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Nasser El Sonbaty

( Athlete)

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Biography Nasser El Sonbaty
photo Nasser El Sonbaty
Born: October 15, 1965
Place of Birth: r. Shtudgard, Germany
. Place of residence: San Diego, California
. Height: 180 cm
. Weight: 152-162 kg in the off season, 137 kg Competition
. Marital status: Married
. Received professional status: after winning the tournament "Mr Yugoslavia" in 1989
. Major accomplishments: "Arnold Classic" 99 Year-1 place, "Mr. Olympia 1997 - 2 place," Night of Champions "- 1995 - 1 place
. Favorite reading: with age, I began to prefer books, newspapers and magazines
. Probably, because a lot of travel. I am interested in news from the places where I once visited.
The most valuable thing in life: their health and family. Personally, I never risked health for the sake of victories in bodybuilding. The strength and health - that's the biggest male in capital, without which there is no other gain.

Shortest path

If you're a beginner, and triceps - your weak spot, should apply to basic exercises. Under them, I mean the exercises with a barbell. For example, a narrow grip presses. Perhaps someone at the mention of rod and frown - not everyone loves "heavy" training, preferring the comfortable bar simulators and blocks. I have nothing against the machines, but a strong, muscular "basement" they will not give. First, a little bit noticeable result can be obtained only through competent training with a barbell.

. Start training triceps necessarily include exercises to develop speed strength, such as dips or French presses EZ-bar
. Doing push-ups, not "swamp" in advance, otherwise "would lead" the burden of the triceps in the chest. As for the French bench presses, there are different variations: Incline bench, on the line. Sometimes a bench set at opposite angles, all of which greatly changes the emphasis load.

In the offseason, when we increase the size of the body, we need to refrain from the excessive energy. Otherwise will not have enough energy for muscle growth. So, give up all the tools for the intensity - drop sets, forced reps, supersets. You will return to them during the "grinding" muscle. Then they will give you steel stiffness of muscles and a great detailing. In the offseason, any tricks to increase the intensity of the training lead to a shortage of energy, and stop the growth of mass.

Do not tighten the breather between sets. In principle, one minute rest enough in the performance of isolated movements, a half minutes - for the basic movements (the latter is usually more energy intensive).

In the training triceps and pectoral muscles interact. If one muscle group is more highly developed, then aiming to "pull" the weak group. Why? "Weak" group must not "fizzle out" ahead of time. Here are some tips that will increase the "potential" weak triceps. 1. Increase the frequency of training up to 2 times a week. 2. Making presses for the chest, use a narrower grip.

If triceps more developed pectoral muscles, loosen the pressure on them. For example, in zhimah pepeydite lying on a wide grip. And that, in either case to eliminate disparities in the development of "collaborating" muscle groups as quickly as possible. The danger is that if the imbalance becomes chronic (happens vyuchenii 2-3 years), "to extend the weak" group would be almost impossible.

If behind the biceps, triceps, you should train them for two days in a row. For example, I've done three exercises for triceps on Monday, then again did three exercises on Tuesday. Such "bias" in the development of muscle groups need to adhere to a few months. When you return to the usual training "once a target of, triceps will grow particularly active. The reason is. that they will have more time to recover.


Directly in front of me in a chair, a connoisseur of six European languages, holds two university degrees, professional bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty. Chairs, feels hard to: Nasser's weight in the off season surpasses 150 kg. Actually, this is normal "fighting shape" for the pros, which is now 7 years old is listed in the elite repertoire IFBB.
Incidentally, those same 7 years and is the main achievement of Nasser. And not titles or medals, as one might think. The fact is that in these days of professional bodybuilding-tion requires a superhuman dedication. Themselves think, for the sake of confirming the "star" status should speak at all "tone" of tournaments, and always - at the Olympia! Plus, nowhere to be "fall" below the 5.7 sites! Few people can abide in a more than 2-3 years. But Nasser withstands grueling competitive rhythm for many years in a row. That's where the record! It is reasonable to ask: what is the secret of Nasser? Yes, in that he does what he likes. And from love-HSI case, it is known, not tired. In short, body-building - its prizvanie.S this thunder-Koy phrase can not argue: the Nasser around the world thousands of fans. Well, love the fans, it is proof of this "celebrity professional. At this point no fakes. If the backgrounds do not feel in thy heart muscles of steel-wine person, would not recognize. In other words, Nasser - a proven, time-tested "star". All of his biography - a hymn infinite predannos-ty our sport.

In the hall Nasser - focused warrior. But within its walls - cautious in assessing intellectual. Accustomed to be interviewed Nasser slowly tells me about bodybuilding, the recent events in his life, and, most importantly - attention! - About his own method of "shock" pump triceps ...

. Q: Tell me how you started.
. Nasser: In my youth any special physical data, I do not shine
. Bodybuilding in general not interested. He began to swing only because he was obsessed with American football. Well, there, you know, a large body mass - half the battle. That's how I was doing a couple of years - is shaky, the motions. Then sucked. And somehow it happened that bodybuilding was outweighed in my life football.
Any sport for me - it is primarily the result. Swing, so to speak "for itself" I could not. So, once set sights on contests. By the way, I would advise all fans to compete. Often it happens that the beginner aimlessly wasting his time, because to him it is not necessary specific objectives. But when looming ahead of competition, willy-nilly start to lay oneself out. He bought books, magazines, zavedesh acquaintances among knowledgeable guys. In short, you begin to thoroughly study the subject. Believe me, so the result will come much faster. And. Exit on the podium would give real meaning to your training. The main fact is not to inflate the large muscles. The most important thing - is involved in a dustbin at the podium and win. Above the victory, suffered by the blood and sweat, for a man nothing. Do you like walking up to life on a higher level and therefore start to see more and more other. Only for this, for the sake of internal growth, and should take up bodybuilding. Suppose you, as an amateur, and will not take a high place. In any case, you'll be head and shoulders above your fellow bodybuilders from the auditorium. One of its output to the podium you have already won a resounding victory - over the ordinary human fears and weaknesses. So this is a sport. Personally, I do not understand those who go to the gym, to looking at myself in the mirror.

Q: They say that professional bodybuilders involuntarily have very limited horizons. All their life is spent on training.
Nasser: Personally for me the transition to professional, on the contrary, means expanding horizons. From all over the world started to call me a sports showmen and invite to the workshops and guest posing. Take, for example, last year. I flew on a plane 88 times! Through bodybuilding, I saw the world. If my fate turned out differently, I hardly had a chance to visit such remote corners of the earth as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan or Russia ...

. Q: How did you prepare for a competition contrived in such a busy schedule?
. Nasser: Frankly speaking, patrols prevent train
. But, fortunately, you can make up for losses by increasing the intensity of training. Sometimes, after a particularly long trips I train twice a day. On the eve of the most important tournaments, such as the "Arnold Classic" or "Mr. Olympia" I'm just trying to drive less. Meanwhile, I rarely miss an invitation. Every writer must live communication with readers, each actor - with the audience, but for me - with a roll-fans.

Q: I hear you've started to learn New York Times?
Nasser: Yes, the first video is out. It is called "The Way Nasser, I part". The shooting took place within a few weeks before predsorevnovatelnyh "Olympia" of 1999. I immediately warned the producer that we do not want to turn the film into a dull and methodical instruction, as I have seen other. So, strictly speaking, my film can not be called educational. We were shooting even in the Japanese restaurant.

Q: It's no secret that in 1999 you played unevenly: first, first place at the "Arnold Classic", then "Olympia" - only six. What's next?
Nasser: This year, I missed the first tournament "Arnold Classic" - gathering strength for the "Olympia". Still, we must not forget that over the past five years I have participated in more than 30 competitions. At the last "Olympia" I climbed a step higher - to fifth place. But there was "guilty" Ronnie Coleman. He messed up all the cards. If not him, then I'd have finished in the prize-winning quartet. Anyway, today I feel fine. No psychological or physiological fatigue! So, the agenda I have one - a heavy strength training!

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    Nasser El Sonbaty, photo, biography
    Nasser El Sonbaty, photo, biography Nasser El Sonbaty  Athlete, photo, biography
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