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Pogossky Alexander Fomichev

( Famous Writer)

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Biography Pogossky Alexander Fomichev
1816 - 1874)
Educated in St. Petersburg, College of Higher Sciences. After serving eight years as a simple soldier, and passed the civil service. Speaking at a literary career in the forties of the stories appeared in "Reading for the soldiers," Pogossky set itself the task of fighting against ignorant popular literature. To this end it in 1858, Mr.. began publishing a small magazine called "Soldiers 'conversation'. Lacking in the first four years of publication of a single employee, Pogossky in the first year has released all three books, and the second was the release of 6 books per year. When the peasants led Pogossky expand the program as a magazine, and is the contingent of readers. Until then he had in mind only the soldiers, since the release of same should have been called upon to educate the villagers and released. Recognizing, . that the moral and intellectual needs of the troops and people in essence the same, . Pogossky began to publish, . in 1862, . next to the "Soldier Conversation", . "People Talking", both have the same contents of the journal, . excepting only department of government orders, . different for both,
. Which developed enterprise require assistance of a number of employees, among which are found the names of A. Maikova, VA. SLEPTSOVA, F. Tolia, AN. Beketov AND. Palisadov, H. Naumova, N.A. Nekrasov. Journals Pogossky acquaint its readers with all the prominent events of the time, especially with those who had a close relationship to the common people. They reported on all the newly emerging institutions that are important for the village (of savings banks, on rural insurance companies, on peasant libraries, churches and t. etc.), gave a critical review of the newly popular books coming out, as it were a diary of incidents in which the facts are always chosen with a certain educational trend, serves as an illustration of a particular idea. Journals Pogossky dominated the tone of jokes. Pogossky give people the knowledge with someone seasoning, or even, or rather, as a seasoning, to silently next to a pleasant, helpful people perceived. It was a Pogossky not so much the result of premeditated, . how much natural ability, . kind of literary talent, . which, . in connection with a deep knowledge of the people and the ability to own soldier-peasant dialect, . protected the Pogossky from cartoon, . under different conditions is almost inevitable,
. At the end of 1863. Pogossky went for treatment abroad, and based their magazines went to Derikeru. With the departure Pogossky they became colorless, lost all meaning, and in 1867, Mr.. and ceased completely. Back in 1867, Mr.. from abroad, founded a new Pogossky People magazine: "Leisure and Business", which, unlike his earlier journals, belonged to the type of popular magazines, which was created Zablotskaya and Prince VF. Odoyevsky in "Rural Reading" (cm. Folk Literature, XX, 577). This journal Pogossky worked tirelessly until his death. Pogossky was one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Committee of literacy, the constant and energetic member of his, and since 1870. - Chairman. The most talented of novels and short stories Pogossky: "Grandpa Nazarych" (1860), . "Temnik" (1862), . "Anchutka-rankings" (1863), . "Posestra-Tanka" (1866), . "Duffer" (1867), . "Mayorskaya Daughter" (1869), . "Musician" (1870), . First Distiller "(1871), . "Old men" (1871), . "Shtutsernik Nikifor" (1872), . "Suhodolschina" (1873, . 2 nd ed.), . "Worldly kids" (1884), . "All shilyam awl" (1884), . "Red-cap boletus (1881),
. The ratio of people to animals affected in Sibiryatke "," villains and Petka "," Academic cock "and" our good servants quadrupeds ". Much less literary merit different anecdotes and fables Pogossky. Because of plays Pogossky deserve mention: "duffer", "What be it shall not pass" and "grandfather house". The first collection of works Pogossky came out in 1866. In 1881, Mr.. was issued Fenu complete collection of his novels and short stories. Most of his stories were published separately and is also survived by several publications. Wed. V. Ostrogorsky "Russian writers as an educational material for educational activities with children and read to the people", "A systematic review of the Russian folk-textbooks". Biography Pogossky compiled AV. Arseniev, attached to a collection of his works in 1878

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Pogossky Alexander Fomichev, photo, biography
Pogossky Alexander Fomichev, photo, biography Pogossky Alexander Fomichev  Famous Writer, photo, biography
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