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Sergei -LL Arifovich

( Artist)

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Biography Sergei -LL Arifovich
photo Sergei -LL Arifovich
born May 16, 1956 in the village Kasansay Namangan region, Uzbekistan. In 1976 he graduated from the Frunze (now - d. Bishkek) Art School. Since 1979, participates in exhibitions. Works in the field of easel painting and drawing, sculpture, keramplastike, decorative art. In 1984 - 1994 he. worked multobedinenii Studios Uzbekfilm, speaking sometimes screenwriter, director and artist. Widespread fame Alibekova brought the film "There Will Come Soft rain, which received awards at festivals in Leipzig (1984) and Bilbao (1985). In 1988 S. Alibekov became art director of the feature film "Veld". Animated films "thread", "Pause", "U puddles" created by the artist, awarded prizes at international festivals. S. Alibekov - a member of the Union of Artists and Filmmakers' Union of Uzbekistan.
. Artworks S. Alibekova are in the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) and Kutaisi Gallery, the museums of the Republic of Uzbekistan, private collections of Uzbekistan, Russia and abroad.
. Most of the artist associated with the Fergana
. He currently lives and works in Tashkent.
* * *
Over the past ten years, Dr. Alibekov is among the most cited and popular artists of Uzbekistan. Moreover, . name S. Alibekova beginning to accumulate and legends haunt the viewer not odium of conduct or shocking manner of writing, . and the prevailing atmosphere of the mysterious, . paradoxical Magnetism, . which comes from the host of unreal images and mythological scenes, . constitute a special drama of his beautiful paintings.,
. Presented here works - sort of an anthology of works by Sergei Alibekova, . created over the past five or six years and a bunch of intellectual and creative energy of the artist and to the ripe age of forty personal philosophy of art, . past a peculiar way of evolution,
. These works are combined into a single loop, called the author of "Moral category.
. S. Alibekov began as a ceramist, has created a lot of original plastic tracks for exhibitions, and for many interiors.
. In the early 80-ies artist increasingly focuses on painting, ceramics gradually fades into the background
. And though the author regards this as a natural cycle, but not the principal stage of creative programs in a number of his recent paintings paintings found explicit allusions, it is associated with the search in the ceramics of the time.
. Crucially, the landmark was his work in the mid-80's
. as an artist on the animated movie "There Will Come Soft rain" on the novel by Ray Bradbury, to which he invited the director N. Tulyahodzhaev.
. As a result, the harmony of the literary and interpretive, visual started was created by a brilliant plastic cartoon, which brought international recognition to its creators
. The film won the Grand Prix at the Leipzig Film Festival "Golden Dove" (1985), Spanish - "Silver Dragon" (1986). For this film was followed by work as an artist is over two cartoons: "Gold List", "Garden of Chrysanthemums" and participate in the production of fiction film "Veld" (1987). Following this pattern S. Alibekov begin work on cartoons, and now as an artist and producer at the same time, creating over a relatively short time, three paintings ( "Pause", "Thread", "The puddle").
. An introduction to the dramatic and cinematic material and technology significantly enriched the arsenal of pictorial and plastic means the artist
. Working in film has become an independent and important part of creativity S. Alibekova which was of fundamental importance for the subsequent phases.
. Image specific object is the basic aesthetic design and semantic manifest in the works of S. Alibekova
. The search for abstract forms abstract artist would only serve to, . necessary stage apprenticeship skill: "Abstraction - a game, . Exercise, . necessary for the education skills, . composite, . color-plastic construction pictures, . - Said S. Alibekov,
. - This is - the essence of modern design solutions. Non-objective art is valid only on emotions, without affecting the spiritual and moral categories. While the image of a specific object needed to engage people in the process osmyslitelny. How would the thread, for which we must pass in order to partially "feel" what the artist is trying to hint. "

Presented here a series of works S. Alibekova - a kind of mythological suite, which has no modern paraphernalia. Historicity of accessories, mythological and allegorical images and motifs create a special, surreal fantasy world. In this regard, the work of Sergei Alibekova be considered as a kind of memorial in the line of painting of Uzbekistan "(...).

. A. Khakimov,
. Doctor of Arts, Professor,
. member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan
. (from the introductory article to the album S. Alibekova --
. ART-Press, Tashkent, 1998,
. IBSN 5-8250-0584-6).

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Sergei -LL Arifovich, photo, biography
Sergei -LL Arifovich, photo, biography Sergei -LL Arifovich  Artist, photo, biography
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