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AVSENEV Petr Semenovich

( philosophy and psychology.)

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Biography AVSENEV Petr Semenovich
1810 - 1852
Information (later Archimandrite Theophanes) Prof.. Kiev Theological Academy / 1836-1850 /, then rector of the Church of the embassy in Rome. A subject of special interest. were exceptional manifestations of psychic life / clairvoyance, somnabulizm, etc. /, regarded as supernatural phenomena. A. developed a "plan of the emotional history, including questions about its origins, age, physical condition after the death. Analyzed the national peculiarities of the Russian people. Philosophical theory that AA should receive psychological support. Influenced Gogotski
. Characteristics of views "Avsenev developed a detailed plan for the history of the soul, . which should have been considered the world life of the soul (solar, . moon and earth); private its change (breeding, . People, . sex), . individual changes (gift, . temperament, . character),
. In the second part had to be subjected to impersonal analysis of the human condition, . t.e.bessoznatelnye state, . which Schellingism attached great importance to, . Finally, . the third part attributed Avsenev questions about the origin of the soul, . of age and death and the state of the soul after death,
. Avsenev was prone to all kinds of fiction, so the dark side of human life, its unconscious side of it is particularly attracted to, and he often avoided in science at all untested. "(Radlov E.L. Outline of the History of Russian Philosophy. Sverdlovsk, 1991,. 158-159)

Teaching of Russian nature
'Russia against the West is opposed to. There, mostly small states that are separated from one another by nature itself: therefore in Western countries dominated the beginning of personality, individuality. In Russia, by contrast, see the merger of tribes, which favors its flat position, we have developed the idea that different tribes have fused into one people. The nature of Russian - is the universal character. Permanent Russia's relations with the East brought to our character element east. But, on the other hand, the Russian nourish sympathy and to the West, they love and take over all that is best in the West. With this universality of the Russian character according to many high features, observed in him. Among these features deserve special attention to the extraordinary patience of the Russian people, the universal livable, generosity, magnanimity, sincerity and openness of nature, the lack of it passionate irritability, impulsiveness, and so on '.
. (Avsenev P.S
. From the notes on psychology. / / Collection of lectures of former professors of the Kiev Theological Academy. Kiev, 1869. S. 138).

Russia, West, East
'According to Church dogma, our resemblance to the Catholic, but eschews the Catholic pomp and more insists on the spirit and sense. Our legislation is based on the main early to have balanced the rights of man as a member of society - of the necessity of subordination of the monarch. In the East, dominated by despotism, in the West almost no supreme power, half-way between despotism and constitutional liberty takes us to a m o d e r w a B and E. In its philosophical aspect, we - Russian - is not distinguished by anything original self -. But you will notice that the abstract dialectical speculation, such as German, will hardly motivated by our spirit. We work and we understand this kind of philosophizing. But, on the other hand, we can hardly develop and purely empirical philosophy, similar to the British. One can guess that philosophy, we will have a predominantly religious in nature, because religion is deeply rooted in our spirit and went into the very essence of his'.
(Ibid.. S. 140).

Major works from the notes on psychology. / / Collection of lectures of former professors of the Kiev Theological Academy. Kiev, 1869.
Works From the notes on psychology. / / Collection of lectures of former professors of the Kiev Theological Academy. Kiev, 1869.

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AVSENEV Petr Semenovich, photo, biography
AVSENEV Petr Semenovich, photo, biography AVSENEV Petr Semenovich  philosophy and psychology., photo, biography
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