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Pozharskii Dmitry

( The famous figure of troubled times.)

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Biography Pozharskii Dmitry
photo Pozharskii Dmitry
1578 - 1641
When Boris Godunov was a solicitor with a dress, with False Dmitry - stolnik; in 1608, Mr.. was sent to protect the Kolomna, in 1609, acting against the robber bands in the vicinity of Moscow, defeated the chieftain of Salkovo River Pehorke; in 1610, Mr.. was appointed to the voivod Zaraysk; in 1611, taking part in the attack on the Poles, mastered by Moscow, was shot in the Lubyanka and went for treatment to his Nizhegorod Puretckii parish. Here, at the direction of Minin, came to him after inviting them to take command of the Nizhny Novgorod militia, who rose to save Moscow, for its part Pozharskii demanded that if the host is elected by the townsmen man was Minin. Having led militia, . Pozharskii in his face could accommodate all the top authority over the Russian land, and wrote "a martial and district affairs for the election of all ranks of people of the Moscow State", but in the great cause, . which is committed under his command of the Russian people, . personality of Pozharskogo manifested very little,
. He had no special authority, and to himself said: "Would we have such a pillar of, . Prince Vasily Golitsyn, . - All would have kept him, . I've come to this great cause not given by him; me now to the case enslaved boyars and the whole earth ",
. Referring to the militia in Yaroslavl, Pozharskii whole summer was slow to move to Moscow, despite repeated entreaties Troitsa authorities, pointing to the possibility and danger of King Sigismund. Speaking from Yaroslavl, Pozharskii walked very slowly, turned aside from the road, went to Suzdal bow tombs of their fathers, and came to Moscow together with Chodkiewicz, who had yet to gather supplies for the Polish garrison entrenched in Moscow. This victuals was recaptured by Hodkevich Cossacks under the command of Prince D.T. Trubetskoy, which decided the fate of the Polish garrison: two months later, hunger forced him to surrender. With the capture of Moscow ends the primary role Pozharskoho scrolls written in the first name of Prince D.T. Trubetskoy, and the name Pozharskogo is the second, the partners. From sources (except for some monuments to the nature of poetry) is not visible to Pozharskii played a leading or at least a prominent role in the Election and Coronation of Tsar Michael Fyodorovich. The new king brought him up from Stolnikov in boyars, but significant awards, consisting of estates, Pozharskii was not among the first. During the reign of Mikhail Fedorovich Pozharskii held only minor positions, regardless even of the first and especially honored among the nobility, as evidenced by its localism in 1614, Mr.. Boris Saltykov, culminating in the issuance Pozharskogo head Saltykov. In 1614, Mr.. Pozharskii acted against Lisowski, but soon left the service of the disease; in 1618, Mr.. sent was against Vladislav, but not as the supreme commander, in 1628 - 1631 he. was voivod in Novgorod, in 1635, Mr.. in charge of the judgment order, in 1638, Mr.. was voivod in Pereslavl-Ryazan. Pozharsky monument in Moscow (Red Square) and Nizhny Novgorod. In 1885, Mr.. on his grave, discovered in 1852,. Count Uvarov of the Savior Evfimievskom monastery in Suzdal, a monument was erected with funds collected from popular subscription. In the literature, given in the article on Minin (XIX, 350), Sun. "Place of the world's calming and tombstone D.M. Pozharsky in Suzdal (Vladimir, 1885 - material on Pozharskiy collected and published Golyshev).

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Pozharskii Dmitry, photo, biography
Pozharskii Dmitry, photo, biography Pozharskii Dmitry  The famous figure of troubled times., photo, biography
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