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Prutkov Kozma Petrovich

( The fictional writer)

Comments for Prutkov Kozma Petrovich
Biography Prutkov Kozma Petrovich
photo Prutkov Kozma Petrovich
a unique literary phenomenon, only the external features reminiscent of M. de la Palisse and M. Prudhomme (cm. Prudhomme), which are too elementary and monotonous in comparison with Prutkov. Two talented poet, Count AK. Tolstoy Alexei Mikhailovich Zhemchuzhnikov, . together with Vladimir Mikhailovich Zhemchuzhnikov and with some participation of the third brother Zhemchuzhnikova - Aleksandr Mikhailovich, . created an important type of self-satisfaction and self-confidence Petersburg officials (director assay tents), . of vanity practices of various kinds of literature,
. But the power Prutkov not in this general definition, but in the individual and complete originality, which the authors were able to give this the typical person, and to embody in the works attributed to him. In the "Complete Works Prutkov" not everything works equally bear the stamp of his individuality. Actually prutkovskimi should be all the "Thoughts and aphorisms" (other than included in the total consumption can also note the following samples: "Useful to pass the path of life, . than the entire universe ", . Egoist like a long time sitting in the well ", . "Genius is similar to hill, . rises on the plain ", . Smart speech something like that, . italics ", . "If the shadow objects do not depend on the magnitude of recent date, . and would have its own arbitrary growth, . then, . maybe, . soon there would be all over the world no brighter place ", . "Death to put at the end of life, . to make it easier for her to get ready ", . "Nothing is not an argument to the extreme: a man, . wishing trapezovat too late, . risks trapezovat the next morning ", . "Chamberlain rarely enjoy nature", . Soul Injun, . believing in metempsychosis, . like a worm in a cocoon, . "Two persons of the same complexion fought a long, . if the force prevailed by one another ", . "Promotion is equally important to the brilliant writer, . how necessary it is rosin the bow virtuoso ", . "Only in the public service shall know the truth", . "If the elephant's cage prochtesh inscription buffalo - do not believe your eyes", . "Dobley husband is like a mausoleum, . "Of all the fruits of the best brings good education", . "Calculated, . that Petersburger, . residing in the sun, . Twenty percent of health benefits ", . "Calm many would be safer, . if it were allowed to attribute all the troubles at government expense ", . "If all the past was real, . and now continued to exist along with the future, . would not be able to understand: where the causes and where the consequences? ", . "Some insist, . that every life is written in the Book of Genesis ", . "I do not quite understand, . why many call fate of turkey, . not by what else, . more on the fate of a similar bird? ", . "The publication of some newspapers, . magazines and even books could benefit),
. Next purely prutkovskim different character all fables, two poems: "My Portrait" and "dying", but from the dramatic works - "Fantasy", "Blond" and "reckless Turka". How convenient for the sake of brevity, a sample prutkovskih fables, can cause "Shepherd, milk, and the reader":

One carried a shepherd somewhere milk
But so terribly far away,
What really will not be refunded.
Reader! Did not he go?

Parody of the poets of that time, highly successful, can not, however, belong Prutkov, which would be another person, if able to so accurately to notice the negative aspects strange poetry. Although parody Prutkov presented as role models to indicate unconsciousness hidden in their mockery, but it does not change the nature of the case. By themselves, these products - examples of its kind for the accuracy and subtlety. Between quite varied parodies Prutkov for Schiller, Heine, Khomyakova, AND. Aksakov, Shcherbina, Feta, Polonsky, Benediktova, Prutkov itself could be written unless a parody of the last-mentioned poets, a former colleague Prutkov and quite close to him by the nature of. To parody Shcherbina adjoins excellent "controversy of the ancient Greek philosophers on the elegant", is too much plasticity and learned words for the Director of Assay tent. One of the main gems of "Complete Collection" - 17 old jokes, which are a parody of a workshop on "attractions", published in the XVIII century in the various collections. Of course, he Prutkov could not so artistically reproduce the barbarous language of the time and a special blend of vulgarity and absurdity in the content of these stories. For this part prutkovskogo works created by special - grandfather Prutkov, . Retired Major-Prime Fedot Kozmich, . which the evening of his life in the much vaunted memoirs practiced, . "imitating the ancient Romans onomu Tsyntsynatusu gnetomye in old age, their",
. Merry farce "Chereposlov phrenologist is to say," is not actually prutkovskih devil, and the authors thoroughly identified him, attributing his father Prutkov, Peter Fedotych twice stepped onto the literary field. In his early youth comedy "ambition" caused Sumarokova following epigram:

. Sing, Parnassian God! Prutkov too nyn piit!
. For Ross spectacle "ambitions" Damn!
. I wanted it, to know his comedy robyatskoy
. Prev light sample reveal ambitions hvatskoy
But Apollo for having gathered Prutkov dlinnyae,
Him Parnassus won! so he was poskromnyae

. But the product Prutkov-old father, the operetta Chereposlov "," smart Dmitriev, "almost the inscription:

. Under the snow with gray in it muse fun,
. And old age - alas! - Sad year
. Such a delicate harmony in it with cheerfulness twin the
What - oh! - If only it was zavsegda!

Mystery of "The affinity of world power, although saturated prutkovskim element differs, however, unnecessary for the alleged author of the beauty of verse. Not wanting to be only an imitator, . Prutkov composed the sample did not exist at that time kind of dramatic works - natural colloquial idea "reckless Turka, . or it be nice to his grandson - unfortunately, . left unfinished,
. Another masterful creation - a comedy "Fantasy" - had its own distinctive fate, as reported in postmortem her explanation ( "Complete Collection", 126 - 128). The inserted into a theatrical Directorate, . she, . because of social status of authors, . was allowed to submit, . executed January 8, 1851 Imperial Alexandrinsky theater actors in the highest presence of Emperor Nicholas and immediately forbidden to repeat the scene,
. Prohibition, he says, it was announced verbally during the execution of the play and before it is finished, at the very output of the Emperor of the box and theater. Artworks Kozma Prutkov originally published in periodicals, mainly in the "Contemporary" early 50's and early 60-ies, in the departments "Yeralash" and then "Whistle". Collected works with a portrait of Kozma Prutkov, edited by Alexey and Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov, came 1 st edition in 1883 and then reprinted without change (6 th edition - in 1898). Vl. S
. In these collected works Prutkov not included "Love and Spleen" ( "Entertainment", . 1861, . ? 18), . "Excerpts from the diary, . Reference in the village "(" Spark ", . 1862, . ? 3), . The draft "On the introduction of unanimity in the village" ( "Contemporary", . 1863, . ? 4) and some other small pieces and aphorisms.,

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Prutkov Kozma Petrovich, photo, biography
Prutkov Kozma Petrovich, photo, biography Prutkov Kozma Petrovich  The fictional writer, photo, biography
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