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ARSENOV Mamontov

( The philosopher, scientist, poet.)

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Biography ARSENOV Mamontov
16/28.5.1888 - 18/12/1977
Trivia Graduated from the Moscow University. Prof.. Department of Western European literature Saratov University / 1918-1920 /. After immigrating worked in Berlin, Kц╤nigsberg, Warsaw. Since 1948 - Professor. Vladimir's Seminary in New York. Research A. devoted to antiquity, the Middle Ages, Renaissance and modern times.
Mystical Teachings meeting. 'The basis of faith in God is the encounter with God, speaking the language of theology, is self-revelation of God: God himself says the soul itself' open 'it,' touch 'to it. This is the mystical experience, which is the root of religion, the direct encounter with God in the depths of the soul. But sometimes this 'meeting' reaches a special intensity and brightness. Everything else, all the earth, all created things, then recedes into the background, and only one God appears when the soul. Such decisive meeting there were some saints and especially the 'mystical' talent. These meetings were often moments of spiritual change, the crisis of the entire inner life of man. Characteristic feature is their overcomes sense of reality, a different, higher, vsepokoryayuschey Reality, bursting with triumphant, irresistible force in the normal scope of mental life. Not I, . but he, not my experience, . good or bad, or even touching, . and He, . Who is above all my experiences, . - It is to me, . conquered, . trapped, . small and insignificant, . to me in its majesty and power, . and I can only bow before him, . fall before Him, . as the saying goes about healing the man born blind in John,
. I - nothing before him, but it comes down to me '. (Arseniev NS. Mystic meeting / / Russian philosophers. Anthology. M., 1993. S. 18. Cross of Christ 'in the Cross of Christ has been poured endless love of God. The Cross of Christ no parallels, there is nothing in the spiritual history of the world like him. In fact, the physical, he was surrounded by two crosses - two robbers crucified. In the spiritual plane, he stands alone, it does not compare to anything. He is one - the path of reconciliation between God and the world. This is a quite exceptional event, paradoxical, striking us, smutitelnoe and happy, for nothing resembling. The fact of the matter is that it is - exclusive and unique '. (Arseniev NS. On the meaning of suffering / / Russian philosophers. Anthology. M., 1993. S. 22-23.) Logos of God, 'We are facing the mystery of moving us from all sides of the moving around us, restless, passing into nothingness, and yet continues to exist world full of death, destruction, fight. And at the same time, there was and is known by us - albeit in a very imperfect degree - a slim, sophisticated, revealed to us in all new and exciting new horizons, structure of the world. In this structure, the world is a great glory - in this circular rotation of the electrons, . in this great tension and the striving forces, . the interaction which is born, . what we call matter, . - There is not only an exciting call of the depths, . going to infinity, . but the beauty and sustainability, . affecting our mind,
. We begin to understand the words of Wisdom, . underlying universe, . just, . as this meant the author of The Wisdom of Job and the authors of the Psalms, . they admired the grandeur of God, . opening in the radiance of the sun, . in the brightness of stars and in the target, . posited wild revelry of the sea, . and 'sang' the hills and fields and pastures, . and in the power of the cedars of Lebanon,
. Words of Wisdom of God, the plan of God in creation involuntarily glistening in the believer in God, man. Should not it divine Logos, . encountered, . felt by us in the world? And if we - and fallen in sin are, . and the world - the fallen, . it can not reveal to us whether the other side, . so to speak, . fallen state of the world - even more beauty and majesty of the Divine Logos? ",
. (Arseniev NS. On the Logos of God / / Russian philosophers. Anthology. M., 1993. S. 30.) School Love School Love! The more I learn to love God in their environment, . my people, . a vital field, . which I put to work, . love it so that people, . his sufferings and infirmities, . require compassion and healing, . but love is in God, . not as a kind of idol, . require the renunciation of other recent rules, . but worship him, . - The more I learn to love God in the individual, . encountered on my path of life of people and groups of people, . not excluding its people, . suffering and in need of me, . especially increasing my strength of love in God,
. There is no contradiction between consciousness while blood, . spiritual connectedness, . connectedness in pity and love, . with my people and spiritual values and gifts, . have been entrusted to him, . and that he put in the highest values of their culture, . - And the truth of God,
. But then God blesses this love and this my cultural work. For the understanding of the spiritual values of culture is already involved, . albeit a modest, . live stream of cultural tradition, . cultural creativity: the dynamic tradition, . growing out of the best, . than lived and was inspired by our past, . and forward-looking, . connects past, . Present and Future,
. And warm breath of love, in the unconscious, instinctive, vague desire - despite all our weakness and sinfulness - to the revelation of Eternal Love. (Arseniev NS. On the Meaning of Culture / Russian philosophers. Anthology. M., 1993. S. 46.)

1 Main works. The thirst for real life. Berlin. 1922 2. From the life of the spirit. Warsaw. 1935 3. Transfiguration of the world and life. NY. 1959 4. One stream of life. Brussels. 1973 5. On the beauty in the world. Madrid. 1974

Works in the quest for absolute God. , 1910;
Pessimism Giacomo Leopardi. M., 1914;
Mysticism and the lyrics: From the realm of the mystical poetry of the Middle Ages. Pg., 1917;
From the life of the Spirit. Warsaw, 1935;
Alex Khomjakov. New York, 1955;
Transfiguration of the world and life. New York, 1959;
One stream of life. Brussels, 1973;
Die russische Literatur der Neuzeit und Gegenwart. Mainz, 1929;
Die geistigen Schicksale des russischen Volkes. Graz; Wien; Koeln, 1966;
The life abounded. Brussels, 1966.

Literature Dedicated to the memory of N. Arsen'eva / / Notes Russian Academic Group USA. New York, 1979. T. 12.; Khalizov VE. N.S.A. as a philosopher, cultural studies, literary / Lit. Review. 1994. ? 1-2.

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ARSENOV Mamontov, photo, biography
ARSENOV Mamontov, photo, biography ARSENOV Mamontov  The philosopher, scientist, poet., photo, biography
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