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BELINSKY Vissarion

( literary critic, essayist, philosopher.)

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Biography BELINSKY Vissarion
30.5/11.6.1811 - 26.5/7.6.1848
He studied at Moscow University, but was expelled from it for the anti-serfdom speech. Since 1832 engaged in literary work. Since 1839 - Senior Fellow at the journal "Notes of the Fatherland". In 1847, together with NA Nekrasov and I. Panayev began publishing the journal "Contemporary". Fame B. brought the article "Literary Reveries" / 1834 /. In "Letter to Gogol" / 1847 / put forward a program of revolutionary democratic transformation of Russia. He started as hobbies Hegel's absolute idealism to materialism in its anthropological form of utopian socialism and revolutionary democracy. Emphasized the crucial role of the people in history, defended the principles of realism in art.

Characteristics of views "BELINSKY definitively rejected the Hegelian philosophy only when come to recognize the value of personality". (Lossky N.O. History of Russian Philosophy M. 1991. S. 77)

Teaching social position.
'Not fit state to be in the hands of the capitalists, but now add: the mountain state, which in the hands of the capitalists. These people are without patriotism, without any elevations in feelings. For them, war or peace mean only rise or fall in assets - more this, they do not see anything. "(VG Belinsky. Poln. cit. op. M., 1956. T. XII. S. 449).

Evaluation of idealism. "Laws of the mind must be observed in the actions of the mind. This is a matter of logic, science, immediately following the physiology, the physiology of the anatomy should. Metaphysics to hell: this word means the supernatural, therefore, an absurdity, and logic, by its very etymological sense, meaning and thought, and word. It should go his way, but do not forget for a moment that the object of her research - a flower, whose root in the ground, ie. Spirit, which is nothing like physical activity. "(VG Belinsky. PSS. T. XII. S. 331).

1 Main works. Selected philosophical writings v.1-2-Leningrad, 1984 2. Complete Works. t. 1-13 Moscow, 1953-1959 3. Selected Correspondence. v.1-2, 1955

Works Collected Works. cit. cit.: In the 13 t. Moscow, Leningrad, 1953-59;
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BELINSKY Vissarion, photo, biography
BELINSKY Vissarion, photo, biography BELINSKY Vissarion  literary critic, essayist, philosopher., photo, biography
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