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Druzenok Vladimir

( One of the strongest masters bodybuilding Nizhny Tagil.)

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Biography Druzenok Vladimir
photo Druzenok Vladimir
One of the strongest masters bodybuilding Nizhny Tagil. What also proved by taking 1 st place at the recent championship hometown. But in fact it was an unofficial championship of the area, following which formed the regional team to the championship of Russia in Chelyabinsk.
Vladimir - 26 years. He appears in the weight category up to 90 kg. Prizewinner regional championships, participated in the Russian championships. In short, a promising athlete, with whom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Sverdlovsk region binds nadezhdy.Do considerable care in bodybuilding Vladimir quite seriously engaged in the struggle, so that there was a certain base. As another strongest Tagil master and his good friend Eugene Dubovitskii, began to engage in the basement, in the club 'Lebyazhinets'. Everything was done on a voluntary basis, dragging themselves 'iron' in the hall itself in many ways been a trainer

. -And who practice today, Volodya?

. -The president of the regional federation of Oleg Todorov.

. "But because he lives in Yekaterinburg.

. -So what? Every two weeks came to him in 'trainings room', get advice, job
. We take the best from this experienced specialist. And when preparing for major competitions - get out to him more often.

-What, after all, attracts you bodybuilding?

-I will say this. Once a friend of the girl told us: 'When you come to the mirror, you have such happy faces, smiles: It can be seen, as you feel good about yourself'. But why not? Culture of the body - this is one of the main facets, self since antiquity, Apollo remember. And if I by onerous training could 'mold' behaving as I wanted, then why not be this happy?

. -Girls, for example, on the beach, pay attention to?

. -Treated, and how! Also, by the way, nice.

. A family do you have?

. -Yes, and we live in harmony
. Wife - Marina, son - Volodya, his three years, and he had no doubt that would be a bodybuilder.

-Good. Such a question: is this too personal, shall we say, 'selfish' sport?

-The widespread misconception. On the contrary, in the spirit of a bodybuilding team exercise. Is very hard to train alone. As speak at competitions - without the support of friends. It is necessary that the team had at least three people to constantly suggest to each other, spur. For behind the scenes from correcting your mistakes during his speech: 'Hold the press!, Strained his leg!, Make a smile! ..'

-Do you feel the audience, the reaction of fans when you are on stage?

-Course. From the audience, their support, their applause depends very much. Immediately begin to do things more clearly, more confident.

-A than in the professional bodybuilding is different from a fan? Level of ability?

-Not only. Amateur - is the one who likes to walk 'feeding forward' or from hefty arms and belly can hang or legs to be weak. At the same professional, as they say, everything should be fine: Proportional - from A to Z.

-What is the most difficult part of training in the training process?

-It is difficult to distinguish. This is the question of lifestyle - diet, mode, target plants: Many a child for life are any preferences for food, though it? A lot of things I had to give.

. Alcohol-delete?

. "Well, immediately after the competition can afford to relax a bit - go to the picnic, eat dumplings: Then all - cross
. And then another wedding, and, as usual, 'you respect me?', Drink 100 grams. Patiently explaining that you are an athlete, that tomorrow - training.

A does not hurt, if at a later time on television - an interesting film, football, or that relevant today, reporting from the Olympics?

-We have to sacrifice. Yes, let us assume in the morning - 'cool' movie, and I in 11.00 - to sleep. You know what I'm doing? I'm just telling myself: 'All the films in the world - not reconsider'. Turn off the TV and go to sleep quietly.

Sergei Artemov

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Druzenok Vladimir

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Druzenok Vladimir, photo, biography
Druzenok Vladimir, photo, biography Druzenok Vladimir  One of the strongest masters bodybuilding Nizhny Tagil., photo, biography
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