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Posnikov Alexander

( gifted Russian economist and publicist)

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Biography Posnikov Alexander
Born in 1846, Mr.. Vyazemskoye in the county, the son of local gentry. He graduated from the course in the gymnasium of Smolensk and Moscow University in the Faculty of Law. Having made a trip abroad, passed the MA examination in political economy and statistics. As a dissertation for obtaining the right to lecture at Peter's Academy of Agriculture, . Posnikov published an essay "Start LAND credit", . but the course at the academy did not open, . because he was invited to Chair in the Demidov Yaroslavl Lyceum,
. During the two-year trip abroad studying agrarian relations in Western Europe. In 1875, Mr.. defended at Moscow State University master's thesis "communal land tenure" (I t.). In 1876, Mr.. moved to the Novorossiysk University, in 1878. defended as a doctoral dissertation, the second volume of "community ownership". This work was devoted to an examination of objections, which were made against the community. Supporters of her still derive their arguments from the book Posnikov. The author argues that communal form does not preclude agricultural improvement and progress of agricultural crops. As evidence, he leads England, where much of the improvements, not only time but also the capital character, produced by farmers, ie the time the owners. The condition of improvements is the belief that business person gets back spent, this is achieved by introducing the right to compensation for unused improve. Such a right exists in Britain and should be installed in the Russian community. Is a mistake to think that it creates a community cherespolositsu and forced treatment: she and other existing and in private small holdings (in Prussia, France, etc.). The reason for the forced treatment lies in the forms of livestock grazing (on the stubble and a couple) and the need to travel through foreign lands. Communal land ownership can do without those types of grazing, leading to involuntary treatment and may even easier to move them to a more perfect form than the mass of small private owners. Special cherespolositsa (separation of ownership for a few isolated sites) caused problems for the equations in land use and does not represent much discomfort; range of fields from farmsteads, . which is attributed to communal land tenure with its cherespolositsey, . Russia depends on the disengagement peasants distant lands,
. Providing farmers in the popular economic sense can be achieved, according to Posnikov, only when everyone working the land owned land, satisfying their basic needs. In 1882, Mr.. Posnikov left the chair at the university and took an active part in the Smolensk zemstvos. From 1886 to 1897. Posnikov was one of the editors of the newspaper "Russian Gazette". Currently, he is a candidate to Vyazemsky district marshal of nobility. However AI. Chuprov (see), edited the well-known publication "Influence of crops and grain prices on some aspects of the Russian economy". In 1902, when it opened in St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, formed in part on the idea Posnikov, he was appointed dean of the economic department of the Institute, where he gives the political economy. In 1906, Mr.. was one of the founders of the Party of Democratic Reforms. One of the best experts on the agrarian question, Posnikov spoke several times about it in public meetings in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and he devoted a few articles published in "Country".

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Posnikov Alexander, photo, biography
Posnikov Alexander, photo, biography Posnikov Alexander  gifted Russian economist and publicist, photo, biography
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