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Polezhaev Alexander

( eminent poet.)

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Biography Polezhaev Alexander
photo Polezhaev Alexander
1805 - 1838
His father - a landowner Penza province, Struysky, mother - a fortress of the landlord, issued subsequently married a tradesman Polezhaeva Saransk, from which the poet and got his name. Ten years old Polezhaev was given in Moscow in the French board, then he joined a volunteer at the Moscow University Faculty of verbal. The first poem Polezhaeva: "Versatility" appeared in the Journal of Europe "(1825). The university authorities requested Polezhayev write to the solemn act of January 12, 1826, Mr.. ode: "In memory of Alexander I grace the Imperial Moscow University" and on our final act, in the same year, Polezhaev recited his poem "Genius". By that time, is a satirical poem Polezhaeva: "Iman-goat", caused hodivshimi then absurd rumors about a priest in Moscow. Another satirical poem Polezhaeva, "Sasha," which depicted the adventures and student drinking, spoiled his whole life. The poem went hand in lists and into the hands of the magistrate, who, drawing attention to several verses from the irreverent reviews of religious and pointing out the inadequacy of the social conditions of Russia, has given the case to proceed. Mock poem found herself in the hands of the Emperor Nicholas, who arrived in Moscow for the coronation. The emperor ordered the lead to himself Polezhayev, who in his presence was to read his poem. After reading the emperor, turning to the minister of education to Prince Lieven, said: "I will put an end to this debauchery, it's still traces of the last remnants (ie, fermentation, leading to a conspiracy of the Decembrists). Having, however, from the Minister for a review that Polezhaev "behavior excellent", the emperor said: "This feedback is saved you, but to punish you ought to sample other. I'll give you military service means to purify ... depends on you your fate, if I forget, you can write to me ", with these words the Emperor Polezhaeva kissed on the forehead, let him go. Polezhayev could not be reconciled with the dire situation of non-commissioned officer of the "political criminals"; advantage gave him the right to write to the emperor, he decided to send a request to pardon or to improve his fate. Having received no response to repeated petitions and believing that they do not reach the emperor, Polezhaev conceived a personal appeal to him, who left the regiment, and went on foot to St. Petersburg. Realizing, however, the importance of his action, Polezhaev back from the road and came to the authorities. He was put on trial and sentenced to driving out the gauntlet, but the sentence was mitigated by the emperor, and lie was demoted to the ranks without seniority. Deserted Polezhaev fell into despair and gash. For insulting the sergeant, he was again brought to court and sat in prison, in terrible conditions, in shackles, for almost a year, having run the gauntlet of driving out, but he was charged with the punishment of long-term detention of. In 1829, Mr.. regiment, which served Polezhayev, was sent to the Caucasus. Polezhaev participated in several battles and skirmishes and everywhere seeking an opportunity to excel, to achieve the rank of the officer. The administration is not willing, however, to draw attention to it, and in 1833, Mr.. He returned from the Caucasus, non-commissioned officer. His body was completely shaken and he fell into a consumption, and on his death bed he could only learn that on 27 December 1837. promoted to corporals. Exceptional circumstances of life have left a sharp print on poetry Polezhaeva; it was gloomy, as the very life of the poet. Cut off from society, he could fill his works, only pictures of bitter subjective feelings. Twice while awaiting sentencing, which amounted to a death, Polezhaev poured out their feelings in "Song of the prisoner irokeztsa" and in the poem "Condemned". In a long and not yet fully printed poem, "Prisoner" Polezhaev with the brutal truth describes the situation of his arrest. From autobiographical poems Polezhayev, the most numerous and powerful, it is evident that he never resigned himself to his fate. Most frequently repeated this theme of regret for wasted years of life, sometimes poet exaggerates their errors, . compares them with exorbitant karoyu befell him, no less frequently heard tune persistent consciousness of its dignity, . stern protest or, . Finally, . despair, . loss of faith in life and human justice,
. Stay in the Caucasus Polezhaeva echoed by a number of poems, poems, songs, which, along with the image of the war, sound reflection of its significance, compassion for the suffering and the vanquished. Many beautiful songs in Polezhaeva in the popular genre, which Belinsky found him a greater ability ( "I-l 'young man," Bayu-bayushki-bye "and others). In general, works Polezhaeva highly unequal dignity, which explains the situation, among which they were written, but many of them show a strong and original talent. It is original and verse Polezhaeva: it is - not an imitation of Pushkin's verse, but rather a transition to Lermontov, also Koltsov. At the time, became famous for his original poetry inspired by the "Song of a sinking swimmer," wrote dvustopnymi trochees with rhymes. Collected Works Polezhaeva published in 1832, 1859, 1889 (edited by P.A. Ephraim) and 1892 (edited by AI. Vedenskiy). See. story of Ephraim (the "Pantheon of literature", 1888, No. 2), Pypin (in the "News of Europe", 1889,? 3) and Yakushkina (in the "News of Europe", 1897, No 6).

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Polezhaev Alexander, photo, biography
Polezhaev Alexander, photo, biography Polezhaev Alexander  eminent poet., photo, biography
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