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Kolyasnikov Alexander

( World Junior Champion 2001, Champion of Russia among the young-2001)

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Biography Kolyasnikov Alexander
photo Kolyasnikov Alexander
Vice-Champion of the Cup of Russia-2001
International Master of Sports
Champion Cup Urals and Western Siberia-2001
Mr. Champion. Yekaterinburg
"My room - the best!"

When I transcribed the interview, I realized how solid has turned the story of Sasha himself, and issues such as the spontaneously fell from the text. Now this is a monologue, I think, very interesting. This is a reflection of the beginning of the road in the big sports. Beginning outstanding. Judge for yourself.

I was born on November 30, 1983 in the city Krasnoufimsk, where I spent my childhood. Even then I understood what, in fact, I want out of life. I was an ordinary boy, what a lot in my little town. Somewhere in the age of five, I began to play sports. Father was the coach of Greco-Roman wrestling and athletics. He did not spare me the time. This kind talented people made me believe in myself as a sportsman. With his help I was the first time in my life took part in competitions. It was a kilometer run at 3 km in the lower earrings, where we lived for some time.

In school, favorite subject was, of course, physical. I tried to spend more time in the gym. Quite often stayed with the kids after school, playing football. And I was always very interested in biology and everything associated with nature. Then was still alive, my grandfather, who worked as director of the recreation. We used to love to go hunting. Love of nature, probably out of my grandfather. Yes, and strength, and agility, I also gained in those campaigns.

While studying in school I worked in the ski section and does not have passion for athletics. I remember, I even invited to participate in the marathon at 21 kilometers, where I finished fourth. Then it seemed a respectable result. While I thought about it, me as one of the best, invited to the annual International Marathon, which took place in Siberia. Of the hundreds of participants of the marathon when I became the seventh. First time I felt like a real champion. There were special "champion" ambitions were, perhaps, but relationships with friends and classmates, it is never spoiled.

Our class was very friendly, especially when we had someone to support. My classmates have always treated me with respect, they were glad my successes with me. They said: "Sanya - Bravo!" There was no place for envy, I think they saw how I try, how many train. My victory would not let me easily, and it all took place in front of friends who often traveled with me in competitions, rooting for me. Therefore, my victory, and their merit. And now, support of friends means a lot to me at any tournament. Here are just some of my schoolmates fans less.

I finished school 2 years ago. No doubts on where to go next. Easily passed all the exams and entered the College of Physical Culture of Yekaterinburg. And this ease of learning as a preserved. Prior to receiving a one-year diploma. Since I am learning to "4" and "5", the director of my college Sazonov treats me with the understanding. He always lets me go to the competition, knowing that later I'll come, sit down for textbooks and make up for all. Studying in college sports and the main kind of activity, bodybuilding supplement each other. I opened all the facets of my future profession, not only from a theoretical but also practical, so to speak, in terms of. This is a plus. Works, however, is not less: This is also a plus. But it becomes clear what a true athlete.

There are a lot of biology, biochemistry, physics, nutrition, and even geometry. But first, he carefully the athlete should be purposeful. Therefore, to achieve good results, he must give a lot of sport their time and effort. But the sport - that's not all. Like any person, an athlete must be a fully developed personality.

Since the childhood I liked the book. Especially fiction. My favorite authors: Ray Bradbury and Salinger ... Ah, where now to find time for books. I read mainly literature related to bodybuilding. From the periodical press in the main journals "Strength and Beauty", "Culture of Body" Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Russia. There you can find any information about the stars of Russia bodybuilding, and my friends and rivals. On their form of miscalculations uspehahi. They write a great deal about Yekaterinburg. What's more all-round development of personality? In the theater rarely, eternal time trouble. As in the movie. The last film I watched in the cinema was "Pearl Harbor". He made an indelible impression on me: But more film and theater I love to sit with friends in a good cafe. Friendship more art. And the family more.

At first, my mother is very worried about me and my father thought that I have is just a "disease of iron". Not even want to help support. So at first I was very much helped my coach Oleg V.. But soon I was able to prove to parents that bodybuilding is a serious. Proved once and won his first tournament. In general, native I won, and the benefit that was not very difficult. They travel with me in competitions, get sick of me. My mother, for instance, and tells about my success to all your friends.

. By the way, my trip to the bodybuilding began three and a half years ago, when I saw on the TV movie "Pumping Iron" with Arnold Schwarzenegger about the stars of bodybuilding 60-70 years
. Good movie. Then I went to my mother and said I was going to go to the gym, a bodybuilder and participate in competitions. I wanted to do it and achieve a competitive bodybuilder in the highest rank .- become Mr. Olympia "according to the IFBB.

I am very impressed with the present holder of the title - Ronnie Coleman and Shawn Ray. Both of these athletes are also involved Release IFBB. In my opinion, this is very interesting athletes who about 15 years professionally engaged in bodybuilding. Interesting athletes, not to be confused with idols. This height-reach. I think, really - 15 years later to become Mr. Olympia. All world-class athletes who have achieved high results, the experience of speeches made at least 10 years. I have been only three years. All front. Meanwhile:

So far my greatest achievement - silver in the category "Boys" one of the strongest national championships, the Championship of Russia. In April this year in Murmansk with the medal I received a master of sports. Version IFBB, in which I speak, the only one where there is an official classification and assignment of sports categories and ranks. The point, of course, not only in discharges, but rather that competition in our country, the Olympic version can not be compared with any other. The first took place in Murmansk Victor Shamin, my age and very experienced athlete. Those three years that I was a bodybuilder, he firmly holds the title of champion in both categories - and the "young man", and "Junior". As for me, in the category of "Junior" I took the third place. The path to these medals was, as I said, the length of three years.

His first steps three years ago, when just moved to Ekaterinburg, I did with Valentin Tsepelevym, which I was first brought to the stage. During the year we have been in the gym stadium EID. My first coach was intelligent and far-sighted man. Somehow, he quickly realized that I have great prospects in the sport, but it's my gift to 100% did not develop. Then he phoned Oleg Todorov, President of the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Sverdlovsk region, and he arranged to meet. When I arrived, Oleg V. looked at me and exclaimed: "You have a luxurious proportions! But it's easy to lose when inept approach to training". After that I started to train with him in "Training - Hall. Just over six months, I took a step in bodybuilding, the length of a mile. VY did not err in recommending me Todorova, he is a great coach. And even more than just a coach, he coached me, and educates and assists the material and teaches how to behave, if there is a need. And his "Training Room" - the best school for me.

It is not only and not so much in fact that this room is equipped with modern equipment. But due to the fact that here is the central hall of Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Sverdlovsk region, come here and train the best athletes from all over the field. It works best trainers. My recent successes that the best evidence. No, the best evidence will be my future success. The most immediate.

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Kolyasnikov Alexander, photo, biography
Kolyasnikov Alexander, photo, biography Kolyasnikov Alexander  World Junior Champion 2001, Champion of Russia among the young-2001, photo, biography
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