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Nicholas Kalpeper

( English physician, astrologer, an expert on herbs.)

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Biography Nicholas Kalpeper
photo Nicholas Kalpeper
(Kulpeper; Culpeper, Culpepper)
(18 [28] .10. 1616, 11:54 GT, London (on dr.dannym Oakley, Surrey) - 10 [20] .01.1654, London)
Born into a wealthy family, who had possession throughout the counties of Kent and Surrey. Father K. died before he was born, and K. raised by his mother. He grew up in Isfilde, where his father, his mother was a priest of the Anglican Church with a gradient of Puritanism. Even as a child to. with my grandfather taught Latin and Greek. Then he continued studying classical languages at Cambridge University. There he met his love, became engaged and persuaded his bride to flee with him and marry. But on the way to a meeting with the beloved girl was killed by lightning. After that, K. he had a massive nervous breakdown. Recovered, K. refused to continue training or to take holy orders. This refusal has led to the loss of K. the right to inherit the family of the mother and father's state by the time spent;. Then K. students went to the pharmacist at St. Helens in Higgie. Soon he inherited and continued the practice of his employer. He also perfected his skill in astrology - the knowledge, which interested him from an early age. The result was the work of K. Correlation of astrology and medicine. In 1640, Mr.. K. married Alice Fields and through its wealth was able to open a business in the East End (London), at Red Lion Street, Spaytelfilds. In 1642, Mr.. he joined the forces opposed to King Charles I, and fought in the Battle of Edgehill. In battle he was wounded, and the wound, apparently caused tuberculosis, which undermined his health the last years of life. In 1649, Mr.. K. published his translation of "USP" College of Physicians, entitled "A Physical Directory". This book is in the medical community was met with hostility. The reason was that the detailed information on herbs and other health issues was a professional secret doctors until the publication of the book to. In 1652, Mr.. K. with Peter Cole has published "The English Physician" ( "English Physician") - work in which he attacked the medical establishment. A year later, K. published "The English Physician Enlarged, or the Herbal" ( "Advanced English healer, or Travnik). This book was an amazing demand, as the first work of KA, although the association of medicine and astrology produced them, was an occasion for ridicule. In any case, K. continued his medical practice until the end of life. The money allowed his wife to. devote their time caring for the poor. K. died of tuberculosis at age 38. His widow reported that K. manuscript had left her 79 books written or translated by himself. 17 of these books were published by Peter Cole.

To. developed the principles of astrological herbs. He conducted the systematization of herbs according to the zodiac and the planets in its basic outline is still in action. He recommended drawing up a horoscope at the time of occurrence of the first signs of disease (cm. Dekumbitura). K. used to calculate the 12 blast furnaces dekumbitur Regiomontanus system of houses, and the fission cards 8 or 16 equal parts using a system of houses. In AK, the disease can be predicted with the help of the planets, or aspects of Governors VI, VII and XII of homes. This is a fairly lengthy process of calculation, but one of the indications given by the students on the collection of medicinal herbs in good times. For best results in the treatment of herbs, as claimed, K., planets must be in characters that they manage. If the planets are not in the monasteries, then, according to AK, they must occupy the house in which they ekzaltiruyut, as shown in the table:

. Planet of the House of exaltation of Kalpeperu
. Actual fourth, ninth, eleventh
. Moon third, seventh
. Saturn first, eighth, twelfth
. Jupiter, second, ninth, eleventh
. Mars is the third, sixth, tenth
. Venus the fifth, twelfth
. Mercury is first, sixth

. In treatment K
. appointed herb related to the planets - planets antagonists responsible for the disease (eg, herbs in diseases of the Sun Saturn and Mars).
System K. adopted in the leadership Sedir "Magical Plants" (rus. Lane.: SPb., 1909).

Selected works:
Culpepper N. Catastrophe Magnatum. - London, 1652.
Culpepper N. Culpepper's English Physian and Herbal Remedies. - North Hollywood, California: Wilshire Book Company, 1971.
Culperer N. Astrological Judgment of Disease. - London, 1655 (pereizd.: Tempe, Arizona: AFA, 1959).
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Nicholas Kalpeper, photo, biography
Nicholas Kalpeper, photo, biography Nicholas Kalpeper  English physician, astrologer, an expert on herbs., photo, biography
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