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Plehve Vyacheslav

( Secretary of State (from 1894),)

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Biography Plehve Vyacheslav
photo Plehve Vyacheslav
Born in 1846, . graduated from the course at St. Petersburg University with a degree of candidate human, . entered the service on the judicial department, and remained there until 1881, . occupying the post of assistant prosecuting attorney in the Vladimir and Tula district courts, . prosecutor Vologda, . assistant prosecuting attorney of the Trial Chamber in Warsaw, . and, . Finally, . Attorney Trial Chamber in St. Petersburg,
. In 1881, Mr.. Plehve was appointed Director of the Department of State Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. In this post Plehve, except to manage the affairs ministry, had to direct a number of government commissions appointed by various public issues. The most important of these was the Commission about falling prices of agricultural products. In 1899. appointed Minister of State Secretary of the Grand Duchy of Finland, and in this post was a vigorous supporter of Russification and the Grand Duchy of association with the Empire. With his active participation was drafted new regulations on compulsory military service in Finland, . issued a manifesto on the introduction of Russian language in the Senate of the paperwork and administrative institutions edge, . increase the influence of the Governor-General on the decision produced by the Senate Affairs,
. April 4, 1902, after the assassination of DS. Sipyagina appointed Interior Minister, he continued, with even more steadily, the policies of his predecessor. His work was mainly directed against "sedition" in all its forms. After putting down peasant unrest in Poltava and Kharkov provinces, 30 May 1902. held on the report Plehve Supreme Order of the termination in 1902. zemstvos twelve provinces of collecting statistical information and the application of this measure in some rural areas of other provinces zemstvo at the discretion of governors. They were taken to restrict the activities of local committees on the needs of the agricultural industry in November of the same 1902. he ordered closed Voronezh district committee, for the sharpness of judgments of its members, some of them were administrative repression. In 1903, Mr.. were subjected to the administrative audit of local self-government of Moscow, Vyatka, and Tver provinces of Kursk. Imperial command Jan. 8, 1904, Mr.. provided to the Minister of the Interior and the Governor of the Tver emergency powers in respect of the Tver province, and county Novotorzhskaya Zemstvos. Wherewith activities Zemstvos, . especially provincial, . Plehve an ardent supporter of strengthening the governor's power, when it drafted the project of reform of local government governors expected to subordinate all local government and public institutions; by his own insistence, with 1903,
. governors largely subordinated to the factory inspection. Act May 5, 1903, Mr.. institution of the county police guard, replacing the former rural police. Plehve realized the inadequacy of some repressive measures against the ever-growing general dissatisfaction, but released when his close participation of the manifesto on Feb. 26, 1903, Mr.. did not and could not have practical consequences, but the abolition of collective responsibility. Was prepared with Plehve reform legislation of the peasants had to further increase the isolation of the peasant class and fix it inequitable to other classes of the population. Heavy reproach fall on Plehve crime of omission during the administration of Jewish pogroms, particularly in Chisinau. Feeling his judge the fight against "sedition", Plehve was one of the supporters of the war with Japan, thinking thereby to divert the attention of Russian society from internal events. July 15, 1904, Mr.. Plehve was killed by a bomb thrown at his carriage, a former student at Moscow University Sazonov. See. "In memory of Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Plehve (St. Petersburg, 1904; very one-sided biographical sketch, compiled D.N. Lyubimov).

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Plehve Vyacheslav, photo, biography
Plehve Vyacheslav, photo, biography Plehve Vyacheslav  Secretary of State (from 1894),, photo, biography
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