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Neil A. Popov

( Historian and slavyanoved.)

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Biography Neil A. Popov
1833 - 1891
He graduated from the course at Moscow University on History and Philology. In 1857 - 1859 he. correcting the position of associate in the Department of Russian history at the University of Kazan, . of library documents which are published: "Regulation of Peter the Great on the forest reserves" (in the archives of historical and practical information about Russia ", . Kalachova, . kn,
. 6 Dep. V), "Materials for the history of naval affairs under Peter the Great, 1817 - 1720 gg." (Reading Mosk. Total. Stories and Ap. ", 1859, Prince. IV, and Dep.), "Journey to 1697 - 1698 he. waiter P.A. Tolstoy in Italy and the island of Malta "(in the" Athenaeum "," 7 and 8), published as a series of correspondence in the "Moscow Gazette. In 1860, Mr.. Popov was transferred to the Department of Russian history at Moscow University, where he was dean of the faculty elect three. In 1861, Mr.. He defended his master's thesis "Tatishchev and his time" - the most important contribution made by Popov in the development of proper Russian history. From a strictly scientific merit compositions he combines a lively presentation and ease of language. During a trip abroad (1863 - 1864) Popov sent correspondence to the St. Petersburg Vedomosti "," Modern Chronicle, The Russian Messenger, etc.. The trip abroad had a strong influence on Popova, drawing his attention almost exclusively on the history of the Slavic peoples. Immediately on his return, he took over the department of Slavic chronicles in "Contemporary Chronicles" and then put the number of journalistic articles and popular-scientific nature of the Slavs in the Russian Messenger "," Moscow "IS. Aksakov, . "Orthodox Review" ( "The Orthodox Church in Dalmatia under Venetian, . French and Austrian domination ", . 1873, . ? 2 - 12, "The fate of the union in the Russian Chelm diocese", . 1874, . ? 4 - 8, "The current state of the Orthodox Church in Serbia", . 1873, . ? 10), . "Missionaries" (history of the spread of Christianity in almost all Slavic lands and the activities of Catholic missionaries in Europe and elsewhere), . "Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Slavic Benevolent Committee, and others, this includes his stories in the collection edited by his" Native Tribe ",
. In 1869, Mr.. Popov defended his doctoral dissertation "Russia and Serbia. Historical Sketch Russian patronage of Serbia in 1806, Mr.. by 1856. "which won the Academy of Sciences of the Uvarov Prize, according to VV. Bogishich (translated into Serbian language). Of the other scholarly works on Slavonic Popov most important: "The Poles in Prussia" ( "Russian Messenger, . 1864, . ? 10, 1865, . ? 1), . "Duchy of Warsaw" (ib., . 1866, . ? 1 - 3), . "Poznansky Diets 1827 and 1845." (ib., . 1867, . ? 12), . "Free City of Krakow from 1815 to 1846." (Journal of Europe ", . 1875, . ? 1 - 6), . "Biography of Fr,
. Palacky "(" Modern Chronicle, 1865, "30 and 33)," Fr. Riger "(in" Notes of the Fatherland ", . 1867, . ? 9), . Joseph Jungmann ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1873, . ? 7), . "Serbia after the Paris Peace" (in "Conversation", . 1871, . ? 6 - 9 and Dep., Translated into Serbian language), . "Second rule of Milos Obrenoviд┤ in 1859 - 1860 gg.", . (in Russian Thought and Dep., translated into Serbian language), . "Magyar historian Vladislav Salai and history of Hungary Arpad to the Pragmatic Sanction" ( "Journal of the Ministry of National Education", . 1868, . ? 1 - 6 and Dep.),
. Many published their materials for the history of literary relations between the Russian and the Slavs: "Correspondence Baron Stroganoff with Milos Obrenoviд┤ in 1817 - 1821 gg." (Moscow, 1866), "Letters to various persons to H. Yves. Nadezhdin "(" Russian Archive ", 1873," 7), "Letters Pogodina Slavic lands" (Moscow, 1879 - 1880), with detailed historical and biographical commentary. Popov was chairman of the Department of Ethnography of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, and published under his editorship 6 volumes "Works" department. As director of the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Justice, . He published 4 books (V - VIII) "Descriptions of documents and papers, . stored in the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Justice ", . "'s Notebook", . provides a brief overview and description of the archive documents (1890), . and two volumes of the Acts of the Moscow State ",
. Since 1877. Popova article appeared on Russian history and literature: "H. Yves. Nadezhdin the service of the Moscow University in 1832 - 1835 gg. "(" Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1880, # 1), "University of Moscow after 1812" ( "Russian Archive", 1881, t. I), "History of the Moscow Society of Russian History and Antiquities" (h. I, 1804 - 1812, Moscow, 1884), "Scientists and literary works of VN. Tatishcheva "(in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1886, No 6) and others, as well as many reviews of historical works. Professor Klyuchevskii in his funeral oration described Popova one of the last representatives of the best times of the Moscow University - the time Granovsky, Kudryavtsev and Soloviev. Popov was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. See. "Reminiscences of Professor Popov Kochubinskogo in Novorossiysk Telegraph" (1892,? 324 and 325) and Professor Kulakovskogo in the Warsaw Diary "(1892,? 24 - 26); obituaries P. Field in the "Historical Messenger (1892, No. 2) and KN. Bestuzhev-Rumina in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education "(1892, # 1)" In memory of H. A. P., speech KS. Veselovskogo and N.F. Dubrovin (St. Petersburg, 1892), "In memory of H. A. P., AND. Shimko and A. Golombievskogo (Moscow, 1892), "The memorial book of the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Justice" (1890, a brief biography of Popov and a list of his works). V. P-in.

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Neil A. Popov, photo, biography
Neil A. Popov, photo, biography Neil A. Popov  Historian and slavyanoved., photo, biography
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