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( 2-time Champion of Europe, multiple absolute champion of Russia)

Comments for VISHNEVSKY Alexander
Biography VISHNEVSKY Alexander
Everything should be fun!

Special energy and talent, mixed on efficiency, made Alexander Vishnevsky's most prominent figure in the bodybuilding Rossiyskom. Unparalleled the sense of rhythm, artistry and plastic amaze even those who belong to bodybuilding skeptical. He is graceful and lithe as a panther. And if the judge, except the seats appropriated to the title, the title of 'excellent', no doubt, would belong to him.

. - Alexander, you are a multiple champion, famous athlete, and how it all began

. -As a child I loved to watch films about Indians
. My idols were Gojko Mitic and .......... I really wanted them to resemble. Can bytt, so carried away gymnastics. And in bodybuilding hit, you might say, quite by accident. My athletic career began in St. Petersburg, even though I arrived there not for this, but in order to enter the Civil Engineering Institute. After the army, too, by chance, was in the club 'Monolith', which brought me to the familiar. There I caught the eye of Boris Raev, who drove me to the show to Vladimir Ivanovich Dubinin. They were selected athletes at the Championships of the Union. I had a very original arbitrary program: I got up on one hand, sat down on the twine, etc., vobschem showed class gymnastic skills. They liked. However, like whether judges decided to take a risk and not mistaken. I became a champion and master of sports, although he was very dry, ie. almost no volume, but the relief was very. That's so suddenly and successfully started my career Athlete. And then it went ...

-now you not only an athlete, but also the owner of a sports hall ...

Yes, I opened a small room. Trainers brought back from Italy. I really wanted to have all the conditions for good workouts. I think what happened. Now planning to expand, if possible, of course. I want to equip the hall for classes shaping.

why-shaping, rather than the fitness. By the way, what is your attitude to fitness and female bodybuilding

Fitness-me more liking. I am not a fan of bodybuilding zhenskogg. Very few athletes who have managed to maintain this level of femininity in the muscles. There are of course exceptions, but mostly ... Well, Linda Mullen, for example, or our Julia Stefanovich, they are fine fellows, were able to keep what belongs only to women. And I think that in the women's bodybuilding, fortunately, begun to pay attention to the femininity.

-Not so long ago you came back with another championship medal with Russia. How do you think this tournament was

-Great. All very nice. Organizers have thought through every detail. Untoward incident was. If we compare the organization of Russian championships with the Western, then we remain in an uncontested win. All of our tournaments are organized at Ur, except hopelessly corrupt championship, which took place in 199 in Chelyabinsk.

. -Do you mean that nasty history with 30,000 dollars 'awarded' a V. Korepanov

. Yes, it is this nasty story
. Personally, I lost then 7000. It's a shame, but what to do, let it be on his conscience. Then many injured guys hard to prepare, acted, and as a result of such deception.

. At lastly, I can not ask a question of duty: You are advised that the guys who are just beginning their way into the big sports

. - Well, first, wins
. And, secondly, even though it may seem strange, do not fixate on one sport. Many guys are mistaken about what professional sports can solve all their problems, the material in the first place. Good money gets only the elite, but such units. Bodybuilding should be a pleasure, not a burden. I do not want to become a champion, but for myself. Once again: everything should be fun!

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VISHNEVSKY Alexander, photo, biography
VISHNEVSKY Alexander, photo, biography VISHNEVSKY Alexander  2-time Champion of Europe, multiple absolute champion of Russia, photo, biography
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