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Pososhkov Ivan Tihonovich

( The famous Russian economist)

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Biography Pososhkov Ivan Tihonovich
One of those self-taught-nachetnikov Moscow church writings, which are tightly adhering to the old national principles, nevertheless clearly understood that Russia should move forward and that only the full development of its forces is salvation. Biographical information on Pososhkov extremely scanty. He was born in the village of the Intercession, near Moscow, about 1670 g. The documents found in his name for the first time in the case of the builder Andrew monastery Abram, who gave Peter the notebooks on the causes of discontent among the people. The case had been brought to justice, "among friends and hleboyadtsev long, among others, and the peasants' yes Ivashka Daisy P.". At this time Pososhkov managed to extricate himself from the case. Then Pososhkov leads an active life of the pioneer of the fledgling Russian industries, and sometimes occupies an official position (a vodka Affairs). He tries to make the invention of a military unit, . generally works a lot, . wrote, . manages to make a comparatively wealthy man, . but a prominent position among the staff of Peter acquires and dies when Catherine I February 1, 1726, . the Peter and Paul Fortress,
. The reason for the arrest is not clear exactly, . but, . apparently, . Pososhkov destruction was caused by just writing it - "Books on Poverty and Wealth, . "This is an expression of what happens to poverty, . and from what gobzovitoe wealth multiplied "- writing, . constitute the main foundation of his fame,
. By the force of language, the mass of the issues raised, the richness of thought writing it gives the full right to call Pososhkov first Russian economist. Much of, . as mentioned Pososhkov, . was the questions of the day and somehow was discussed and other contemporaries of Peter, but for the compilation of a treatise, . and, moreover, in the absence of acquaintance with at least the beginnings of Western economic science, . required quite capable, . strength of which becomes even more apparent when comparing the book Pososhkov with the poor in thought and language productions, . so-called, . mercantilist theorists, . especially German,
. Composing Pososhkov is not narrowly economic. This entire program of rebuilding the Russian state, which includes such activities, which have not been achieved and to date. Pososhkov is an original combination of mercantilist ideas with canonical ideas of the West - a combination of the more curious that it had established beyond a literary Western influences. Pososhkov - primarily Christian seeker of truth, and then a nationalist, a supporter of democratic centralization on the basis of the absolute monarchical principle. The belief in the absolutism of his so great that even the money he finds it possible to emboss without considering the real value of the metal. He dreams and that, . that the state is able to establish a "natural, . fair price ", . being recommended to resolve the issue very simply: "bude who took the price is not excessive protivonastoyaschie, . take a fine or whipping or flogging Batog, . to continue so did ",
. He was aware that the main source of wealth is land, but is inclined to attach great importance to the abundance of money. He understands that the satisfaction of one fiscal goals can not justify a reasonable public policy and that only on the basis of industrial development is possible the prosperity of the State. Caring government should focus on the development of national productive forces. In Russia, a lot of untapped natural wealth: when we develop an independent Production of urgency, foreigners will be to us a "kinder, the former pride of all postponed and we will chase". Ways to promote the domestic industry - Rates, organization equities trading places, the development of the guild system, attract foreign masters to teach the Russian, the development of literacy among the people and the pr. Pososhkov insists on settling relations between the landlords to the peasants, basing his opinion that "farmers are not landowners secular owners, that is not quite for them cherish, and direct them to the owner - All-Russia Autocrat". He grieves for the cultivation of poor land, . of deforestation, . about the dangers of partition, . insists on the need to survey, . rebels against the poll tax: "In terms of mind, . - He says, . - Not much good tea be alone, . Inasmuch as the soul of something intangible and unfathomable intelligence, . prices and the poor; should appreciate things grounded ", . and, moreover, so "the treasury to collect, . that the kingdom does not ruin ",
. He is the enemy multiplicity of taxes: "Many vymyshlenniki, . While the collection to replenish agrarian fantasies, . capitation, . homuteynye, . bath, . funny, . ship water, . planted, . bridge, . pchelnye, . skin, . pokosovshinnye, . and the carters and call it the tenth meeting of the petty charges: Obuchi nor those potorzhnymi fees to fill the treasury can not, . tokmo people trubatsyya great: chandler collection chalk he is ",
. In his view, should establish a single "true public gathering, the likes of Christ's incarnation set, ie tenth", and with a good set a single fee, "for and with the ox is one skin sodiraetsya". Relatively salt Pososhkov the opinion that "handsome п╡п╣п╩я▄п╪п╦ it to be in a free bargaining". In addition, Pososhkov belong "Testament of a Father" - Domostroy XVII in. and "Mirror suemudriya schismatic" address the causes of the split. Works published Pososhkov Pogodin (t. 1, Moscow, 1842; t. 2, Moscow, 1863), "Testament of a Father" - E. Prilezhaeva (St. Petersburg, 1893). See. Brikner Ivan Pososhkov "(St. Petersburg, 1876); Alex Tsarevskii" Pososhkov and his works "(Moscow, 1883); H. Pavlov Sylvan Projects reforms in the notes of his contemporaries of Peter the Great "(St. Petersburg, 1897). A. Miklashevsky.

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Pososhkov Ivan Tihonovich, photo, biography
Pososhkov Ivan Tihonovich, photo, biography Pososhkov Ivan Tihonovich  The famous Russian economist, photo, biography
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