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( The Prophet and the founder of Zoroastrianism.)

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Biography Zoroaster
Zarathustra (avest.), Zoroaster (the Greek al -. Zoro-aster or Zoroastres), Zardusht (sredneiran.)
According to one version, it comes from the eastern Iranian kind Spitama. According to others, "Z." - In itself a generic name of the great reformers and legislators in ancient Persian work "Desatir" ( "Book of Shet") refers to the thirteen W. Occult records claim to have exact dates of the life of each of the thirteen S. E. Blavatsky writes: "This hierarchy begins with the divine W. in Vendidade "and ends with great, but mortal man, who wore a name now lost to history ... As stated in the "Secret Doctrine" (t. II), the last W. was a founder of the temple fire Azareksha for many centuries before our era ". The last of the kind W. - The prophet and founder of the Iranian religion, called differently: Mazdaism, magizmom, parsizmom, fire-worship, or Zoroastrianism. He is the creation of "Gat" - the oldest part of the collection of sacred books of Zoroastrianism - "Avesta". The lifetime of the last W. not precisely determined. Xanthus of Lydia, the earliest Greek writers mentioning this great lawgiver and religious reformer, relates it to the period about 600 years before the Trojan War. Aristotle and Eudoxus refer it to the era of no less than 6000 years before Plato. Berossus makes him king of Babylon, about 2200 g. to R.H. In traditional Pahlavi chronology, he lived "for 258 years to Iskandar (Alexander of Macedon), in VII-VI BC vv.do. The modern tradition of the Avestan School of Astrology considers the lifetime of W. the beginning of Aries era (ie. app. XXI century. BC). According to modern linguistic analysis "Gat", the era of the prophet is defined as the XII - X cc. BC

. E. Blavatsky wrote:

. "The exercises of the kind of wise Z., . and especially the last, . spread from Bactria to the Medes; thence entered under the name "magizm" adepts astronomers in Chaldea, . They had a tremendous impact on the mystical teachings of the Mosaic doctrines, . even before, . perhaps, . they reached their highest point in the, . is now known as the modern religion of the Parsi.,
. Initially W
. preached his doctrine at home (according to various sources - in eastern Iran, Central Asia, Volga). The main source of biographical information about W. is the 13th book "Avesta". According to legend, during pregnancy the mother W. saw prophetic dreams about the extraordinary fate of the future son. NW Newborn. not crying, like all children, and laughed. Magee wanted to destroy him and threw him into the fire, but he miraculously escaped. In seven years W. demonstrated outstanding ability in the 15 years of his wisdom and piety were much. At home W. no success and the age of 30 years, fled to Bactria. There, in defiance of magicians, W. turned to their faith king Drangiana Vishtaspa, miraculously healed of his favorite horse. At the age of 77 W. killed by the hands of his old enemy - The Magician's Tour-and-Bratarvahshi. Z. had three wives, left four daughters and six sons. Over time, W. had feared as a demigod.
Main sermons W. was the doctrine of the dependence of the world order and justice (see. Asha Vahishta) in the global struggle between good and evil from the free choice of the man from his active participation in this fight on the side of good. Thus, the soul is faced with a choice between good and evil, between truth and falsehood. If she chooses Welcome, you will be rewarded in the last day of Ahura Mazda, but if she chooses evil, it will in the end times condemned by fire. Zoroastrian morality - the ethical triad of good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Through the medium of the Greek image of W. - Zoroaster was leaked to the European culture. In the Hellenistic age it spawned many secondary syncretic myths, which retained some archaic features of Iranian. Zoroaster attributed many prophecies, sayings and books in the Middle Ages it was considered a great magician and astrologer. P. Globa called W. ancestor Avestan astrology. Vitaly Vetash & Semira indicate that the mythological image of W. corresponds to the position of Jupiter in the sign of Gemini.

Under the name "Zoroaster" in the Antiquity circulating a large number of works, obviously written by "magicians" - those Zoroastrians, who lived under the rule of Achaemenid Syria and Asia Minor.

See. Religion and astrology.

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Zoroaster, photo, biography
Zoroaster, photo, biography Zoroaster  The Prophet and the founder of Zoroastrianism., photo, biography
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