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Pleshcheev Alexey

( Poet)

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Biography Pleshcheev Alexey
born in Kostroma, November 22, 1825, . studied first at the St. Petersburg school guard sub-ensigns, . then at St. Petersburg University, . but not in, . nor any other institution of the course is not finished and, . coming out of the University, . devoted himself entirely to literary work, . first as a poet, . then as a writer,
. His first poems and stories published in "Notes of the Fatherland '1847, 1848 and 1849 years. In 1849, Mr.. in the Pleshcheeva comes a break caused by his arrest in the case of Petrashevsky (cm. Petrashevsky Circle) and the reference in the Orenburg region rank and file, replaced by the conformation of the Imperial. Nicholas I, the death penalty, to which Pleshcheev was sentenced, along with many other participants in the case. His visit to Orenburg region lasted for eight years, . of which seven, . He remained in military service (sequences of, . non-commissioned officers and warrant officers, . Taking part in the hostilities, . during the assault Kokand fortress Akmechet), . a year - in civilian, . then, . received permission to live in the capital, . with the return of his rights of hereditary nobility, . settled first in Moscow, . and since 1872,
. - St. Petersburg. Another of the Orenburg region, he began to send in the logs (mainly in the Russian Messenger "), his poems and stories, with the relocation of its activities in the capital went to continuous progress and did not stop almost until his death, . having expressed in a variety of poems, . as original, . and translated (and therefore British, . German and French), . in translations of major dramatic works ( "Ratcliff" Heine, . "Magdalene" Hebbel, . "Struenze" Bera, etc.), . in a number of stories (among them the principal: "daily life", . "Pashintsev", . "Career") and a rather numerous journal articles, . mostly compilation character, . of foreign literature (the largest among them - "I.L,
. Courier, his life and works "). Heavy literary and journalistic work, in connection with material want, constantly haunted poet, gradually undermined his health. At the end of his days, he unexpectedly received a huge inheritance, which was used for only two years: he died in Paris on 26 September 1893. His body was transported to Moscow. As someone, . Pleshcheev distinguished not overshadowed by anything purity of soul among the hard and frequent jolts of reality, . Even under them succumbing, . he still continued to be a pure idealist, and called others to the same perfect service to humanity, . never betrayed me, . "nowhere and never (as stated in the poetic address on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary) without sacrificing the light before the good feelings",
. Poetry Pleshcheeva is largely an expression and reflection of his life. He belongs to the category of poets with very specific character, the essence of which is confined to some single motive, grouped around a branch and its modifications, always saved, however, the inviolable basic foundation. In poetry Pleshcheeva this motive - humanity, in the vast and noble meaning of the word. Being used primarily to events surrounding the poet's public, . This humanity, . naturally, . had to take the elegiac nature of, . but his sadness is always accompanied by unshakable faith in victory - sooner or later - good over evil, in this regard is not without significance of the fact, . that the first poem Pleshcheeva was so popular "Forward", . in which the poet requires draftees to them "on the valiant feat of" Friends, . that they refuse "from fear and doubt", . For in the heavens visible to "the dawn of the holy Atonement" and t,
. d. And these poems have Plescheva much more than those which are expressed in hopeless despair, doubt, frustration and t. n. In its purely poetic dignity (far, . however, . not allowing to classify Pleshcheeva it was of primary, . already on the monotony of his motives), . they are also public, . civil side of his poetry, . acting revitalizing and firming way,
. One of the most prominent place in the literature Pleshcheev child, and his poems from the children's lives and on children (the collection "Snowdrop") as we can no longer meet its goal of a sense of freshness, . nobility of thought and lack of artifice, . but at the same time, the artistry of the external shape,
. The same pride of place should be attributed to him as a translator: his translations expose the true poet's hand, and remaining faithful to the letter and spirit of the original. His literary works in prose, not out of some mediocre in content and execution, but are easily read, and some are not without interest. Collected Poems Pleshcheeva published in 1887, 2 edition, with some additions, made after his death, his son, in 1894, the last published as "Tales and Stories Pleshcheeva". P. Weinberg.

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Pleshcheev Alexey, photo, biography
Pleshcheev Alexey, photo, biography Pleshcheev Alexey  Poet, photo, biography
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