize" ( "Theater"). From Plavilschikov dramatic works were staged: the tragedy of "Rurik", "Ermak conqueror of Siberia" (Moscow, 1806), "Tahmas Kulyan". Great success enjoyed his comedy "Bobyl" (St. Petersburg, 1815) and Melnik and Sbitenschik - rivals "(St. Petersburg, 1793, 2 ed., 1815). Other dramatic works Plavilschikov: the tragedy "The company is" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1783), . drama "Barsky misconduct", . "Count Valtron, . or military subordination "(Saint-Petersburg, . 1816), . "Lance, . or Wildlife in America ", . comedy "The Brothers Svoeladovy" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1816), . "Candor", . "Wig", . "Collusion Kuteinikov" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1779, 2 ed., . 1821),
. Most of all issued "Bobyl and Sidelets" (St. Petersburg, 1807) as attempts to original drama. "Bobyl" back in 1850-ies was on the Moscow stage. Wed. Ilyin On. P. "(" Vestnik Evropy, 1815, "10); PV. Pobedonostsev "Memories of Plavilschikov (Moscow, 1818) and A. Sirotinin "Plavilshchikov - actor and writer of the last century" ( "Historical Journal", 1891, August); I.F. Gorbunov "Plavilshchikov A. P. "(" Russian Messenger ", 1892, March);" Archives Directorate of the Imperial Theaters (Dep. III, St. Petersburg, 1892); MN. Makarov P. A. I. "(" Repertoire ", 1841, Prince. XI); F. Horses in the repertoire and the Pantheon "(1850, II); in Art. "YA.E. Shusherin "(" Family Chronicle "swt. Aksakov); "Notes" S.N. Glinka (Saint Petersburg, 1895) and S.P. Zhikhareva (Moscow, 1891), "Yesterday and Today", a collection of gr. Sollogub (in Art. GP. Kamenev, St. Petersburg, 1845), "Russian Waist" Almanac of 1825 g. F. Buе┌haryn; A. Yartsev Volkov in a biography (in the "Biographical Library," F. Pavlenkova). Um.

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Plavilshchikov Peter A., photo, biography
Plavilshchikov Peter A., photo, biography Plavilshchikov Peter A.  Famous actor and writer, photo, biography
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