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Pomyalovski Nikolai Gerasimovich

( Famous writer.)

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Biography Pomyalovski Nikolai Gerasimovich
Born in 1835, Mr.. deacon in the family cemetery church Petersburg maloohtenskoy. Constant contact: funeral, memorial service, the deceased did not prevent him from boy to grow strong and healthy, seasoned exercises on local fisheries. Home life is for him favorably. In 8 years he has been identified in the Alexander Nevsky religious school, which was subsequently described in his famous "Essays on the seminary". In the fourth essay in the seminary, under the title "The runners and salvation," Pomyalovski brought himself under the name of Carp. Fox and, . right physically strong, . bold and insolent prevailed over all other parties friendly seminary life can not find the little Pomyalovski a patron in the person of one of the senior students of the seminary, . he would have very bad,
. This period of school life developed in him distrust, secrecy, resentment and hatred for the Environment. Inept pedagogical practices of the then teachers, . as well as children's minds and incomprehensible incoherent textbooks recaptured in Pomyalovskiy any desire to teaching and classroom: it was too early to be lazy, . remained for several years in the classroom and gradually turned to reckless, . embittered and "incorrigible" bursar,
. His brutally flogged (all, by his own account, up to four times), and then whipping stopped. Having spent 8 years in college, he joined the seminary, where living conditions were already a lot better and where he first outlined in the eyes of his comrades as a man of great intelligence, deep analysis and broad talents. And seminars such as college, few gave food to the minds of students, although the Russian lessons, and in particular logic and psychology, yet even more aroused interest in their studies and raises questions over which had to ponder. The result of these reflections was the publication in the senior class seminary handwritten journal seminary sheet "in which Pomyalovski took an active part. Pomyalovsky repressed desire was to "sheet has passed through the entire course, and that in its pages was clarified ideal seminarian". The recovery due to the appearance of the magazine among the inmates, had a harmful side: they are at night, dances, theatrical performances and various orgies. The authorities found out about it, arrested the ringleaders and ruled eight people - the most capable and energetic students. "Leaf" fell into decay and cease to exist at the 7 th edition. Pomyalovski put in it some philosophical discussion, for example, "attempt to resolve the unresolved and, moreover, the philosophical question: Do animals have souls?", As well as the beginning of the story "Mahilov". With the cessation of "Pages" Pomyalovski again devoted himself to apathy and laziness, and became more and more frequently indulge in drunkenness. He graduated from the course of the penultimate, though at the end of the training course the authorities managed to discern in his face is not "final fool". Upon completing Pomyalovski stayed with the mother on Okhta, vigorously taking up reading and educating himself, in this period he was very keen on teaching issues and drew special attention to younger brother. Sam was killed - he would say - but my brother did not die and I will give to the seminary will not let you, I'll tell him everything, what a thought of: a man may be, I will do ". At the same time he decided to write little articles and essays teacher and one of essays, "Vukol, gave to the editor of the Journal for the education" Chumikova. Articles Dobrolubova and Chernyshevskogo had a tremendous impact on warehouse belief Pomyalovsky; in the same sense of an effect on him and rapprochement with the university youth. He enrolled as an auditor in the university and especially carried away lectures MM. Stasyulevich. Soon he started teaching in Shlisselburgskaya Sunday School. Here he attracted the attention of their original methods of teaching, he soon was invited as a teacher in the junior class of the Smolny Institute, where the inspector was Ushinsky. At the institute, despite the brilliant beginning of his academic work, did not get: he came across a routine and inertia, which proved stronger than his innovative aspirations. Not tolerating deals with conscience, Pomyalovsky threw the teachers, renounced his place and provides again left without any means of subsistence. Relieve him that about this time was adopted by the editorial board of Contemporary novel "Philistine Happiness" (1861). He met with key representatives of the editorial board and became a regular contributor to the magazine, with a particular. New road has brought him much happiness and joy, but at the same time large sums of money they gave him every opportunity to dissolute, intemperate lifestyle. At the end of the same 1861. in the "Contemporary" appeared in his second novel, "The Hammer", which has, in addition to its obscheliteraturnogo character, of great importance for the characteristics of the Pomyalovsky. In the face Cherevanin by largely expressed are his own thoughts and even his manner of speech. Pomyalovski tested their strength and in other literary genres - as a critic, feuilletonist, but the labor of writing it failed. The next major work was his "Sketches of the seminary, was finally consolidated his name as a writer. He was planning a number of other works, but they were left unfinished. Stuff for them they were collected a few, but the very process of its collection was very heavy. In its desire to rehabilitate the intellectual proletariat, . in an effort to show and among the fallen, . among the downtrodden vulgarity and malice of the day life of living creatures, . Pomyalovski too closely came closer to those fallen, . too imbued their inclinations and habits,
. This was most unfortunate consequences for his health. Among the taverns and brothels, in the stifling atmosphere of boarding houses, he finally loosened his health, fell lower and lower, and no effort relatives could no longer support him and bring on the real road. Opened in the wound on his leg gangrene ended his tumultuous, troubled life. Pomyalovski died Oct. 5, 1863, . not complied with many of their extensive plans, . but before they make in our literature fresh impetus: he first put the readers face to face with the positive types of intellectual environment of the proletariat, . delivered at a disadvantage in the struggle for existence,
. Wed. Biographical Sketch Pomyalovsky compiled N.A. Annunciation, in the preface to the "Complete Collected Works, Art. DI. Pisarev Roman muslin girls ". Collected Works Pomyalovsky reprinted several times. B. Glinsky.

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  • Peter Pomialowski for Pomyalovski Nikolai Gerasimovich
  • How do I determine if I am related to this individual? The spelling of my last name is the same using the Cyrillic alphabet.
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    Pomyalovski Nikolai Gerasimovich, photo, biography
    Pomyalovski Nikolai Gerasimovich, photo, biography Pomyalovski Nikolai Gerasimovich  Famous writer., photo, biography
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