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Radlov Vasily

( Orientalist and traveler)

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Biography Radlov Vasily
Born in Berlin in 1837 and in 1858. arrived in St. Petersburg to study at the Asian Museum. Wanting to explore the Turkic languages from the lips of the people, Radlov, a teachers took place in Barnaul, hence he has made visits to places of residence of the surrounding tribes to study their languages and to collect samples of their national poetry. He has traveled, thus, Altay, Eastern Kirghiz steppes, part of the provinces of the Yenisei and Tobolsk, Tashkent, Khujand, Jizzakh, Samarkand, Mongolia. In 1871, Mr.. Radlov settled in Kazan, where until 1884. served as the District Inspector Mohammedan schools, studying Turkic dialects (the Volga and Bashkir), speaker of Chuvash and Cheremis. In 1884, Mr.. Radlov appointed director of the Asian Museum in St. Petersburg and was elected an ordinary academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. In 1886. Radlov traveled to the Crimea to study the language of the Crimean Tatars, and in 1887, Mr.. - In Lithuania and Volhynia to study Karaite dialect. In 1891, Mr.. Radlov headed the expedition, equipped the Imperial Academy of Sciences to study ancient monuments of the valley. Orkhon in Mongolia (cm. XXII, 227). Radlov main work: "Proben der Volkslitteratur der turkischen Stamme Sudsibirien" ( "Samples of folk literature of Turkic tribes living in Southern Siberia and the steppes Dzungarian, text and German translation, St. Petersburg, 1866 - 1896, 7 v.). This collection is important both in the linguistic, . and in the ethnographic and historical respect: it made possible the study of hitherto unexplored Turkic dialects, . preserved in greater purity, . without any admixture of Arab and Persian words, . because, . that people, . they speak, . lived a secluded life and fall into the influence of Islam,
. He collected tales, legends, beliefs reveal a picture of internal and spiritual life of the Turkic tribes of South Siberia. Another outstanding work Radlov: "Vergliechende Grammatik der nordlichen Turksprachen. Th. I. Phonetik "(Leipzig, 1882 - 1883). He owns more: "Ueben die Forinen der gebundenen Rede fur Volkerpsychologia u. Sprachwissenschaft ", 1865 - 1866, t. 4), "Worterbuch der Kinai-Sprache" (St. Petersburg, 1874), "Analysis of the Bulgarian numerals names in news Albekri etc.. Authors "(1878), . "Die Lautalternation und ihre Bedentung fur die Sprachenentwickelung" (in "Verhandlungen des funften internationalen Orientalisten Congress", . B., . 1882), . "Zur Sprache der Komanen" (in "Internationale Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft", . Lpts., . 1884 - 85), . "Versuch eines Worterbuches der Turkdialecte", . (St. Petersburg, . 1988 et seq.), . "Die altturkischen Inschriften der Mongolei" (No.,
. 1 and 2, St. Petersburg., 1894), "Kurzer Bericht ueber eine im Sommer 1862 untergenommene Reise in die ostl. Kirgisen-Steppe "(" Bul. de l'Acad. ", 1863, t. VI), "Observations sur les Kirghis" (Par., 1864), "Bericht uber eine im Sommer 1863 untergenommene Reise in den ostlichen Altai" ( "Bul. de l'Acad. ", 1864, t. V and VIII), . "Mythology and worldview inhabitants of the Altai" ( "Eastern Review", . 1882, . ? 7 and 8, . 1883, . ? 8), . "Ethnographie Uebersicht der Turktamme Sibiriens und der Mongolei" (Leipzig, . 1883), . "Aus Sibirien" (Leipzig, . 1884), . "Das Schamanemtum und seine Kultus" (Leipzig, . 1885), . "Siberian antiquity" (in "Materials on Archeology Russia, . issued by the Imperial Archaeological Commission ", . St.Petersburg, . 1888), . "Altas der Altertumer der Mongolei" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1892, . seq.) and many,
. etc.

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Radlov Vasily, photo, biography
Radlov Vasily, photo, biography Radlov Vasily  Orientalist and traveler, photo, biography
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